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Tonight’s 10 Miler was a sweaty one. Congratulations to all runners for tackling some of the biggest hills in Waterloo Region.

Huge thank you to all the spectators and volunteers, including REACT, WRPS and Auxiliary, for keeping the runners safe and hydrated in this heat. Every sponge, cup and smoothie was key!

At Stage 4, runners officially cross the halfway point of Stages (4/7) and kilometres (82.2). No changes in gold jerseys to report (Robert Brouillette and Angela Batsford-Mermans for the SEO).

Full results: Stage | Cumulative

As we do every year, we are trying to capture the ENDURrun fever by opening registration for 2017 this evening. Join the ENDURrunners facebook group for the $50 promo code!

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The third Stage of ENDURrun is its largest yet – a 30 kilometre cross country course.

It’s hot. It’s loopy. It challenges runners mentally and physically for six 5 KM laps of grass, woodchip, dirt, gravel and pavement. In the first lap, runners pass an ominous “40 KM” sign: Ultimates have run one-quarter of the week’s distance.

Gold jersey leaders extended their lead today, as Angela Batsford-Mermans and Robert Brouillette, each won their division. Fifty three runners started today, and 53 gutsy performances were recorded.

All of today’s results  |  Current cumulative results after Stage 3

Today’s race saw one Ultimate DNS (Steven Gastfield) and one Relay DNF (Justin Buis). Justin will be ok; he is in the hospital and his condition will be updated as is appropriate. The Relay team, H+P Team Switzer, will be allowed a substitute runner (Rules, page 3) of fellow H+P athlete and Ultimate participant Vicki Zandbergen.

Tomorrow runners have the option to sleep in, as the middle Stage is an evening 10 miler on the “flat and fast” Wilmot Line.

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The second Stage of ENDURrun is a cycling-inspired time trial.

16s2bAt this Stage, runners start individually and chase those ahead of them for 15 kilometres of flat country roads. It leads to solo efforts and exciting finishes!

Our gold jersey wearers, Angela Batsford-Mermans and Robert Brouillette, each won their division today and extended their cumulative leads, as did Erin McClure for the H+P Women’s A Relay team.

All of today’s results  |  Current cumulative results after Stage 2

Three men in the Ultimate field did not start today: Stefan Gudmundson (former champion), Derek Hergott (withdrew due to injury for the second straight year) and K. Bill Dost (who we hope to see at later stages this week!) Ultimate competitors who withdraw are welcome to run further stages as Guest runners, although they are ineligible from future Ultimate rankings that year.

Ultimate participants gain an increasing sense of comfort after the second stage. Stage 3, the 30 KM cross country course, is the first true test of ENDURrun.

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When should you start your warm-up tomorrow?

Use this projected start order as a guide. This Time Trial (TT) stage starts one runner each minute, in reverse order to their seed time, which is determined from previous results and expected finish times.

Dropouts and no-shows may still adjust the start times by up to 10 minutes from the Estimated Start Time – check in early. This list will be finalized and available at the start line at 8:00am August 8.

Bib Division Seed Time Relay Team Name Name Estimated Start Time (am)
10 Ultimate 2:03:05 Wilf Goron 8:00
427 Guest 1:55:00 Sandra Karl 8:01
14 Ultimate 1:52:26 Derek Hergott 8:02
3 Ultimate 1:49:16 Chris Battaglia 8:03
102 Ultimate 1:47:11 Michelle Barnes 8:04
108 Ultimate 1:42:44 Tammy Hergott 8:05
115 Ultimate 1:36:09 Maureen Pecknold 8:06
205 Relay 1:35:00 H+P FUN-atics Sandi Swan 8:07
9 Ultimate 1:34:08 Steven Gastfield 8:08
113 Ultimate 1:33:58 Jodi Kalman 8:09
104 Ultimate 1:32:35 Sara Blanchett 8:10
21 Ultimate 1:30:56 Rich Peers 8:11
114 Ultimate 1:28:27 Deirdre Large 8:12
111 Ultimate 1:28:25 Taylor Kelly 8:13
105 Ultimate 1:27:44 Amanda Booth 8:14
106 Ultimate 1:27:22 Jenny-lynn Fortin 8:15
118 Ultimate 1:27:15 Ashley Sametz 8:16
2 Ultimate 1:27:15 Ken B Anderson 8:17
8 Ultimate 1:27:13 Andre Fortin 8:18
4 Ultimate 1:26:31 K Bill Dost 8:19
6 Ultimate 1:26:23 Giovanni Cisternino 8:20
16 Ultimate 1:25:42 Christoph Kessel 8:21
109 Ultimate 1:25:24 Jane Kearnan Den Bak 8:22
210 Relay 1:25:00 Runners By Choice Flo Currier 8:23
22 Ultimate 1:23:18 Shimon Schwartz 8:24
112 Ultimate 1:20:02 Rebecca Kruisselbrink 8:25
201 Relay 1:20:00 Bestest Dudes Jeff Benoit 8:26
13 Ultimate 1:19:47 Andrew Heij 8:27
26 Ultimate 1:15:39 Rob Park 8:28
12 Ultimate 1:15:35 Ben Hack 8:29
101 Ultimate 1:15:33 Joanne Bink 8:30
17 Ultimate 1:15:14 Jack Kilislian 8:31
120 Ultimate 1:15:08 Karen Tays 8:32
430 Guest 1:15:00 Thomas Barnes 8:33
428 Guest 1:15:00 Sarah Schulz 8:34
122 Ultimate 1:14:45 Nikkole Welsh 8:35
207 Relay 1:14:00 H+P Team Switzer Tracey Kuchma 8:36
15 Ultimate 1:13:59 Patrick Kelly 8:37
117 Ultimate 1:13:59 Cathy Putman 8:38
110 Ultimate 1:11:06 Hunter Kelly 8:39
18 Ultimate 1:10:48 Mark McDonald 8:40
124 Ultimate 1:09:17 Vicki Zandbergen 8:41
206 Relay 1:08:30 H+P Team Prefontaine Tracy Urquhart 8:42
50 Ultimate 1:08:12 Patrick Campbell 8:43
209 Relay 1:07:50 RC Ramblers Gary Barfoot 8:44
11 Ultimate 1:07:35 Stefan Gudmundson 8:45
23 Ultimate 1:06:06 Baoshi Sun 8:46
24 Ultimate 1:05:49 Patrick Voo 8:47
25 Ultimate 1:05:06 Nick Wagner 8:48
418 Guest 1:05:00 Merzi Dastoor 8:49
103 Ultimate 1:03:20 Angela Batsford-Mermans 8:50
7 Ultimate 1:03:17 Kyle Den Bak 8:51
202 Relay 1:02:00 H+P #TeamGreg Andrea Sweny 8:52
203 Relay 1:02:00 H+P #TeamNick Adam Dixon 8:53
445 Guest 1:00:00 Damian Pope 8:54
19 Ultimate 1:00:00 Mark Meyers 8:55
204 Relay 0:55:00 H+P Masters Men Luke Eghoetz 8:56
208 Relay 0:54:30 H+P Women’s A Erin McClure 8:57
1 Ultimate 0:51:49 Robert Brouillette 8:58


See you at Schmidt Residence tomorrow morning!

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ENDURrun 2016 is finally underway!

Moderate weather to start the event will ease runners into the warmer temperatures expected for later in the week. On a scenic but rolling course, we saw some fantastic times today.

Winners today are defending champion Rob Brouillette (1:14:01) and Angela Batsford-Mermans (1:30:28) for the Ultimate division, and H+P Women’s A (Gillian Willard, 1:29:23) in the Relay. In the context of historical rankings, Rob’s time is 4th and Angela’s 10th for Ultimate runners, and Gillian’s time is the fastest ever Stage 1 for an all-female team.

» Check out the full results «

Congratulations to all participants. After the Half Marathon, you are now 13% of the way towards the 160 KM of ENDURrun. Rest up and enjoy this estimated start order for tomorrow’s 15 KM Time Trial.


This is Angela’s first gold jersey. Membership in the Golden Club does not expire, which entitles members to wear the gold jersey in Stage 1 for any future ENDURrun. Rob is relieved to have a second one to add to his laundry cycle!

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We are thrilled to present the full set of your ENDURrun results, from the inaugural 2003 event to the present.

For the first time, from your computer or mobile device, you are able to:

  • Sort cumulative times after any number of Stages, for any division and/or category, within any year or across all years
  • Explore Stage records and top 50 times for any division or category
  • Easily view results for any event, and search for any names

It’s helpful to know how these terms are defined for ENDURrun at

  • Race: ENDURrun
  • Events: Stage 1, Stage 2, etc.
  • Division: Ultimate, Sport, Relay
  • Phase: After Stage 1, After Stage 2, Final Results, etc.
  • Category: Age and gender categories

ClipboardOver ENDURrun’s 13 years and 91 Stages, my role of primary timer means that I have a unique connection with these results. I have witnessed the incredible stories behind these numbers from my front-row seat, having put pen to paper for thousands of the times that make up these results. Looking back, these are just a few of my personal highlights included in these ENDURrun results.

  • At the very first Stage of the very first ENDURrun in 2003, I could see Charles Bedley and Rich Tremain each kicking to the finish line. Both of these elite athletes wanted that first Gold Jersey, and Rich edged out Charles by one second. Charles would earn his first Gold Jersey after stage 3 by only one second, and never look back on his way to back-to-back championships in 2003 and 2004.
  • The small but incredible field of 5 that started that 2006 ENDURrun includes Chris Duke and Jeff Ashizawa, with 9 completions between them; Steven Parke, the only participant who has completed at least one stage in every ENDURrun since 2003; and the first appearance of Bob Jackman. A highlight was at Stage 3, with Bob and Brad Cunningham not giving an inch and sprinting to a photo-finish tie after 30k. Not until after Stage 5 would Bob pass Brad in the cumulative standings on the way to his first of five championships.
  • Nate MaltonJoanne Bink is one of the most prolific ENDURrunners of all-time, whose name features prominently as you dig deep into the ENDURrun results and records. While her profile includes the most podium finishes (40) and most Ultimate finishes (7), the Ultimate championship eluded her in 2008, as her five minute lead over Jackie Gorski after Stage 6 evaporated in a heartbreaking Stage 7, before she was able to capture the Ultimate glory in 2011.
  • Another incredible year of standout performances is 2010. Three teenage boys participated: Reid Hayes and Derek McConomy in the Ultimate, and training partner Ian Grzegorczyk as a Guest for the first four Stages. In this year, Nate Malton participated in his uniform, running the full 160 KM in army boots with a 40 lb ruck sack.

I encourage you to explore past years, and discover the incredible performances and your own highlights that make ENDURrun so special. To help you do that, we have designed a scavenger hunt to help you learn to explore the ENDURrun data available.

ENDURrun Trivia – Results Scavenger Hunt Edition

Question: What will there be 76 of at ENDURrun 2016?
Answer: Assemble these letters together

Scavenger Hunt Clue Letters
50th fastest Ultimate, all-time last letter of first name
Ultimate female record holder, Stage 6, all-time first letter of first name
3rd place Relay team, 2005 last two letters of team name
7th fastest female Guest, Stage 5, all-time 5th and 6th letters of city
9th place male Ultimate, 2008 first letter of country
The 2003 and 2004 Ultimate winner won two races in Waterloo between his two Ultimate victories second letter of name of the second race
8th fastest Relay team, Stage 4 runner name, all-time first letter of last name
7th fastest female Sport, all time second last letter of first name
3rd fastest Masters time (any division), Stage 4, all-time last two letters of last name
2nd place female Relay team, after Stage 4, all-time last letter of team name


There is no prize for answering correctly, just the satisfaction of a job well done, and a familiarity with the new results website!

Runners already familiar with will recognize the tremendous work of Sam Lalonde in making this data available. Thank you to all of the volunteer efforts that made this website possible. Future updates will include more advanced individual and aggregate stats, including lap times, Sprint and Mountain contests, and more.

We are excited to welcome the ENDURrun community back to Waterloo Region in just 8 days. Stay tuned next week for official course maps and more updates for ENDURrun 2016.

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For those of you unfamiliar with this acronym, the phrase Post-ENDURrun Syndrome (PES) was coined by one of our former champions and has come into regular use in late August for the past several years.

The ENDURrun is a close community of runners. In some cases, Stage 7 goodbyes can mean that friends won’t reunite for an entire year.

In the few days that have passed since the completion of the 2015 ENDURrun, Ultimate finishers, other participants and volunteers alike seem to be feeling the pain just as strongly, despite the taxing marathon conditions on Sunday:

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 11.12.35 AM
Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 11.14.37 AM

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 11.13.44 AM

A similar malady plagued other runners in recent days too; those who have participated in the past but weren’t able to join us this year, as well as some who are newly interested in the event but didn’t make it out for the 2015 experience.

Along with lots of well-earned eating, drinking and resting, there are three primary ways ENDURrunners are coping with their PES:
* Running, of course;
* Brainstorming ways to extend future ENDURrun competitions; and best of all
* Registering for the 2016 ENDURrun!

Do you have any other tips for dealing with PES?

For more on PES and how our 2015 Ultimates are handling it, check out the ENDURrunners Facebook group. And if you haven’t already, check out these great blogs on the ENDURrun experience: Leanne | Trish | Vicki | H+P

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One of the hottest ENDURrun days on record saw gutsy performances from Ultimates, Sports, Relays and Guests alike. We even witnessed a few PBs at today’s Stage 7: Marathon. Congratulations to all!

One of the unique aspects of ENDURrun is the post-Stage 7 awards. All runners are given the opportunity to address the entire group as they accept their awards and custom swag. It truly is an emotional experience; after a week of bonding, it is hard to say goodbye.

At 50, this was the largest ever finishing class of ENDURrunners. Twelve have already signed up for 2016.


Angela Batsford-Merman charged out in front and won Stage 7, but Vicky Siemon came out on top for the week, finishing at 12:34:04. Robert Brouillette led wire-to-wire to win outright and set the 3rd fastest time, ever, at 10:40:18. In their convincing victories, Rob and Vicky also earned all distinctions of Sprint, Trail and Mountain King and Queen. Wow!

Dragan Jakovljevic won the Sport event, and H+P Men’s A1 won the Relay with the 4th fastest time ever.

Full results available here.


In the digital darkroom.



Tomorrow is the first day of ENDURrun withdrawal.

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Stage 6 is tricky. What is left in the tank after Stage 5? How fast do you want to push the day before a marathon? What is the temptation to pursue the runner who started one minute before you? Runners weigh these factors over a flat rural 10K course, ending at Schmidt House.


As we have come to expect, there are no changes in stage winners or overall gold jerseys. Robert and Vicky both have earned the title of Sprint King and Sprint Queen.

In Sport, Dragan Jakovljevic increased his overall lead. H+P Men’s A2 team was the fastest Relay of the day, but H+P Men’s A1 maintains the overall lead, and has a chance to take the all-time Relay record tomorrow (2:42:16 behind Road Scholars of 2012). Congrats also to all guests.

Full results here.


Will be available eventually.


Only one stage is left: the Stage 7: The Marathon. Early start is at 6:00; regular start is 7:30.