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We caught up with Ultimate rookie Rachael Drost after Monday’s Stage 2.

Although the number of rookies is small – they make up 31% of 2017 Ultimate runners – they are vital to the event and Rachael is a great example of the energy that new participants bring to the week and the community.

Rachel is having “a hoot” so far this week, and it’s not hard to see why. Besides crushing her own expectations so far, Rachel is also a great example of one of the common paths to ENDURrun – through volunteering. Rachael first got involved with ENDURrun as a key volunteer in 2016. She got hooked on the event’s camaraderie and returned in 2017 as an Ultimate competitor. She also brought along her running group – The Running Rarebits – to compete as a Relay and to volunteer all week, and the seeds are already planted. We won’t be surprised to see her and some of her teammates in the Ultimate competition in future years 😉

Rachel, who also fundraised $1,100 for FeedFive through the ENDURrun’s Charity of Choice program, is tackling Stage 3 as her team’s relay runner. Best of luck for the rest of the week, Rachael!

2017 ENDURrun: Stage 1 Half Marathon

If you’re on the fence about ENDURrun for you, consider taking a morning to volunteer at a Stage this year. It gives you great access to the stories like these that will keep you coming back! 

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For our next mini-profile, we don’t have to look farther than Stage 1 winner Vicki Zandbergen for an exceptional story.

As the all-time record holder for Run Waterloo event finishes (117), Vicki was recognized as member number 4 earlier this year. This extensive career has also contributed to other ENDURrun records, including the longest current streak of Ultimate finishes (6). Vicki can tie the record for most consecutive Ultimate finishes next Sunday (7), but set a new record in Stage 1: the longest wait (in Ultimate Stages finished) before earning the Gold Jersey (43)!

Vicki has coveted this Jersey for years, and it’s amazing to see this come together in her seventh Ultimate attempt. Vicki is the twenty-second member of the Golden Club. But the week is long, and two runners – Catherine and Val – are within 95 seconds of the lead after the first Stage!

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When should you start your warm-up tomorrow?

Use this projected start order as a guide. This Time Trial (TT) stage starts one runner each minute, in reverse order to their seed time, which is determined from previous results and expected finish times.

Dropouts and no-shows may still adjust the start times by up to 10 minutes from the Estimated Start Time – check in early. This list will be finalized and available at the start line at 8:00am August 14.

Division First Name Last Name Time of Day Sex Age
Relay Colleen Sweeney 8:00 F 55
Ultimate Sara Blanchett 8:01 F 39
Ultimate Michelle Barnes 8:02 F 47
Ultimate Ken B Anderson 8:03 M 74
Ultimate Sonja Bissegger 8:04 F 36
Guest Ken Edwards 8:05 M 64
Guest Carolyn Edwards 8:06 F 60
Relay Michelle Dumas 8:07 F 45
Ultimate Ed Andringa 8:08 M 59
Ultimate Angela Bell 8:09 F 36
Ultimate William Spaetzel 8:10 M 34
Ultimate Wilf Goron 8:11 M 62
Relay Heidi Engelhardt 8:12 F 57
Ultimate Rachael Drost 8:13 F 31
Ultimate Glen Avery 8:14 M 67
Ultimate Maureen Pecknold 8:15 F 49
Relay Mike Hewitson 8:16 M 34
Ultimate Amanda Booth 8:17 F 51
Ultimate Andrew Heij 8:18 M 36
Ultimate Rebecca Kruisselbrink 8:19 F 33
Ultimate Ronald Irwin 8:20 M 56
Ultimate Michel Pawlicz 8:21 M 49
Guest Kathryn Weber 8:22 F 23
Relay Matt Widmeyer 8:23 M 33
Ultimate Luke Simon 8:24 M 37
Ultimate Cathy Putman 8:25 F 42
Ultimate Mark McDonald 8:26 M 35
Ultimate Denis Allen 8:27 M 55
Relay Odalis Ramirez 8:28 F 30
Ultimate Trish Benoit 8:29 F 39
Ultimate Michael Mahoney 8:30 M 44
Ultimate Jack Kilislian 8:31 M 47
Relay Christine Darragh 8:32 F 43
Ultimate Merlin Frey 8:33 M 52
Ultimate Aaron Putman 8:34 M 41
Guest Bob Baxter 8:35 M 57
Ultimate Amy Robitaille 8:36 F 38
Relay Brian McGrath 8:37 M 47
Ultimate Ian Grzegorczyk 8:38 M 25
Relay Jonathan McGrath 8:39 M 14
Ultimate Patrick Kelly 8:40 M 54
Relay Dave Bolan 8:41 M 44
Relay Erin Fox 8:42 F 31
Ultimate Thaddeus Homewood 8:43 M 31
Relay Steven Robb 8:44 M 29
Ultimate Valery Hobson 8:45 F 47
Ultimate Catherine Desrosiers 8:46 F 41
Ultimate Vicki Zandbergen 8:47 F 38
Ultimate Merzi Dastoor 8:48 M 39
Ultimate Stefan Gudmundson 8:49 M 47
Ultimate Andrew Keeves 8:50 M 35
Relay Aaron Grant 8:51 M 27
Ultimate Nick Burt 8:52 M 23
Guest Stephaney Hortian 8:53 M 30
Relay Brendan Hancock 8:54 M 32
Ultimate Robert Brouillette 8:55 M 25
Guest Adam Hortian 8:56 M 33

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Rob Brouillette is back in ENDURrun 2017. He’s happy to chat about it, but you wouldn’t know that from his social media profiles.

The one and only #ENDURrob is usually a prolific user of social media, but has gone dark for the past 6 weeks, including to Strava. Since we haven’t had any updates about his training and preparations, we took the opportunity to check in with him at the pre-race meeting.

He says he’s back, ready to roll, and looking to improve on his times from 2015 and 2016. His absence from all things social media has simply been due to focus on his training. Rob even hopes to challenge both the second fastest time ever (Charles Bedley, 2003) and the 10-hour benchmark. He has two years of experience to rely on, plus some solid times this spring, including a sub-2:30 marathon this May in Mississauga.

Only Bob Jackman and Jackie Jackman have accomplished the “three-peat” of three consecutive Ultimate championships (both from 2008-2010). Rob has the rare opportunity to do so now in 2017. It starts today.

2017 ENDURrace: Pre-Race Meeting

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As you probably know, there has been and continues to be a lot of construction in the village of Conestogo. This will affect access to the village as well as four of the courses. Here is what you need to know:

1. Construction can change daily. Leave lots of time before arriving to Conestogo for Stages 1, 2, 6 and 7. Below are our recommendations, which cannot be guaranteed.

2. The best advice for out-of-town guests is to arrive in Conestogo via Sawmill Road from Highway 85, and park at either Conestogo Public School or on Weberlyn Crescent, and to walk over to Conestogo Park. This is the most reliable way to access both the Schmidt Residence and Conestogo Park. There is limited parking at Conestogo Park.

3.  … keep reading in the 2017 ENDURrun Info Booklet [PDF]

This booklet also addresses rule changes, such as the introduction of Dollar Pacers and the elimination of bicycle pacers.

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These thousands of photos are once again available online, for you to re-live the memories and to use freely.

As you know, our wealth of ENDURrun photos (and all Run Waterloo photos in general) has disappeared from view. Moving our hundreds of thousands of photos to Flickr from the now-retired Picasa is a time consuming process, but well worth it, and today we have a great update.

All 2015 ENDURrun photos are now available on Flickr!

Also – in case you missed it on Run Waterloo – we have launched a major new photos feature. All Flickr photos are now accessible from, either through a camera icon beside your name in the results or on your member profile. Read more to learn about the tagging, or take the time to check out the great examples of how photos have been published to member profiles such as Joanne, Rob, Vicki and Dave.

There are hundreds of thousands of Run Waterloo photos in the queue; stay tuned for 2014 ENDURrun.

Below is a screenshot of the camera icons in action on a results page. All of the top 10 runners in the 2016 ENDURrun marathon have photos tagged, which are accessible through these camera links. 

Flickr RRW

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Charity of your Choice logo ColourWe are excited to announce the three participants in the 2017 ‘Charity of Choice‘ program!

  • Stephen Moore – McNally House Hospice
  • Rachael Drost – FeedFive
  • Maureen Pecknold – Wounded Warriors

Through this fundraising initiative, the up to three participants have each committed to raise at least $1,000 for their respective chosen charity through their participation in The 2017 ENDURrun, and will have their entry fees refunded.

2017 will be the third year of the Charity of Choice program. The program was limited to three starting in 2016.

  • 2015 – Derek Hergott, Val Hobson, Mike Tansca, Sean Tamkin, Maryanne Turner
  • 2016 – Patrick Voo, Joanne Boustead, Rich Peers

The first two years of the program raised over $12,000 for various charities. Of course, runners are still encouraged to fundraise outside of this program.

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As we approach our fifteenth year in 2017, I’m reflecting on how much I’ve learned from ENDURrunners over the years. This year, we are going to to collect and share that information – the stories, the strategy, and the advice.

Today I want to talk about something I hear from you, time and time again, in one form or another: “I wish I had trained more.”

For this, my best advice is simple: sign up early, especially if you are an Ultimate rookie.

Registering for ENDURrun is a big decision. I can’t stress enough how important it is to have that decision made before your winter training blocks. There is a huge psychological difference between putting money on the line and having the attitude, ‘I want to do it, but I’ll see how it goes.’ Completing the ENDURrun is an accomplishment regardless, but for many ENDURrunners, this training commitment is a determining factor in their own goal setting process.

The best case scenario for your first ENDURrun is to train for an entire year. If your personality needs goals to work towards, strengthen that incentive by making the commitment now. Ideally, nobody toes the Stage 1 start line next year undertrained. If your conditioning isn’t where you want it to be, you will need to adjust your goals during the week. If registering now helps you to achieve more, then I absolutely recommend that you do it today.

To encourage you to register today, we have an early bird promo code good for $50 off the $400 base cost for Ultimate. Join the ENDURrunners facebook group for the code. It expires at midnight tonight.

I don’t want you to sign up if you won’t train. But if you want to train, this is the best favour you can do yourself. Anecdotally, if you register now, you reap the rewards in your training.

These are just a few photos of the faces of 2016 One Tough Runners. This early bird program is one of the most powerful tools I have to help you achieve this goal. (This applies to ENDURrun veterans, too!)

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After watching the incredible displays of athleticism, perseverance and spirit during the 2016 ENDURrun last week, and then switching focus to the track and field competition at the 2016 Rio Olympics, we can’t help but draw parallels between the two, and especially to the multi-event sports of heptathlon and decathlon.

First, the obvious similarities. In multi-event competitions, women compete across seven events (100m hurdles, high jump, shot put, 200m, long jump, javelin, 800m) and men across ten (100m, long jump, shot put, high jump, 400m, 110m hurdles, discus, pole vault, javelin, 1500m), each over a number of days. Ultimates showcase the breadth of their talents in many disciplines of the sport of running, as they demonstrate their abilities over a range of distances, terrains and racing formats. In all cases, athletes constantly weigh fatigue and performance in future events/stages. The leading multi-sport athlete wears a yellow bib; the leading runner, a gold jersey.

But more than that, the athletes in these competitions display a similar camaraderie as ENDURrun Ultimates. Each deca/heptathlete is primarily competing against his or her own personal bests, to improve themselves, and they cheer and support each other as they succeed and empathize when they don’t. Through two days of contesting so many events together, they develop a bond that is unique to the multi-event competitions.

The women’s heptathlon concluded on August 13th, with Canada’s Brianne Thiesen-Eaton winning the bronze medal. After the final event, the entire field of 29 athletes lined up together to hold hands and acknowledge the crowds. It was a powerful moment, showing that although they are rivals, they are also friends.


Remind you of anything?

The official 2016 ENDURrun group photo.

The men’s decathlon concludes tonight with the javelin (5:35pm EDT) and 1500m (8:45pm EDT). After 7 events Canada’s Damian Warner is sitting in second behind defending Olympic Champion and world record holder Ashton Eaton of the USA – the husband of Thiesen-Eaton.

Sportsmanship and friendship

This same spirit of friendship was also showcased in the women’s 5000m heats when American and New Zealand runners Abbey D’Agostino and Nikki Hamblin tangled and fell in the middle of their race. Instead of immediately trying to catch up with the pack, both women took the time to help each other up and make sure the other was okay. This action earned them both a place in the final, scheduled to go off August 19th at 8:40pm EDT. D’Agostino sustained serious injuries to her knee such that she will not be able to compete; however, Hamblin is expected to be on the start line.

Who knows, maybe ENDURrun will make it to the Olympics one day …

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Thank you for another great year!

The above photo is the official 2016 Ultimate Finisher group photo. It’s an emotional experience for runners who have become both competitors and friends over the course of the week.

But to reach that photo, runners were put through one final test: The Marathon. On a morning where runners, volunteers and families gave up their opportunity to watch world-class women compete in the Olympic Marathon, our own heroes pounded the pavement for the same 42.2 kilometres.

After a grueling week, the last stage of the 2016 ENDURrun saw slightly better conditions for the field, with much lower humidity thanks to a Saturday evening rain shower. Half the field started at 6am to beat the heat and try to finish before noon, with the main start at 7:30am. Unfortunately, one final runner was unable to finish: 2014 alumnus Ben Hack was forced to retire at 12 kilometres due to injury. 

Ultimate leaders after Stage 6, Angela Batsford-Mermans and Robert Brouillette, both won their divisions again to take overall victories. They both collected the queen/king of the mountain and trail queen/king awards as well. Rob was able to take 10:40 off of his cumulative time from 2015 to finish in 10:29:40- the third fastest ultimate time ever and the fastest in 12 years. Rob’s 2:37:22 is the 22nd fastest marathon by a Canadian man in 2016.

In the relay competition, H+P #Team Nick’s captain Nick Burt pulled out a major victory with a PB 2:57 marathon to overtake the H+P Women’s A team for the relay title, which had been leading since Stage 1. 

The sport competition also concluded today, won by Holger Kleinke in 7:03:24.

 Stage 7 results | Cumulative after 7 Stages