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Here is everything you need to know about Guest in 2019!

For some background, a Guest entry is a single Stage entry to a week-long event. Those considering the Ultimate often join us for a single Stage to get a feel for the event, the community, and the course. we highly recommend it. It’s a high value just based on the cost-to-food ratio alone! It is also a good way for any community members to stay involved if, for example, they are not entered in the Ultimate event in any given year.

2018 ENDURrun Stage 5: 25.6km Mountain Run

Since our week-long Ultimate event has experienced significant growth since 2018, and given our sell-out for 2019, we are going to need to make some changes to Guest participant with caps in 2019.

The Guest event participant caps for 2019, by Stage: 30 – 0 – 10 – 20 – 10 – 0 – 40

Our top priorities are to maintain the participant experience, while continuing to keep the event open through these flexible entries.

In terms of participant experience, we will almost certainly have many more runners across all events than ever before, and so we will check the growth of the entire event through Guest. These caps will deliver the maximum number of runners that we believe we can support to our standards in 2019. Most significantly, we are removing the Guest option from the two Time Trials, Stages 2 and 6. Those two in particular are taxed by participant levels and we see this as a necessary step in 2019.

Our parallel priority is to continue to provide this opportunity, and so we have set healthy caps that will allow for a reasonable number of runners. For context, the 2018 Guest signups as a percentage of 2019 caps are: Stage 1: 57%. Stage 3: 50%. Stage 4: 60%. Stage 5: 60%. Stage 7: 68%.

The end result is that we could still see more Guests than ever before, but only to these determined levels. These caps will be enforced. We are happy to announce this more than five months out from the event.

The remaining spots are available directly in Race Roster a few clicks into the registration process. Screenshot from March 2, 2019:

Further points:
– Guest runners earn a finisher medal only at Stage 7. No other Stages involve medals of any kind.
– Guest is separate from Relay; if you want to take the Guest experience up a notch, you can still run just one Stage while finding six friends to fill out the rest of the team!
– Ultimates who withdraw but still choose to run as Guests will not be admitted to Stages 2 and 6.

Pictured: Dorothy Skonieczka and Bryan Yeung. Bryan ran two Guest Stages in 2018, and both are back for Ultimate in 2019.

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Our first Ultimate sell out gives us an opportunity for changes and improvements in 2019. Prize money is an easy one.

For 2019, we are increasing guaranteed individual prize money by 35%, recognizing masters with prize money for the first time, and introducing some new prize money challenges as well.

2019 Ultimate Prize Money

men and women
Overall: 1st – $600 | 2nd – $300 | 3rd – $150
Master: 1st – $300
Sprint Champion: $100
Trail Champion: $100
Stage Winner: $20 x 7


Overall and Master prize money do not combine. Four individuals will win those four prizes.
If 3rd overall is a Master, they receive 1st Master prize money, and the 4th overall runner will receive 3rd overall prize money.
Sprint Champion has the lowest combined time of Stages 2 and 6.
Trail Champion has the lowest combined time of Stages 3 and 5.
Stage Winner is for Ultimates only.
Sprint, Trail, and Stage prize money does combine.
For example, the most a single runner could earn is $600 + $100 + $100 + $20×7 = $940.
Relay prize money will not change in 2019.

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At ENDURrun, we try to celebrate our champions.

We did a fun photoshoot with our winners Robert and Valery today, and asked them some questions along the way. It’s so easy for us to publish their stories because the humble drive they share certainly resonates with the community.

ENDURrun winner photoshoot 2018

Robert Brouillette is a prolific ENDURrun champion, having won this event for four consecutive years, with the 3-6th fastest times ever.

Who has helped you achieve this?

In 2015 I had the help of the Health & Performance club to train with 3 times a week, with lots of support from the members and guidance from coach Sean who has trained ENDURrunners before me. For the next 2 years I trained with an elite teammate. This year I trained on my own but still did some training with a bunch of different friends around the area.

You won by over an hour, again. How do you find motivation in battling historical times?

Even though I’ve comfortably won each year I find excitement in challenging my own self and Charles Bedley’s ghost of the past who holds cumulative and stage records. A lot of my times are within a minute and some just seconds of EPB’s and records so every stage needs to be a solid effort.

Were you happy with your performance this year?

I am surprisingly happy with my effort this year even though I didn’t continue the trend of getting faster each year and ran my second fastest cumulative time ever. This makes me happy because I ran a respectable performance even though unfortunately I had some personal life things that impacted my training this summer building up towards the event.

Did you have any idea in 2015 that this was possible?

In 2015 when I ran my rookie year of the event I was confident I would do well because I’m fortunate to have the athletic qualities needed to race back to back, recover quickly and run high hard effort mileage “comfortably”. I could see this from my training and how my body responded to this type of running style leading up to my debut.

What does four consecutive wins mean to you?

The wins show that the unique race format of the event allows me to show my strengths of multi-day racing and do well enough to defend my title. In the past years it’s been more about stage records and overall cumulative time goals rather than placing that I’ve needed to focus on.

What were you most pleased with? (It looks like your Stage 3 was a big breakthrough this year.)

It’s always a pleasure to win regardless of current fitness, other competitors and event conditions which all change year to year. Running my 2nd fastest overall time ever and top 4 all-time is cool. I’m most pleased with a new stage 3 Bechtel Park 30K XC PB beating one of the event record holders stage times by 3 seconds. A close second would be how I ran a strong consistent marathon on the last day after 120K of racing in my legs.

Any plans for 2019?

I have already signed up for next year looking to defend my title once again and hopefully with some better training behind me, have a better shot at some records.

Do you hope to be more challenged in 2019?

In my experience over the year I’ve found that regardless of who’s in the race I always give 100%. However, it’s possible having a physical runner ahead of me or chasing right behind me rather than a ghost runners (chasing time records from the past) might give me that little bit more of an edge to push harder.

Do you think an Ultimate male will ever go sub-2:30 in the marathon?

Currently the top 2 ultimate marathon times are 2:32 and 2:35 with my best at 2:36 so in order for me personally to ever have a shot at a stage record or cumulative overall time record I would certainly need to be around 2:30 and under to give myself some cushion room. The marathon is actually one of the easier stages for me physically and time record wise as I find stage 5 (16M XC) and stage 6 (10K TT) to have the hardest records to beat.


Valery Hobson won the Ultimate for the first time in her third attempt. She had a rare opportunity to share the Gold Jersey with her teammate and competitor Robyn Collins, and in the end, prevailed in a tight and grueling contest.

When did you think this was possible?

Stage 5. The races had been fairly close up until then but I was always just a bit shy of winning despite running my heart out. lol Chicopee is a different beast altogether. It’s not like any of the other stages and I truly believe that if you don’t make a concerted effort to train hills and trails you have no clue what you are in for there. When Lloyd held the timer out for me and we watched the time go past one minute thirty…..the tears started flowing. And because the gap became over 7 minutes, it made me think maybe it truly was possible.

What does it mean to join the Gold Jersey Club?

Wow. It means I’ve achieved something very special and unique. Not many people can say they’ve done it….and to be honest, it’s not like I’m 30 years old and have tons of years ahead of me to train and get better. I’m almost 50 and my times are not going to keep getting faster. I know that. I’m not going to keep getting better….it’s physiology. I can’t escape the fact that my aging body will likely not be able to withstand this level of racing for much longer. It was now or probably never. It’s such an honor and privilege to say I am part of the Gold Jersey Club

Who has helped you achieve this?

My running has definitely improved since joining H+P 3 years ago. My team and the friends on the team that I run with and train alongside have certainly played a huge part in my personal success. The running community as a whole is such a supportive and encouraging community. We all have our own goals but push each other to be the best we can be. The ENDURrun family is also a tremendous force in encouragement and support. There is a camaraderie and spirit there unlike anywhere else. And of course my family who continually support me and encourage me to be the best I can be.

You are a rare case of in three Ultimates, always bettering your previous times. How do you do it?

Hmm…..I am a bit competitive. Especially with myself and I always strive to do better. And as I mentioned, training with H+P has definitely helped. Being able to train with people who push you and make you try harder and encourage you to do better helps for sure. I also seem to have a decent ability to recover quickly….which helps with back to back training days and racing days.

Describe the battle at the top of the leaderboard in 2018

It really could’ve been anyone. Vicki is a seasoned and experienced and strong runner and of course Robyn has been running so exceptionally well, if there was no Stage 5, I likely wouldn’t have won. I was just trying to stay as close to her as possible all week not really thinking it would end the way it did. It was so great to share the podium with my teammates….and Rebecca in a strong 4th place. 🙂

What were you most pleased about ENDURrun 2018?

From a personal achievement standpoint: the OA win obviously….more specifically, the last 3 stages. Chicopee was the turning point, my 10k was a PB the following day, and I was extremely pleased with my marathon. I had no idea I’d run such a solid time. From a general standpoint: the family of runners and friends and family and volunteers….all the parts of the week that make it such a special and wonderful event.

Why are you signed up again for 2019 already?

I made a promise to myself. If I ever win ENDURrun I will immediately sign up for the following year as a gift BUT, I will run it strictly for fun. After 3 years of running my heart out and giving it my all….I want to experience it from a different perspective. I want to remove all pressure and expectations. I think it’s the best gift I could ever give myself as a reward for my win. I’m looking SO forward to 2019!!!

Did you know you’re the oldest ever ENDURrun champion?

Oh wow. No, I did not know that. Oi. I think this is what I am most proud of. To win the gold jersey at any age is such an accomplishment, but knowing I did it as a master with the big 5-0 coming around the corner is icing on the cake.


This project started last year when we went to Chicopee with Robert and Vicki. This year’s photos were from Bechtel Park, and we also added the interview component as well. We plan to continue to make this a tradition that honours the male and female ENDURrun champions.

We have 8 male champions in 16 years, and 11 female champions in 15 years. Only about half of the time has the previous winner returned to race the following year. We are super lucky to have both Robert and Valery proudly declaring their intentions already, no matter what they plan to do. They are great ENDURrun ambassadors. You look great in gold!

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With only 5 Ultimate spots remaining for ENDURrun 2019, this is new and exciting ground for us.

[Update: as of December 19, 2018, the Ultimate cap has been reached. The wait list is open here.]

The 75 participant limit was asked for by the community in 2014, and we believe it is still an appropriate number for you to be able to expect the authentic ENDURrun experience in 2019.

We want to give you a clear plan of how we plan to proceed if and when the cap is reached. Here is the Rule 5 from the 2018 handbook:

“The ENDURrun Race Director may increase or decrease the registration cap at any time, to take into consideration anticipated injury withdrawals, to admit entrants whose participation may enhance this event, or to admit entrants whose past association with this event has contributed to its success.”

From the beginning, this rule and this policy were created through consultation with the community, and it is designed to reflect the ideals of ENDURrun. We believe that all members of our community have a fair shot at participation through this rule and these policies. We hope you appreciate the intent and the clarity.

This is how we will interpret this rule for 2019.

Policy for if the Ultimate cap is reached

i) Changes to transfer policy (wait list and withdrawals)

  • A wait list will be created in Race Roster, in a priority sequence and at no cost.
  • If any of the 75 entrants withdraws before the event starts (for any reason, including injury), this will open up a spot to the wait list.
  • The next individual on the wait list will have 48 hours to accept the withdrawn spot and register for the event at that current price, or lose their spot entirely, and so on, until it is filled or until the wait list is exhausted.
  • If the withdrawn spot is filled by July 31 at midnight, the withdrawn participant will be refunded $100 of the entry fee. We are not encouraging participants to withdraw, but if you need to withdraw, please let us know as soon as it is practical so that the spot has a higher chance of being filled, and so that the wait list has the most adequate opportunity to train and motivation to continue training. No refunds as of August 1.
  • From August 1 until 6 p.m. on the eve of Stage 1, the wait list will be phone called with 1 hour to claim the spot.
  • No transfers from 6 p.m. on the eve of Stage 1 until Stage 1. On race day, no-show slots can be considered withdrawals and be awarded according to the wait list, starting at 10 minutes before the start of Stage 1.
  • If withdrawals are not filled from the wait list, the spot will re-open, and if filled, the withdrawn person will receive $100.
  • All transfers must go through this specific process. This process will not allow for more than 75 starters at Stage 1.

ii) Clarification to possible cap increases

  • Once the cap is reached, there are three groups for whom registration may still be allowed, at the absolute discretion of the Race Director:
    1. Golden Club members (max 5, by May 30)
    2. Thousand Mile Club members (n/a in 2019)
    3. Elite athletes – inquire for more info (no cap, no deadline)
  • Any runner which does not meet these criteria is subject to the wait list, including Lloyd Schmidt himself.
  • These are perks given to well-deserved groups of runners for obvious reasons.
  • Runners among the 75 spots who do meet these criteria still count against the cap of 75, but not the group max. We strongly encourage runners who meet these criteria to register among the 75 spots.
  • This has no bearing on the wait list. “Excepted” runners may still join the wait list for timing or cap reasons. This process could allow for more than 75 starters at Stage 1.

One last point: in the history of ENDURrun from 2003-2017, we have taken 510 registrations and seen 464 starters, for a withdraw percentage of 9.0%


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We are excited to launch registration for our 2019 Relay Team division.

With Ultimate division growing, the Relay takes on a new importance as the most important way for new-to-ENDURrunners to get involved as a participant. Round up your teammates and start training!

A Relay team is 2-7 individuals who will each run one or more of the 7 Stages. Click here for 2018 Relay results.

Registration process

Race Roster

  • Every Relay Runner pays the set price (starting at $60), and has the option to purchase more spots in advance, up to the entire team.
  • Any runner wishes to pay in advance for other relay team members will receive promo codes by email for each extra spot purchased. Teammates can then use the codes to register for free.
  • Alternatively, any Relay runner can also simply register their entire team individually.
  • Please create a team in Race Roster (or join an existing one), and also write your team name in the text field.
  • Note that if you want to use a 2019 RW membership discount (25%) on Relay, you must wait until 2019 memberships become available later this fall.


  • The Relay team cap remains at 20 teams.
  • A team is not considered registered until all 7 spots are filled in Race Roster.
  • Once there are 20 teams with 7 members, all incomplete teams will be converted to Guest entries.


  • Each Ultimate runner can participate in Relay for free (this spot is for them only, and is not transferable).
  • For an Ultimate to start or join a team, email us with your interest and a description of who your team will be, and we will send you a promo code for yourself.
  • An established rule for Relay is that Ultimates can only run one Stage for one team. In 2019, we are also adding another new rule: only one Ultimate per team. So at most, 20 teams can have 1 Ultimate runner, for 20 total Ultimates in the Relay competition.

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One week later, we’re still reeling with Post-ENDURrun Syndrome (PES).

The best way to combat that is to send some thank yous out to the individuals and groups who make this project so much fun. This particular moment is one of the high points in the history of ENDURrun, and so here’s a toast to the ENDURrunners community that make this 2018 featured photo possible.

Charity isn’t a big focus at ENDURrun, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important and that there aren’t incredible stories from our fundraisers. Shattering all previous standards, Josh Bohnen for Nutrition For Learning, Maria Michel for KidsAbility, and Anne Hinds for Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis collectively raised over $15,000!

Did you notice Health + Performance out during the week? Of course you did, because H+P had a massive week. Head coaches Sean and Gillian rallied 70+ athletes in total, and facilitated massive course support each Stage. H+P swept the women’s podium (and 4th too!). And with 11 (!) relay teams, it’s hard to summarize everything, but their Women’s and Masters’ teams set all-time ENDURrun records, and the Funatics bested their 2016 selves too!

Runners are out on the course for about 15 hours, but our friends at KW Health Connection are at the tables for more than that and can’t be thanked enough. Don’t be shy to book an appointment, stop by, and say thanks! CCMH Cambridge too!

The Running Rarebits were there every day, with multiple Ultimates and relay teams, volunteers, and pop-up aid stations. And their branded relay team bested their 2017 time by six minutes! Thank you.

The award for using ENDURrun how it was designed goes to Guest/Relay runners Antoine Gauthier, Reza Saputra, Mitch Wilson, and Bryan Yeung, all of whom ran Stage 5 this year ahead of their Rookie campaigns in 2019. Wise moves gentlemen! Also notable is pacer Diane Lacombe who also got a great taste of ENDURrun in 2018 and is entered as a Rookie for 2019. These components of ENDURrun (Guest, Relay, Pacer) are designed to add value to the community, but also to drive future Ultimate participation. Stay tuned for “July” soon. 

Big thanks to Chicopee Ski & Summer Resort for letting us run up and down those steep hills! A quick estimate puts ENDURrunners climbing North bottom-to-top over 2,500 times since 2003 (racing only, not including training!)

We can’t forget our 2018 winners, Robert Brouillette and Valery Hobson; both great stories whether you’re battling ghosts of ENDURrun past, or in an epic battle with another phenomenal athlete. Robyn Collins also joined the Golden Club this year, and even though her 5 Stage wins left her 6 minutes shy of an Ultimate victory, her positive attitude about the whole experience is ENDURrun.

ENDURrun is sometimes described as a fun week with some running thrown in. Big thanks to everyone who planned and organized socials, hung around the pool, and stayed late at Stages to make Rookies feel welcome.

Some exceptional cases of a last minute entry from 18 year old Conner Krofchick and our 75 year old Ken B Anderson who almost made it. In falling short, Ashley Sametz came closer than anyone ever had to the 160 KM.

If you had a cold drink from one of our coolers, thank Stefan and Shoppers’ Drug Mart Elmira for that one. If you took a gel at all, kudos to Geoff at Runners’ Choice. Kit swag was courtesy of Saucony Canada. That poster souvenir is thanks to M&T Printing Group (and your autograph cramp). Huge thanks to Mike Hewitson for not wearing a gold shirt this year.

And where would we be without our alumni who come back year after year, including since the lean years? There’s no better way to summarize their spirit than in the “Crazy Eights” photo:

To the neon shirts, how do you do it? Too many to name, but our outgoing food crew, the timers, setup, cleanup, marshals, water, and web team are top notch. Just the fact that you can look up historical results is a minor miracle.

As a testament to the excellence and personal growth that we idealize, look at the historical results of runners like Rebecca, Ian, Wilf, and Valery for inspiration as to how much individuals can and do improve at this event. Outstanding Rookie performances from Robyn and Aidan Rutherford prove that anything is possible. (5 of these 6 athletes are coached by H+P).

This was REALLY cool, but now we’re spoiled and William Spaetzel is signed up for 2019. Hmm…maybe Chris Mintz can fill in. Oh wait… Sue Wemp? What is going on???

Last but not least, there are some things that can only be expressed in photos:

2018 ENDURrun Stage 7 Sneak Peek: Marathon

2018 ENDURrun Stage 7 Sneak Peek: Marathon

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ENDURrun is an ultimate individual accomplishment.

So much of the event is narrated by the incredible strength of the community, and rightly so. But that doesn’t take away from the essential component of incredible performances and experiences by individuals.

We took a moment to use our powerful photography and mediocre photoshop skills to put together these portraits of our class of 2018. That’s 49 starters in the Ultimate division – what we consider to be an ultimate test of running skill, speed, training, recovery, terrain, distance, strategy, and general love of the sport.

At this point, only a fraction of our thousands of photos are on Flickr. We chose some of our favourite shots, and branded them so that you can’t forget why you’re smiling. Four predictable locations bubbled to the top: the top of the steepest hills of Stages 3, 4, and 5, the Stage 7 finish line, and country roads of Woolwich Township.

#OneToughRunner 2018

So, while PES is at a yearly high, take 49 moments to re-live the individual performances of ENDURrun 2018.

Here is a .png that you can use to update your photo if you want to.

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The 16th ENDURrun ended with a bang.

Full marathon results | Full cumulative results


The Stage 7 finish was a repeat of 2017, when 2nd place Catherine Desrosiers came through first, but only by enough to close the gap to Vicki Zandbergen to 6:36. This year, it was Robyn Collins who won the marathon (her first!) in 3:11:20, but Valery Hobson had things under control in a fantastic performance of 3:12:21 to keep the overall lead at 6:09. These past two years were the closest 1-2 finishes in ENDURrun history. Vicki Zandbergen maintained 3rd place.


Robert Brouillette won the event for the fourth consecutive year with a strong 2:37:34. He now holds the 3rd through 6th fastest times in ENDURrun history. Aidan Rutherford held his lock in 2nd with his debut marathon of 2:54:15. Multiple challengers for 3rd place were held off by Christian Belair, who has now finished 3rd three times.

So much more

Relays. Volunteers. Charities. Stories. DNFs. 2018. 2019. For now we’ll take a nap and let the winners bask in the golden light, but stay tuned for so much more.

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Can’t sleep?

Neither can we. Here are some of the storylines we’re looking forward to in the Stage 7 marathon.


Who will be the most improved?

This is a tough one, with so many to choose from. After Stage 6, the top 5 are:

  • Rebecca sits 1:18:13 ahead of her 2017
  • Wilf sits 1:14:42 ahead of his 2017
  • Ian sits 46:08 ahead of his 2017
  • Ashley sits 29:20 ahead of her 2017
  • Valery sits 19:08 ahead of her 2017

Also very notable is the leader in this category, Sara, whose 1:19:13 lead is over Sara-with-a-pack of 2017!


Hottest podium races

Valery has a lead of 7:10 and a lot of ENDURrun and marathon experience. Robyn has never run a marathon before. How is the two-loop marathon course going to play out? The Ultimate championship is up for grabs. Valery would be the oldest ever Ultimate champion, besting Joanne Bink’s win at 44 in 2011.

Men’s 3rd place has even more unpredictability, with 2:47 separating third, fourth, and fifth. Christian holds 3rd and has finished 3rd in each of his two previous Ultimate weeks. Nick has Relay motivations (more below). Dave is only 6 seconds behind Nick, and will debut for the marathon distance tomorrow.


Eyes on #ENDURrob

A three-peat has been accomplished on the men’s and women’s side, but a four-peat is unprecedented at ENDURrun. Robert can make it happen tomorrow. Bob Jackman still leads with 5 all-time championships.

A sub plot to Rob’s race is him vs his previous times. In a mixed year for him, including a breakthrough Stage 3, he is sandwiched between his best and second best times.


Who doesn’t love a close battle?

After 117.8 km of racing, it can come down to mere metres. Here are all of the battles that are currently under one minute:

  • Dave is 6 seconds behind Nick
  • Sara is 11 seconds behind Maria
  • Sharon is 25 seconds behind Brian
  • Thaddeus is 30 seconds behind Conner
  • Jack is 33 seconds behind Lumi
  • Ian is 55 seconds behind Robyn

A one minute is half of a second per kilometre to this point. Some of these won’t be decided until 40+ km tomorrow.


H+P continues to dominate the Relay

The ENDURrun would not be what it is today without Health + Performance going all-in year after year. We have been glued to their team battles all week. Here is the cheat sheet:

Women’s A can beat their own female ENDURrun record tomorrow. Vicki would need to run 3:29:15.

Masters Men’s A can beat their own masters ENDURrun record tomorrow. Merzi would need to run 3:15:43.

Men’s A holds the 4th best time (from 2015) and has a shot at beating that time if Nick can run a 2:55:46. We say … go for it!

Funatics needs a 3:40:04 marathon from Brian Vandermey to beat the Funatics of 2017!


Rookies on the run

Of the 45 Ultimates in the race tomorrow, 17 will complete their first #OneToughRunner. All the best to Aidan, Anne, Brian, Chris Ladubec, Conner, Dave, Debbie, Dorothy, Josh, Lumi, Maria, Mark Ishikawa, Matt, Meaghan, Robert Baxter, Robyn, and Sharon. Enjoy every minute of it!

For the top Rookie prizes, Aidan and Robyn both have approximately half hour leads over Dave and Lumi respectively.


Stage record prize money yet unclaimed

It hasn’t been earned yet this week, but don’t forget that there is $100 up for grabs for an Ultimate who breaks a previous Stage record. The men’s 2:32:42 (Charles Bedley 2004) and the women’s 3:08:54 (Joanne Bink 2011) are both in play for a few of our Ultimates if things go really well tomorrow.


See ya next year!

Nine of the athletes completing an Ultimate tomorrow – Jack, Merlin, Deirdre, Rebecca, Mark M, Denis, Ronald, Christian, and Aidan – are already signed up for 2019. Good luck! To the rest of the signups, especially 2019 Rookies, we recommend you follow along closely and pick up as much advice as you can!


Signing off now. Remember we have a live stream and 21.1k splits going up for you to follow along. Better yet, join us at Conestogo Community Park or along the route.

Good luck to Lloyd and the setup crew who are on site in less than two hours from the time of publication!