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How is the week almost over … already?

The tricky part about ENDURrun week is to live in the moment. 8 days and 160 kms seem (and really are) long, but the reality is that it flies by so fast.

Stage 6 is a sneaky one. (Full results). It’s a flat 10k sandwiched between a brutally hilly cross country course and a marathon, on back-to-back-to-back days. Most marathon training plans don’t schedule a 10k race this close, but then again, this is not your normal week.

Runners tackled this in various ways. It is still amazing after all of these years, to see a handful of runners like Ian Grzegorczyk, run personal best 10ks at this Stage.

Top runners today: Robert Brouillette and Valery Hobson maintained their gold status at this race. In a time trial format, Valery edged out second place Robyn Collins by 10 seconds to increase her lead to 7:10 after 6 Stages. Brendan Hancock ran a strong 34:45 to keep H+P Men’s A looking good in first.

Stay tuned for another post this evening with our top storylines for Stage 7. One of those storylines is not going to be “will Josh pass $10k for Nutrition For Learning” because he did that yesterday!

Rest up! See you at 6:00 a.m. or 7:30 a.m.

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Time your race preparations with this projected start order.

The 10 KM Time Trial (TT) starts one runner each minute, in reverse order to their seed time, which is determined from previous results and expected finish times. Dropouts and no-shows may still adjust the start times by up to 10 minutes from the Estimated Start Time – check in early. Participant check-in and Guest runner bib pickup is at the start line in Elmira. Shuttles of people to Elmira are available in Conestogo, and shuttles of gear back are available from the start line.

Estimated Start TimeNameEventSexBibCityAgeRelay
08:00Heather HeijGuestF415Waterloo37
08:00Laura HewitsonRelayF201Waterloo34H+P Funatics
08:01Phil ClarkRelayM214Thornhill51The Running Rarebits
08:01Cari Rastas HowardRelayF208Waterloo41H+P Mixed
08:01Rebecca HofstedeRelayF212Kitchener37Orange is The New Fast
08:02Samantha GrantGuestF413Brampton47
08:02Ivar GaizauskasGuestM410Brampton71
08:03Deirdre LargeUltimateF115Waterloo52
08:04Sara BlanchettUltimateF102Kitchener40
08:05Maria MichelUltimateF117Cambridge42
08:06Debbie BultenUltimateF104Cambridge48
08:07Steve MahoodUltimateM26Ottawa55
08:08Maureen PecknoldUltimateF118Toronto50
08:09Doug CunninghamRelayM213Waterloo72Runners' Choice
08:10K. Bill DostUltimateM9Burlington42
08:11Mark IshikawaUltimateM20Burlington54
08:12Ashley SametzUltimateF119Kitchener34
08:13Brian LawlessUltimateM25Ottawa54
08:14Sharon DitnerUltimateF107Waterloo40
08:15Mark McDonaldUltimateM27Toronto36
08:16Ronald IrwinUltimateM19Durham57
08:17Chris LadubecUltimateM24Waterloo38
08:18Ryan JantziGuestM417Breslau38
08:19Carmen ZannierGuestF467Kitchener39
08:20Nicholas MaudeRelayM215Waterloo39The Vikings
08:21Olasunkanmi MabifaGuestM458Waterloo45
08:22Wilf GoronUltimateM14Wheatley63
08:23Denis AllenUltimateM2Kitchener56
08:24Nikkole WelshUltimateF123Stratford35
08:25Dorothy SkonieczkaUltimateF120Singapore32
08:26Hunter KellyUltimateF112Ottawa24
08:27Meaghan St JohnUltimateF121London43
08:28Anne HindsUltimateF109Cambridge40
08:29Josh BohnenUltimateM7Waterloo35
08:30Joel ReanyRelayM207Kitchener33H+P Men's D
08:31Andrew KeevesUltimateM21Hamilton36
08:32Jack KilislianUltimateM23East York48
08:33Lumi DucaUltimateF108Waterloo50
08:34Merlin FreyUltimateM13Elmira53
08:35Payton HancockRelayF210Baden25H+P Women's B
08:36Ernest ForsterRelayM216Kitchener60Runners' Choice Ramblers
08:37Robert BaxterUltimateM32Kitchener58
08:38Christine DarraghRelayF211Waterloo44H+P Women's Masters
08:39Savvas FarassoglouUltimateM12Ottawa38
08:40Dave ChampionGuestM405Kitchener59
08:41Rebecca KruisselbrinkUltimateF114Baden34
08:42Graham DunnRelayM203Waterloo45H+P Masters Men B
08:43Nick WagnerUltimateM30Kitchener32
08:44Patrick KellyUltimateM22Ottawa55
08:45Emily SandersonGuestF447New Hamburg26
08:46Vicki ZandbergenUltimateF101Kitchener39
08:47Merzi DastoorUltimateM11Waterloo40
08:48Matt HarropRelayM206Kitchener25H+P Men's C
08:49Matt TribeUltimateM29Oakville32
08:50Conner KrofchickUltimateM31Caledon18
08:51Thaddeus HomewoodUltimateM18Listowel32
08:52Jordan SchmidtRelayM205Kitchener30H+P Men's B
08:53Ian GrzegorczykUltimateM15Waterloo26
08:54Stefan GudmundsonUltimateM16Guelph48
08:55Kailey HaddockRelayF209Waterloo30H+P Women's A
08:56Robyn CollinsUltimateF106Waterloo41
08:57Valery HobsonUltimateF110Kitchener48
08:58Dem NeumannRelayM202Waterloo40H+P Masters Men A
08:59Dave HarmsworthUltimateM17Waterloo45
09:00Nick BurtUltimateM8Kitchener24
09:01Christian BelairUltimateM6Summerstown43
09:02Aidan RutherfordUltimateM28Waterloo21
09:03Dave RutherfordGuestM431Waterloo54
09:04Brendan HancockRelayM204Baden27H+P Men's A
09:05Robert BrouilletteUltimateM1Cambridge26

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Not since 2006 has the gold jersey been snatched at Stage 5.

But that’s what happened today as Valery Hobson ran a strong personal best in slippery conditions. She picked up enough time on the final three laps to surge into a 7:00 overall lead. Robyn Collins raced for the first time at Chicopee and now finds herself in a jersey other than gold with 52.2km to go.

Robert Brouillette and Aidan Rutherford extended their claims on the 1-2 spots, and Christian Belair leapfrogged his way into 3rd place today!

Greg Dyce put in a strong performance (his 4th for H+P) as the Men’s A team continues to lead the standings.

We lost two Ultimates today: Lisa was unable to start, and 1.5 loops at Stage 5 is Ken B’s new ENDURrun milestone. We hope to see you this weekend!

Other EBs (“ENDURrun bests”) today include great performances from Ian, Nick W, Rebecca, Merlin, Ashley, and Chris L!

For ENDURrun Rookies, this is one is a treat. Chicopee is not widely used as a running venue, but provides some breathtaking climbs and zippy single track. Congratulations to everyone who logged their first kilometres in this Stage.

In 2006, Brad Cunningham lost the gold jersey at Stage 5 after winning the first 4. Bob Jackman would go on to win the event in what then fourth fastest time. 

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Wednesday night is the tipping point of ENDURrun week.

Halfway? Check. Post-race feast at dusk? Check. Off day tomorrow? Check.

Rob and Robyn maintain gold jerseys? Check. (Full results) Good times were had by all? Check.

And just when you’re feeling comfortable with the event, we hit you with 2019 registration. It opens at 12:00 a.m. on Thursday.

We sincerely want runners to consider the early commitment. Get those training cycles in. Do back to back long runs. Do simulations. The common elements of successful training plans are motivation over time. Signing up now solves that equation. We can’t stress this enough, and that’s why we escalate the prices significantly.

Be sure to join our ENDURrunners facebook group or ask someone who is for the $100 promo code. Until August 26th, get into ENDURrun 2019 for only $350.

See you tomorrow for Stage 4.5, 1:00 p.m. at the Heuther.

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After 3 Stages, our leaders continue to defend their gold jerseys.

Robert Brouillette, the three-time defending champion, is expected to repeat this year. (No person has ever won four consecutive years.) With a half hour lead over Aidan Rutherford so far, his main battles are his own previous times and those of Charles Bedley of 2003 and 2004 vintage. Today, Rob’s time was the second-fastest ever, for the first time beating the 2003 Charles. Rob looked in control today and his six lap splits were the most consistent of his four attempts. Congratulations!

Robyn Collins has looked good in gold in her Rookie campaign, winning the first three Stages outright. However, her lead after Stage 3, 2:01, is the lowest ever lead at this point (2:50 in 2008). Valery Hobson has finished second in each Stage and her final three laps today closed over 2 minutes to finish less than one minute back in Stage 3. And don’t forget 2017 Ultimate winner Vicki Zandbergen, sitting 15 minutes back with 93.9k remaining this week. Well done; this race is very exciting.

In other results:

H+P Men’s A continues to get it done, building their lead to over 29 minutes so far. This is the 3rd-fastest relay after 3 Stages ever. The H+P Women’s A team is the fastest-ever all-female team after Stage 3.

Matt Tribe is tied to the second with Thaddeus Homewood, who is 10 seconds behind his own 2017 time.

Rebecca Kruisselbrink is over 40 minutes ahead of her own 2017 time after Stage 3.

Maureen Pecknold, Maria Michel, and Sara Blanchett are all within 63 seconds. Maria is a rookie, and Maureen and Sara have 12 combined finishes between them!

Also of note is that Jack Kilislian has run more ENDURrun Stages than any other person – . This is also his tenth Bechtel – 300k over the past decade!

Check out the day in pictures with our sneak peek album:

2018 ENDURrun Stage 3 Sneak Peek: 30km Trail Run

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Our runners just took off on the first of six laps in today’s 30k cross country Stage 3.

They will pass a 40k sign on their first loop, marking one quarter of the week, with about 26k of trail left. This is considered to be a “start” to the week, as the recovery adds up, the kilometres hit the trails, and the drama continues.

With 70 athletes in the field recording six splits each, lots of data will be available and lots can change throughout the day. Here’s how to follow along.

YouTube Live Stream

For the first time in 2018, we have a Live Stream from the finish line. With a six loop race, today’s video will be awesome. Check it out!

These videos are also available after the race as well.

Run Waterloo Results

As the week goes along, we want you to get to know the Run Waterloo Results website and all of it’s ENDURrun features.

Individual Event Results

If you’re looking for race times, this is your spot. These results are easily filtered to show Ultimates only or Relays only. These pages also show links to photos and video, where available.

Cumulative Results

This is the most engaging view in terms of storylines. From here you can see battles all the way through the results. At the top, well known close races include Robyn Collins over Valery Hobson for 1st (1:10), and Aidan Rutherford at 1:12 over Dave Harmsworth for 2nd. But even closer contests exist:
– Merlin Frey is 1 second behind Robert Baxter
– Dorothy Skonieczka is 3 seconds behind Meaghan St John
– Maria Michel trails Sara Blanchett by 2 seconds

The cumulative view defaults to the most recent 2018 results, but you can also use the filters and search on the page for even more info. For example,
– change the year filter to “All-Time” and the time filter back to “After Stage 2” to see where Robert Brouillette stacks up (6th fastest)
– then use the search for “Wilf” to see how Wilf Goron’s eighth Ultimate is his second-fastest!
– then use the “Female” filter to see Robyn Collins and Valery Hobson both in the top 10 after the two Stages
– then change the filters to “Relay” “All-Time” “After Stage 2” to see the H+P Men’s A sitting in 4th between two of their recent efforts

Stage Records

Remember these default to Stage 1 and to Ultimates. If you want to see general records, such as Erin McClure’s fastest ever Stage 2 for any woman, adjust the filters to show all (Relays plus Guests).

Live Results

If you are reading this between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. on Tuesday, check in with the live results to see split updates from the course.

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Use this projected start order as a guide. This Time Trial (TT) stage starts one runner each minute, in reverse order to their seed time, which is determined from previous results and expected finish times.

Dropouts and no-shows may still adjust the start times by up to 10 minutes from the Estimated Start Time – check in early. This list will be finalized and available at the start line at 8:00am August 13.

Estimated Start TimeRelay TeamNameDivisionSexBibCityAge
8:00Chris BattagliaUltimateM5Barrie61
8:01Ken B AndersonUltimateM3Kitchener75
8:02Jodi KalmanUltimateF113Palm city53
8:03Debbie BultenUltimateF104Cambridge48
8:04Steve MahoodUltimateM26Ottawa55
8:05Deirdre LargeUltimateF115Waterloo52
8:06Sara BlanchettUltimateF102Kitchener40
8:07The Running RarebitsMichelle DumasRelayF214Waterloo46
8:08Orange is The New FastWendy DavenportRelayF212St Jacobs49
8:09Maureen PecknoldUltimateF118Toronto50
8:10Maria MichelUltimateF117Cambridge42
8:11Ashley SametzUltimateF119Kitchener34
8:12Chris LadubecUltimateM24Waterloo38
8:13The VikingsNicholas MaudeRelayM215Waterloo39
8:14H+P FunaticsMeredith HunterRelayF201Kitchener33
8:15Brian LawlessUltimateM25Ottawa54
8:16Mark IshikawaUltimateM20Burlington54
8:17Ronald IrwinUltimateM19Durham57
8:18Mark McDonaldUltimateM27Toronto36
8:19Sharon DitnerUltimateF107Waterloo40
8:20K. Bill DostUltimateM9Burlington42
8:21Anne HindsUltimateF109Cambridge40
8:22H+P MixedMichael HewitsonRelayM208Waterloo35
8:23Runners' ChoiceMichele CraddockRelayF213Waterloo54
8:24Brad StaffordGuestM444Rockwood43
8:25Dorothy SkonieczkaUltimateF120Singapore32
8:26Wilf GoronUltimateM14Wheatley63
8:27Denis AllenUltimateM2Kitchener56
8:28Meaghan St JohnUltimateF121London43
8:29Hunter KellyUltimateF112Ottawa24
8:30Nikkole WelshUltimateF123Stratford35
8:31Josh BohnenUltimateM7Waterloo35
8:32Nadia Clarke CordickGuestF406Whitchurch-Stouffville40
8:33H+P Women's BKayla NgRelayF210Waterloo28
8:34Merlin FreyUltimateM13Elmira53
8:35Lumi DucaUltimateF108Waterloo50
8:36Robert BaxterUltimateM32Kitchener58
8:37H+P Women's MastersJodi RiceRelayF211Waterloo48
8:38Andrew KeevesUltimateM21Hamilton36
8:39Jack KilislianUltimateM23East York48
8:40Patrick KellyUltimateM22Ottawa55
8:41Rebecca KruisselbrinkUltimateF114Baden34
8:42Savvas FarassoglouUltimateM12Ottawa38
8:43H+P Masters Men BSam LalondeRelayM203Waterloo42
8:44Runners' Choice RamblersGary BarfootRelayM216Kitchener48
8:45Merzi DastoorUltimateM11Waterloo40
8:46Nick WagnerUltimateM30Kitchener32
8:47H+P Men's CPat SpencerRelayM206Waterloo29
8:48H+P Men's DGreg PogueRelayM207Waterloo48
8:49Vicki ZandbergenUltimateF101Kitchener39
8:50Lisa LeskienUltimateF116Cambridge38
8:51Thaddeus HomewoodUltimateM18Listowel32
8:52Stefan GudmundsonUltimateM16Guelph48
8:53Ian GrzegorczykUltimateM15Waterloo26
8:54Matt TribeUltimateM29Oakville32
8:55Valery HobsonUltimateF110Kitchener48
8:56Robyn CollinsUltimateF106Waterloo41
8:57Christian BelairUltimateM6Summerstown43
8:58Conner KrofchickUltimateM31Caledon18
8:59Nick BurtUltimateM8Kitchener24
9:00H+P Masters Men AJan De VisserRelayM202Kitchener51
9:01Aidan RutherfordUltimateM28Waterloo21
9:02Dave HarmsworthUltimateM17Waterloo45
9:03H+P Men's BJames RhydderchRelayM205Kitchener17
9:04H+P Women's AErin McClureRelayF209Waterloo36
9:05H+P Men's ASean DelangheRelayM204Waterloo32
9:06Robert BrouilletteUltimateM1Cambridge26
9:07Adam HortianGuestM416Kitchener34

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Except all your friends are here!

As ENDURrun 2018 got off to a running start, it was a great mix of old and new.

If it ain’t broke…

Ditto: For the fourth consecutive year, Stage 1 played out the same: on the men’s side, Rob Brouillette sets a large lead; on the women’s side, a new member (Robyn Collins) joins the Golden Club; and in the Relay division, H+P storms to a lead.

Full filterable results

Splash: One cool aspect of Stage 1 is that the race venue is close to RD Lloyd Schmidt’s home…and pool. As usual, runners gathered poolside for a refreshing conclusion to the morning.

Yum: A gourmet feast of healthy and tasty food awaited runners at Conestogo Community Park.

New this year

Watch: We live-streamed most of the race on our YouTube channel. Thanks everyone for watching, asking and answering questions, and keeping us talking! See you again tomorrow!

Hello: Our 3rd highest total of 20 Rookies added great energy to the event this morning. We look forward to getting to know you this week! (With 49 starters, this is the second-highest field ever, after 2015.)

Henry made his first public appearance during the race!

Smile: Daily sneak peek albums from Julie. Here’s Stage 1. Thousands more photos will follow in the weeks ahead.

2018 ENDURrun Stage 1 Sneak Peek:  Half Marathon


Robert ran a solid 1:17:32 and Rookie Robyn took gold with a 1:29:21. Both athletes have earned the right to start last in tomorrow’s time trial 15k, which means they start 1 minute behind their closest rival. Stage 2 is a flat out-and-back course.

H+P Men’s A took top place in the Relay category with Brendan Hancock’s top performance. H+P had had the top 2 Relay teams after Stage 1 in each of the past 4 years.

Interesting note: Mike Tickner set an all-time Stage 1 Guest record today with 1:20:50. Congrats!

Behind Robert, the two races to keep an eye on:

The women’s race was the most unpredictable of all. Gold jersey bearer Vicki Zandbergen finished fourth behind strong Rookie performances from Robyn and Lisa Leskien, and Valery Hobson who took 3 minutes off her 2017 time.

For Men’s 2nd Place, Rookies Aidan Rutherford and Dave Harmsworth came through the split with 2017 second place Nick Burt, and in the end, Dave took 2nd and Aidan 3rd.

Other strong performances:

Ian Grzegorczyk took over 6 minutes off his 2017 time.

Rebecca Kruisselbrink took off almost 15 minutes off her previous Stage 1 best in 2016!

Wilf Goron continues his epic comeback, taking over 22 minutes off his 2017 time, which was 40 minutes faster than his 2016 time! Is that even possible?

Also notable: Chris Battaglia pulled out a huge sprint to duck in 7 seconds under the cutoff! Glad to keep you in the field!

What’s next

Barely a tenth of the way through this week’s mileage, runners have an opportunity to rest before the looming 15k Time Trial. The slist will be posted later this afternoon, but check out the 2017 start list for your own reference.

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There really is no other theme for pre-ENDURrun Saturday. Also overheard at Schmidt Residence this evening:

“You look so good!”

“I do NOT know about my training…”

“So how is the women’s race going to play out???”

About half of the crowd are Run Waterloo regulars who run this town. Half are guests from all over, many of whom we don’t see for up to 11 months at a time. And whether they are new faces or old, old or young, the one thing in common is the sense of community kept apart for too long.

One last thing: if you are looking for ENDURrun photos, head over to our Flickr page. They will also be embedded directly into the results as they come in.

2018 ENDURrun Pre-Race Meeting

See you bright and early in Conestogo tomorrow morning for Stage 1. There will be a live stream and live results.

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A late signup that shakes up the race…welcome back Valery!

This is the final post in our 2018 blog series of One Tough Runner contenders.

ENDURrun: What is your runner profile?

Valery: I started running at 39….the summer before I turned 40….and signed up for a fall half marathon as a birthday present to myself.  After that, I was hooked.  I will run anywhere, anytime, but my favourite is on the trails or exploring somewhere totally new.

What are your 2018 goals?

Goal is to have fun and to push yourself.  Enjoy the experience and have fun with the Endurrun community.

What are you most looking forward to?

Post run laughs and chats.  After suffering through an event or stage….it’s so fun to catch up with everyone and compare notes and share our stories.  We all do the same thing…the commonality is the running but the experiences can be infinitely different. Oh….and the food….and the massages….and the occasional post run beer.

How did your training go?

My training has been up and down a bit. Road, some speed work and (my favourite : trails).  A little bit of everything, really.   Some hip issues have been messing with me a bit but I’m hoping I’ve done enough training to get me through the week without any flare ups.

Do you have any advice to Rookies?

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.  Fuel properly.  Hydrate.  Eat all the food.  🙂

What are you most nervous about?

Mother Chicopee maybe?  She’s a mean ol’ thing.  Lol.  My biggest fear is reinjuring myself.

What is the most important part of the ENDURrun identity that appeals to you?

The camaraderie.  The dedication you see from all aspects of the running community…..not just from the runners themselves.  The volunteers, spending hours setting up and dismantling.  The friends who work tirelessly with the food…cooking and prepping, Volunteers at the aid stations, along the course as marshals and cheering squads.  The Schmidt family for everything they do over the course of the week.  The most important part of Endurrun is that it embodies the spirit of belonging and acceptance and exemplifies ‘community’.