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Robert and Robyn are big winners at 17th ENDURrun

You are one tough runner.

One week ago, we met in Conestogo Park for a half marathon. Eight days later, 47 athletes completed what we think is the ultimate test of running. The 8 days, 7 stages, 160 km are designed to push runners to the max, test their will and training, and seek out well-rounded runners. Now relaxing in the shade, we can only begin to reflect on an incredible week.

Ultimate results

All-time results | 2019 results

Robert Brouillette set a new personal-best in his fifth consecutive championship. Aidan Rutherford moves up to eighth all-time, and only behind two other men (the other being Charles Bedley). In third, Robin Richard-Campeau runs the fourth-fastest masters time.
In a fun quirk, because of the introduction of non-duplicating masters prize money for 1st (which Robin wins), Christian Belair in 4th earns the 3rd place prize money, which is the same award he has won every time he has run ENDURrun (with 2014, 2015, 2018)!

Robyn Collins rebounds from a heartbreaking 2018 with an incredibly strong win, the fifth fastest master of all time. Catherine Desrosiers (also 2nd in 2017) and Vicki Zandbergen (fourth time in 3rd) round out the podium, and Rebecca Kruisselbrink also earns prize money in the same manner as Christian.
Robyn was 2 minutes slower than her 2018 time: one minute for each extra KM today 😉

New records
– Men 55+ record, Dave Rutherford by over an hour
– Women 55+ record, Andrea Iozzi and Susan Moizer are the first two!
– Men 60+ record, Andrew Moizer, by 24 seconds!!!
– Men 70+ record, Ken. B. A., at age 76, on his 5th attempt !!!!!
– Consecutive championships: Robert Brouillette, 5
– All relay records: Overall, Female, Masters

Top Rookies
– Caroline S-B. led wire-to-wire, and Reza S. sneaks in on the final day to claim the Top Rookie prizes!

Huge thanks to Mark M. for organizing a new relay team from Lifetime Fitness, and huge congrats to the Running Rarebits for their best year yet!

H+P Relay
It finally came together for H+P. After a half decade of trying, H+P now owns the relay record thanks to great performances all week including the anchor Aidan Rutherford in Stage 7. This edged out the Road Scholars of 2012 by a total of 43 seconds. The women beat their 2018 time by 17 minutes, and the masters men broke their 2018 time by 5 minutes. Huge congrats to coaches Sean and Gill and the entire team for achieving incredible results.

Charity spots
Huge congrats to Sharon D. and and Chris M. for adding even more to a full week by organizing phenomenal campaigns for two great charities.

These athletes topped their previous best ENDURrun times:
Aidan R. (36 minutes), Ian G. (30 minutes), Merlin F. (16 minutes), Chris L. (15 minutes), Mark I. (12 minutes), Will S. (2 hours 12 minutes). Also honourable mentions for fastest since 2014: Maureen. 2011: Denis A. 2009: Jack K.! And well done to Thaddeus H. for beating his 2018 self by 15 seconds!

Marathon results

Marathon results
Rob and Aidan – 3rd and 8th fastest marathons ever.

Robyn and Catherine 6th and 9th fastest female masters marathons.

Marathon awards
Consistency: Aidan R. (6 seconds) and Deirdre L. (9) rocked the consistency today!
Negative splits: Deirdre L., Jeanette T., Mike C., Merlin F., Chris M., Reza S., Thaddeus H. and Christian B. all ran negative splits today.
EBs (ENDURrun-best marathons): Rob B., Aidan R., Ian G., Merlin F., Chris L., Mark I., Will S.

Nutty Nines

Each of Maureen Pecknold, Jack Kilislian, Mark McDonald, and Vicki Zandbergen has completed a record nine ENDURrun Ulitmates and can found the Thousand Club in 2020.

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On a day with so many stories of success, this nutty group of four runners have completed #endurrun NINE times each. That is an incredible accomplishment and a testimony to the bonds created over the years at our little event. Remarkable this year – the injuries fought through to get to the start line and to the finish line. The Thousand Mile club awaits any of these who finish 2020. Two are already signed up. How will this end??? Thank you for being to ambassadors of the endurrun mission. #OneToughRunner #endurrun2019

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Primer for the 2019 ENDURrun Marathon

This week has been amazing … and it ain’t over yet!

2.2k into the race tomorrow, runners will past the trusty 120k (three quarters) sign. From then on, so much can happen!

The men’s race is exactly how we thought it would go: Josh shines in sprints, while Rob’s experience pays off on trails, and the dark horse is close enough to count. The women’s race did not go how we expected; our pre-race favourite Val made a heartbreaking decision to withdraw, while Robyn made a last-minute decision to enter and has won five of six Stages.

Here are some racing stories we are following for tomorrow:

  • 16 rookies still in the competition, half of which are running their first marathon!
  • 4 runners going for their 9th Ultimate – Jack K., Maureen P., Mark M., Vicki Z.!
  • First 70+ finish by Ken B. A.!
  • Mark I.’s 100th marathon!
  • Rob B. going for an unprecedented 5th consecutive win! (Bob J. has 5 career wins.)
  • H+P’s 52nd Relay team and 6th consecutive win. Rarebits’ third (and fastest) year. Runners’ Choice has put in relay teams every single year since relay started!

Follow along
Race start 7:30 a.m. Follow along @ENDURrun and for half splits.

Top story

Josh sustained a calf injury in training this month, and is going to exercise caution so as not to end up like Kevin Durant’s 2020 season. It’s a bummer for everyone but Josh has been a great addition to the ENDURrun community and we wish him the best.

Closest battles
Christian B has 2:09 lead over Nick B
Catherine D has 7s lead over Jack K
Rebecca K has 28s lead over Mitch W and 58s lead over Vicki Z (Rebecca is 3rd, Vicki is 4th)
Savvas F has 33s lead over Patrick K
Caroline S-B has 2:47 lead over Mike C
Mike C has 2:02 lead over Merlin F
Denis A has 1:23 lead over Patrick R
Chris L has 50s lead over Michael K and 1:40 lead over Robert B
Susan M has 35s lead over William S

In all, 30 of the 50 competitors are within 5 minutes of someone else.

H+P Women’s A has 1:16 lead over H+P Men’s B
H+P Men’s C has 17s lead over Runners’ Choice Ramblers and 3:15 lead over H+P Women’s B

Looking ahead
To go sub-10 hours, Rob would need to run 2:29:30 or faster. The marathon record is 2:32:42. The fastest Rob has done on this course was 2:36:36 in 2017.
The women’s marathon record is 3:08:54. Robyn is currently 7:35 behind the female masters record and would have to run a 3:09:03 or faster to break Joanne Bink’s record from 2007.

H+P Men’s A is 1:01 behind the relay record; will need a 2:51:34 or faster from Aidan to set the record, which is 11:05:19
H+P Women’s A is 11:15 ahead of the female relay record; will need a 3:36 from Robyn to set the record
H+P Masters Men A is 11:06 ahead of the masters relay record; will need a 3:25 from Dave to set the record

PB Pace
Rob B is 6 seconds behind his best Ultimate (2017), will need to run 2:36:29 or faster tomorrow
Robin R-C is 4:01 behind his best Ultimate (2015) will need to run 2:52:32 or faster tomorrow
Aidan R is on pace for a significant Ultimate PB; a 3:27 could be enough, but last year he ran a 2:54 at the end of the week and he’s been faster than 2018 every day this week.
Ian G has built up quite a cushion for himself. A 3:42 marathon would give him a PB for the week; last year his marathon was a 3:20 and he has been besting his 2018 times all week.
Robyn C has beat her 2018 times by small margins every day, but they add up to a lead of about 5 minutes over her cumulative time. A 3:16:38 or faster will give her a PB on the week.
Jack K continues to have his best week since 2009. A marathon of 3:39 or faster would allow that to stay true.
Rebecca K has had a strong week, with PBs on 4 stages so far. A 3:37:58 would give her a PB on the week; in 2018 she finished with a 3:28 marathon.
A 3:53:30 would allow Savvas F to have his fastest Ultimate since 2013.
Merlin F ran another ENDURrun best today and is 4:48 ahead of his best Ultimate. He needs to run 3:50:27 or faster tomorrow.
Denis A is having a terrific week, running faster than he has since 2011. A 3:29:42 or faster would give him an Ultimate PB, but a 4:20 would be enough to make this his second fastest Ultimate.
Nikki W has had an excellent week, especially on the trails, and can best her 2018 Ultimate by running 3:56:13 or faster tomorrow.
Chris L is on pace for a significant Ultimate best. All he needs is a 4:32, and last year he ended the week with a 4:08.
Ronald I will surpass his 2018 Ultimate time by running 4:33 or faster tomorrow.
Will S is an incredible 2:05:39 ahead of his best Ultimate right now; finishing within the 6 hour time limit would be more than enough to give him a PB on the week, but I think we can expect much more than that from Will tomorrow!
Mark I needs a 4:29 or faster for an ENDURrun PB; last year he ended the week with a 4:06.
Maureen P will have her fastest ENDURrun since 2014 if she can run 4:52 or better tomorrow.
A 4:43:21 will allow Sara B to achieve her fastest Ultimate since 2012

Sun shines on the first ENDURrun track Stage 6

On a day when many runners were woken by thunder, we got a little of everything on the track in Waterloo.

Full Stage 6 results including heats | Lap splits available at | Cumulative results after Stage 6

Robyn Collins added a few minutes and sits 26 minutes up on Catherine Desrosiers. Vicki closed 23 seconds on Rebecca, who now leads for 3rd by 58 seconds.

Josh Bolton outkicked Robert Brouillette in the men’s race and now stands 2:15 back. Josh is on track to finish as Sprint King. Both men have won three Stages. Aidan set a PB in 3rd.

H+P Men’s A picked up time on the record and now sits 1:01 back. Aidan Rutherford is running the marathon tomorrow and would need to beat the 2012 time of 2:52:36 by more than 1:01.

Josh 5th fastest all-time, Rob 6th (also 3rd, 7th, 8th and 9th)
Robyn 4th fastest all-time (50s off of the record; also holds 10th fastest); 2nd (and 4th) fastest masters female
Robin set a new masters Sprint record by 1:01.

In the 17 year history of ENDURrun, this was the most substantial change, from a 10k time trial to a 10,000m track event. It was partly serendipity and partly by design. This track event is supposed to add an important running discipline to the ultimate test of running. For many (including Run Waterloo), it was their first track race. We’re excited by the feedback and will consider all options before announcing the format for 2020.

The track was a different mental challenge than the 10k TT. The heats kept things fresh and added a high degree of spectator friendliness to the Stage. Even if it was dark and rainy for the first heat, grey and drizzly for the second, and warm and sunny for the third, the track was a buzzing place and most joined the volunteers back in Conestogo for a swim.

Stay tuned for our Stage 7 primer later this evening. Tomorrow is not just any other Sunday.