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Decision on 2020 coming on June 9

From Lloyd Schmidt, Race Director:

I apologize for the lack of communication. You deserve better. But these are complicated times, and please know that the fate of The ENDURrun is always on our minds.

My opinion is that my opinion doesn’t matter. I am not an epidemic expert or authority. I am relying entirely on the rules and restrictions as set by the authorities. If the authorities say that we can proceed with our event, then I will rely on their judgment that it is safe to do so. Presently, all events in Waterloo Region are prohibited to the end of June. It is meaningless for me to say that I think events will be allowed in August, or to say that I think all events will be cancelled for the remainder of the year.

I will proceed based on the present rules and restrictions, and events in August have not been officially prohibited.

As organizers, we need a minimum two months to prepare for the event. We will make our final decision on whether The ENDURrun will take place this year, no later than June 9. Hopefully the authorities will announce by June 9 whether events will be prohibited for the remainder of the summer, or whether limited events with restrictions can take place.

Where it gets complicated is the access or lack of access to the tremendous amount of resources required for The ENDURrun. Not only supplies (medals, shirts, etc.), but also venue availability, travel restrictions, and most importantly, the safety of our volunteers. We will take everything into consideration, and we have a big decision to make by June 9. Unless, of course, if the decision is made for us by the authorities.

Sorry that I cannot be more specific at this time. Things can change very quickly and we do not have a crystal ball. If you can hang in there and keep training and preparing, you will know one way or another no later than June 9. Thanks for your understanding and support, and please let me know if you have any questions.

Relay and Guest registration now open for 2020

Ultimate isn’t the only way to participate.

The 8 day, 7 stage, 160 km challenge is the featured event at ENDURrun. But Relay and Guest offer smaller and flexible ways to get involved.

Relay is a team of 2 to 7 individuals who run at least one Stage. Guest are solo stages. Both are limited in number and great ways to introduce yourself to the community without signing up for an entire week.

Click here to register

These start out at $60 for Relay and $50 for Guest, and the prices do jump substantially between now and August.

This is ENDURrun

At once, ENDURrun is so many things.

To us, it’s the ultimate test of running in the best possible environment. #thisisENDURrun.

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STAGE 6 @endurrun 10km track done! I'M GOING TO THE MARATHON TOMORROW !!! Holy. Shit. #oneweek #7stages #160kms #thisisENDURrun 📷 Bonita Vottero Stephanie Nova

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But it’s so much more.

Whether you made a wrong turn, or ran a whole loop extra, and smiled the whole time … This is ENDURrun.
If you entered the race at the last minute … again … This is ENDURrun.
If you finally crossed this off your bucket list after years of anticipation.
If you bowed out to injury, or persevered through injury. That was ENDURrun.
If your entire club came together to deliver so much effort towards a common goal, and totally nailed it.
If you comically undertrained for the race, but did it anyway.
If you bounced back in a big way in 2019! Or you plan an even bigger bounce back in 2020! This is ENDURrun.
You wore that white singlet proudly during the week, and since.
Whether you’ve now completed your 9th ultimate, or just ran your very first marathon …
Whether you set massive PBs or EBs or recent EBs or don’t even know what that is (and don’t care!)
If you gave it your all but came up short, this is ENDURrun.
When you have already signed up for next year, which isn’t crazy, is it? This is ENDURrun.
If this was the highlight of your summer. This is ENDURrun.
If you ran a fundraiser that blew away expectations and made everyone proud. This is ENDURrun.
If you are a trail runner who hates roads, or a road runner who hates trails, or have never run on a track before.
If you had to be back at work Monday matin.
When you finally earned One Tough Runner after so much time and effort.
Whether you won your fifth consecutive title, or don’t even know where to find the results.
If you achieved the Ultimate redemption. This is ENDURrun.
Whether you motivated the community all year long, or showed up to Stage 1 as a brand new face.
Even though it’s kind of strange, if you wore a pink bib on your back. You are ENDURrun.
Sleeping in. Two days in a row!
Participating in the context of immeasurable personal trauma.
The exact moment you knew that everything clicked.
Those hours you spent on the massage table. That was ENDURrun.
If we’ve witnessed your family grow over the years, as our family has also grown.
If you got so little sleep, but it was so worth it.
If you surprised everyone with MASSIVE pbs (everyone, except your dad!)
If you spent way too much time at Lloyd’s house.
Whether this was beyond extraordinary, or just an average mileage week for you.
If your efforts weren’t publicly appreciated, but totally made someone’s week. Thank you. Because this is ENDURrun.

Special shoutouts to KW Health Connection, WR REACT, Running Rarebits, Runners’ Choice, Health + Performance, Chicopee, the neon shirts, the Nutty Nines, the Guests, and everyone who liked one of Jack’s posts all year long. That’s it for 2019.

What is your #thisisENDURrun?