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And they’re off!

On an unseasonably cool day in Waterloo, Ontario, runners hit the beautiful paved trail system along the Grand River Trail at RIM Park/Walter Bean Trail/Grey Silo Golf Course for a half marathon. August is not the typical season for half marathons, but of course, nothing about ENDURrun is typical.

Congratulations to all participants in today’s race. You can find the full results at, including cumulative views that will become much more interesting once additional Stages are added.

Congratulations to Rebecca Kruisselbrink for taking top spot today, and to Aidan Rutherford for joining the coveted Golden Club. Bruce Grant is both the Masters and Rookie leader, distinctions which are shared with Vicki Zandbergen and Sarah Haslam.

Photos from today are coming to our Flickr site very soon.

Runners now have less than 24 hours to rest and recover before Stage 2: a 15k time trial format along the (also) beautiful Grand Trunk Trail section of the Grand River Trail in Cambridge, Ontario. Runners start one minute apart in reverse order of the standings, with relay runners slotted in. It makes for a wild and condensed finish order!

Runners will start at approximately these times, plus/minus 5 minutes. Runners are expected to be ready 5 minutes before their projected start. Note that we are starting the first runner at 8:10, not 8:00 as previously reported, because the washrooms open at 8:00.

bib athlete projected start division
111 Katelin Ditner 0:08:10 Ultimate
15 Derek Hergott 0:08:11 Ultimate
18 Jack Kilislian 0:08:12 Ultimate
114 Sarah Haslam 0:08:13 Ultimate
106 Sonja Bissegger 0:08:14 Ultimate
113 Jodi Kalman 0:08:15 Ultimate
118 Deirdre Large 0:08:16 Ultimate
115 Tammy Hergott 0:08:17 Ultimate
107 Sara Blanchett 0:08:18 Ultimate
108 Amanda Booth 0:08:19 Ultimate
16 Ronald Irwin 0:08:20 Ultimate
24 Mark Roest 0:08:21 Ultimate
117 Diane Lacombe 0:08:22 Ultimate
25 John Shep 0:08:23 Ultimate
112 Sharon Ditner 0:08:24 Ultimate
9 Tyler Dalton 0:08:25 Ultimate
105 Joanne Bink 0:08:26 Ultimate
8 Tim Coleman 0:08:27 Ultimate
204 Michael Hobson 0:08:28 Relay – White Shorts
201 Andrew Blackledge 0:08:29 Relay – Brave Any Distance
4 Denis Allen 0:08:30 Ultimate
101 Valery Hobson 0:08:31 Ultimate
102 Vicki Zandbergen 0:08:32 Ultimate
202 Stephanie Bangarth 0:08:33 Relay – Go Bananas
12 Merlin Frey 0:08:34 Ultimate
19 Holger Kleinke 0:08:35 Ultimate
10 Jan de Visser 0:08:36 Ultimate
28 Wayne Young 0:08:37 Ultimate
20 Mark McDonald 0:08:38 Ultimate
17 Jonah Istifan 0:08:39 Ultimate
116 Rebecca Kruisselbrink 0:08:40 Ultimate
23 Tim Proulx 0:08:41 Ultimate
27 Mitch Wilson 0:08:42 Ultimate
14 Bruce Grant 0:08:43 Ultimate
3 Ian Grzegorczyk 0:08:44 Ultimate
203 Andrew Aguanno 0:08:45 Relay – Runners Choice Waterloo
1 Robert Brouillette 0:08:46 Ultimate
2 Aidan Rutherford 0:08:47 Ultimate