Exclusivity at stake in Stage 7

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Check out these categories. In race history, four ENDURrunners are tied with 9 finishes, and all are on track to jointly enter the Thousand Club in 2022, which is quite a feat. Maureen Pecknold, Jack Kilislian, Mark McDonald, and Vicki Zandbergen: all you have to do is finish 😛 View this post on Instagram On… Read more »

Full Stage 6 splits

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Our results site is, as you know, amazing. Lots of work has been put into offering something that is intuitive, interactive, and simply useful. But one limit we currently have is posting of splits for a 25-lap race. So for today’s race, we posted clean 5-lap splits (2k), and if you want more data from… Read more »

Start list for Stage 6

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Well done, runners! Of all the challenges that make The ENDURrun, the 16 mile hilly trail run is one of the highest. We would love to hear what you thought about Baden Hills as a Stage 5 venue. It was our first time ever hosting a timed race there. Are your legs screaming? Good news… Read more »

Thank you to our partners

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With no results to report on Wednesday morning, we want to shine a quick light on some of the key groups you will see all week. First let’s look at some corporate partners of Run Waterloo generally who are here this week. Runners’ Choice Waterloo and Shoppers’ Drug Mart Elmira & Elora are both at… Read more »

ENDURrunners earn a morning off

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Stage 3 is 30 KM cross country, and for the first time in ENDURrun history, it was held away from Bechtel park. Shade’s Mill was a well-received replacement, with extra shade and more trail on the 5k loop. Thanks to the Grand River Conservation Authority for hosting us! Robert Brouillette increased his lead and Valery… Read more »

Stage 2 Start List

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15k Time Trial. Start Name Event 8:00 Sara Blanchett Ultimate 8:01 Ron Stuurman Ultimate 8:02 Maureen Pecknold Ultimate 8:03 Katelin Ditner Ultimate 8:04 Mark Roest Ultimate 8:05 Ronald Irwin Ultimate 8:06 Christoph Kessel Ultimate 8:07 Chris Ladubec Ultimate 8:08 Jorja Ditner Ultimate 8:09 Sharon Ditner Ultimate 8:10 Tony Martin Ultimate 8:11 Patrick Robitaille Ultimate 8:12… Read more »

Results are live for 2022!

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Over the years, we spent a lot of time and effort developing a richly interactive results experience for ENDURrun. Everything you need is found at https://results.runwaterloo.com/endurrun/ You can find simple results for single Stages (for example, today’s Stage 1 Half Marathon) and you can find all sorts of cumulative standings (which get more interesting as… Read more »

Dates, times, courses, locations for all ENDURrun 2022 events

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OK, so we’re doing this! So much changed for 2022, and suddenly, that it was difficult to maintain every page on this website. Rest assured these are the key what/where/when details that you need. Stage 0 – Saturday August 6 – 5:00 – 6:00 p.m. – Social/Kit pickup/Pre-Race Meeting, 2 Weberlyn Cres, Conestogo, ON Stage… Read more »

All courses approved for 2022

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For the first time since 2019, we are hosting a race this month. It took a lot to get to this point. So much has changed that the first place you should go for updates are the Race Roster page and the race director directly ([email protected]). This website currently has outdated information.

Picking up where we left off

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We’re back. After a 2-year hiatus, we are bullish on events for summer 2022 and have opened registration for two events: The ENDURrun Ultimate, back for it’s 23rd year. 8 Days, 7 Stages, 160 KM, One Tough Runner. August 7-14, 2022. ENDURrun Sport, a training program for Ultimate. Ending July 17, 2022. Format TBA. Note… Read more »