What’s Included

All Participants

  • Pre-race REFRESHMENTS prior to each Stage
  • Generous post-race REFRESHMENTS following each Stage
  • FLUID STATIONS (Gatorade, water) concentrated throughout course
  • WASHROOM STATIONS at Start/Finish and along Marathon course
  • COURSE – varied design and terrain, safe, well-marked, split times
  • VOLUNTEERS – experienced, trained, friendly, helpful

The refreshments and fluid stations are there to help you perform your best.

All Ultimate Participants Will Receive

  • An ENDURrun commemorative SHIRT
  • Collector ENDURrun PIN
  • Gift to be revealed

All Ultimate Finishers Will Receive

  • Prestigious ENDURrun MEDAL

All Relay and Guest Participants will receive

  • An ENDURrun technical T-SHIRT
  • Collector ENDURrun PIN