Here’s what participants have said:
“The ENDURrun was a true test of my endurance and gave me renewed inspiration and focus as a runner.”
– Andrea Cobham

“I needed something beyond the marathon.”
– Steven Parke

“No other race, will ever compare.”
– Judy Hurst

“The ENDURrun was such a great experience that I almost didn’t want to cross that final finish line.”
– April Boultbee

“ENDURrun – my most memorable running experience. Loved every minute of every mile.”
– Melanie Boultbee

“The toughest and most rewarding eight days of my life.”
– Michael Lavigne

“If you’ve ever wondered what you’re capable of, run The ENDURrun!”
– Steve Biggs

“The ENDURrun event may only last for 8 days, but the experience and friendships last a lifetime.”
– Chris Kay

“A most enjoyable week of running that is probably unmatched the world over.”
– John Lum Young

“My favorite distance is now 160 KM”
– Dave Nash

“The ENDURrun is, by far, the best running experience of my life. The competition, the camaraderie, the support of the volunteers and the carefully planned Stages make it the pinnacle of my racing calendar each year.”
– Joanne Bink