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Stage 3 is done, with no changes to overall, rookie, or masters leaders over the past few days.

With Wednesday being a morning off from the grueling week, we want to take a moment to highlight the media we create and the people who make it possible.

We have two primary photographers covering all Stages, Julie Schmidt and Ryan McGovern. All of our photos are posted ASAP to our Flickr page where they are free to download.

Julie and Ryan are pictured on the far left and right of this photo.

For video, we have a team of people working to get a finish line video to Will Spaetzel each day, who edits the video and posts it to our RunWaterloo YouTube channel (not ENDURrun YouTube). Some days the video is tagged in the results, but for example, the Stage 2 Time Trial video is not in an order easily compatible with the results, so it is posted without clock just for entertainment purposes.

And then the wildcard in our media team is Mike with lonedrone. He has been taking drone photos and video from many of our races in 2023, but we haven’t actually posted it yet!

Here’s just a tiny sneak peek that doesn’t scratch the surface of what Mike is capturing from the air.


The last piece you need to know, if you aren’t familiar with Run Waterloo and it’s results page, is that photos and videos are linked directly in the results. Once the media is ready, you can find it by clicking the icons at the top of the page (for the complete album/video), and next to your name in the results (for photos tagged to you, and your finish, as available).

Note that not all photos are tagged immediately, so browsing the album is still a good idea 🙂 Give it a try!

Anyway, those are some of main visual storytellers that you will see at various Stages this week. If you appreciate all this free content, don’t be shy to smile, view and share it, or even just say thanks during or after the race! We appreciate all of our volunteers and wanted to shine a light on this team today.

See you tonight at Stage 4 – hills!