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Over the years, we spent a lot of time and effort developing a richly interactive results experience for ENDURrun.

Everything you need is found at

You can find simple results for single Stages (for example, today’s Stage 1 Half Marathon) and you can find all sorts of cumulative standings (which get more interesting as the week progresses). Check the filters to be able to compare against all previous years, and sort by various demographics. As photos are uploaded, they will also be found linked from the results.

Congratulations to all participants in the race under today’s heat advisory. That was quite an experience. A lot was new, but what hasn’t changed is the quality of the people involved.

Since there wasn’t an official Gold Jersey presentation today, please elet us focus on the winners for a minute…5-time defending champion Robert Brouillette is no stranger to the Gold Club, but we have a new member in Rebecca Kruisselbrink!!

The start list for Stage 2, 15k Time Trial will be posted shortly. The first runner starts at 8:00am, working backwards each minute for about an hour. You can predict your start time quite accurately by looking at how many people are behind you in the cumulative standings.