Big changes for Time Trials in 2019

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We are excited to announce changes to both time trials at the ENDURrun in 2019. First, some background. The ENDURrun concept and the Stage format took years to create. The primary goal was to find a formula that would test the Ultimate runner, but would also offer variety of course terrains, explore much of Waterloo… Read more »

Current status of wait list

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Since we sold out, lots has changed. People have joined the wait list, people have withdrawn, and spots have been filled. To keep you informed, we are going to use the top of our raceroster page to outline the latest wait list length and spots available. With every change, you won’t be actively notified, but… Read more »

Welcome, Guests! Our Guest event caps for 2019

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Here is everything you need to know about Guest in 2019! For some background, a Guest entry is a single Stage entry to a week-long event. Those considering the Ultimate often join us for a single Stage to get a feel for the event, the community, and the course. we highly recommend it. It’s a… Read more »

New prize money in 2019

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Our first Ultimate sell out gives us an opportunity for changes and improvements in 2019. Prize money is an easy one. For 2019, we are increasing guaranteed individual prize money by 35%, recognizing masters with prize money for the first time, and introducing some new prize money challenges as well. 2019 Ultimate Prize Money men… Read more »

Ultimate cap reached for first time in 2019

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Wow! Thank you community for keeping this going long enough to hit our treasured 75 cap. Now what? A detailed policy was released in September. The no-commitment wait list is available in Race Roster. You can view the full list of Ultimates here.

New policy for an Ultimate cap environment

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With only 5 Ultimate spots remaining for ENDURrun 2019, this is new and exciting ground for us. [Update: as of December 19, 2018, the Ultimate cap has been reached. The wait list is open here.] The 75 participant limit was asked for by the community in 2014, and we believe it is still an appropriate… Read more »

2019 Relay registration is now open

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We are excited to launch registration for our 2019 Relay Team division. With Ultimate division growing, the Relay takes on a new importance as the most important way for new-to-ENDURrunners to get involved as a participant. Round up your teammates and start training! A Relay team is 2-7 individuals who will each run one or… Read more »