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With no results to report on Wednesday morning, we want to shine a quick light on some of the key groups you will see all week.

First let’s look at some corporate partners of Run Waterloo generally who are here this week. Runners’ Choice Waterloo and Shoppers’ Drug Mart Elmira & Elora are both at the Stages with direct support and staff participation. We have also had Domino’s Pizza and Waterloo Brewing available because we love these companies! Quick shout-out to the rest of the Run Waterloo sponsors whose year-round support is critical to our ongoing operations:

Next, a quick fist bump to Running Rarebits and Health + Performance, two local running groups who are out all week with participants and volunteers. Running groups are the life blood of our community and we’re so glad to be working together again!

What can you say about WR React? This amazing group has worked literally hundreds of RW events over the years, and we are more appreciative of their expertise every passing event.

Huge thanks to our hosts, whether the GRCA and the Waterloo Catholic District School Board, or Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge, and Wilmot. Unless you are running on a treadmill or your own private property, the use of public spaces is absolutely essential to active lifestyles and even through all the changes to ENDURrun this year we are thankful to be able to host these events.

And just a general note of thanks to everyone in neon this week. There are thousands of hours of work that goes into these events and it’s almost impossible to properly appreciate all the volunteer efforts in one quick blog post. Thank you!