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When you have a love/hate relationship with ski hills and associated trails, you need to draw inspiration.

We asked the Ultimates where they got it today.

  • Runner is Ken, he earned it! Volunteer …whoever decided on the pasta , it rocked my world!
  • The Hergott family are DA BOMB when it comes to volunteer stations. Derek just makes my day when I see that guy and his big red beard!
  • Michael Klein inspires me to be more handsome when I have no shirt on and Antoine Gauthier inspires me to look more like a Gazelle when I run. So sleek. I don’t know how he does it.
  • All the volunteers at the water stations were amazing. Offering lots of encouragement and having plenty of cups of water and Gatorade at the ready. Joanne at the top of the big hill with music from the 80’s was great too. And a special shout to my wife Kik and friend Carolyn who volunteered at the top coming out of the trail chute.
  • Hergotts are the best.
  • The girls at the Top of North rocked it for me – they engaged with each runner (well walker at top of that beast) and helped us get over the hill.
  • Val comes out every day, instead of crying at home, which is where I would be.
  • Well, inspired me would not be the best word to describe what I could more accurately call helping me. But, for sure, it is Carmen Bouffard since she agreed to run after my bottle of pre-mixed drink after each loop, and to put it back for me on the table for the next. Thanks.
  • I wanna shout out 2 volunteers – Joanne Bink was a super energetic cheer person (as usual – thanks Joanne) and Sandi Karl was really quick and efficient with refilling my water bottles. All volunteers were assertively helpful but these 2 stood out to me.

Plus a bonus question: what is your favourite part of the Chicopee course?

  • I have a new love relationship with Chicopee – could hardly run at beginning and the challenge of the hill took me a step closer to working through my glitches – running sometimes heals you:) i now think I can finish.
  • Dropping down into the single track sections – they were shaded, cooler, and serene, so beautiful.
  • As strange as it may sound to some people, my favorite part is the long up hill we have to do between 400m and the 1st kilometer of each loop. Why? Because something is happening, it is different from the flat parts we are used to. You really work on this one, but you don’t only try to survive like on the big one in front of the Chalet. And you can let yourself go, not like on the singles track where awareness in mandatory or like on the downhills where you feel your quads hurting while breaking. But as many will say, yes, the favorite part of the loop is near the finish line where we sit, eat and watch!
  • My favourite part of Chicopee today was running with Lumi.
  • My favourite part of the Chicopee loop is the top cause all the ambitious peeps who climbed up there to cheer. I think to myself, “it’s great that you’re up here – but how did you make the climb in those Birkenstocks?!”
  • Favorite part of the loop, the single track after the big climb under the chair lift.
    uphills are the most fun, breathing hard when going up is so fun.

  • I guess my favourite part is the top of the second ski hill heading into the trail. It means that I’ve finished that huuuuge hill and can have fun in the long trail portion.