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This race wouldn’t be possible without runners, obviously.

It wouldn’t be possible without sponsors, or without the support from key partners like the Waterloo Regional Police Service, City of Waterloo, and Chicopee Ski & Summer Resort. And it certainly wouldn’t be the same without many such groups, including Health + Performance, Running Rarebits, Runners’ Choice, and KW Health Connection, and WR REACT.

But of all the groups, the first thank you goes to the volunteers.

ENDURrun has evolved from a simple race for 9 people into a kind of glorious juggernaut. An environment that pampers it’s runners requires hundreds of volunteers for many thousands of volunteer hours. But it’s more than that; the neon shirts care about the runners, and about the food and water, the equipment and timing, the photography and videography, the courses and the overall experience. They use talent and care to turn hours into something greater than the sum.

2019 ENDURrun Stage 5: Sneak Peek

Big name checks go to Adrienne, Nick, Rachel, and the Running Rarebits for taking on the food portfolio for 2019 – wow! The Hergott family for tireless dedication to serving runners in any conditions. Longtime volunteers like Carmen, Ian, Aidan, Maryjane, Val, Chris, Don, Joanne, Mark, who have contributed so much this year and over the years. Jeff and Ryan for too-generously donating their talent, and take work home with them.

Volunteers who drove more than an hour each way, multiple days, to be here. Volunteers who enlisted other volunteers, including family. Crews who were there in the dark doing laborious, underappreciated work to keep everyone off the ground and in the shade. People who are working behind the scenes with no credit whatsoever. Even runners (relay, and Ultimate!) who also contributed on a daily basis. Spectators too.

Besides great food and a high-vis t-shirt, the real value we can offer volunteers is the satisfaction that your effort was impactful. We had more participants than ever before, the most finishers of the cutoff era, and some of the fastest times. The community is growing, in size and strength, on the back of your labour.

Thank you.

And not to forget the vision and hospitality of Julie and Lloyd, who have led the way with tireless hours, rallying the community along the way.

Hope you enjoyed this peaceful Monday!?