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Last year, Chicopee had heartbreak in store for Robyn Collins.

Crushing the 2018 ENDURrun, even a small setback (+5 min split from fastest to slowest lap) allowed Valery Hobson to drop the hammer and take a lead she would not relinquish. This year, Robyn ran a consistent and controlled race and cleared a major obstacle towards her first Ultimate championship. We are so happy for you Robyn! Catherine Desrosiers took the win today (her first of the week), but not enough to challenge Robyn as Trail Queen. Catherine sits 24:34 back, Rebecca another 18:19 back in 3rd. Vicki is 1:21 back.

On the men’s side, it was Robert Brouillette who won his third consecutive stage to finally pass Josh Bolton into first overall. This is the first time we have awarded a Gold Jersey to Rob other than at Stage 1. Josh Bolton, who also cleared a major hurdle in what he described as his first trail race, sits 2:20 back with 52.2 track and road kilometres to go. Aidan crushes his EB for 3OA. Robin is top Master. Rob will win Trail King.

Today was described as perfect weather, cooler and less humid than any year in recent memory. Trail conditions and shade on the course contributed to some amazing results today. All Ultimates who started Stage 5 finished, within the time limits, for the first time since 2013, and are all eligible to start Stage 6 tomorrow!

Shout out to Catherine D, Mike C, Will S for running their fastest lap last!

Record paces:
Rob and Josh ran the 3rd and 5th fastest times ever by Ultimates on Stage 5
Victoria S and Trish B ran relay records (female and masters female). Amy R ran a masters female guest record. Victoria’s time was the 5th fastest all-time (by any competitor, 3 min off all comers stage record)
Cumulatively, Rob is 22 min off of record pace, but 23s ahead of his personal best from 2017 and 3:25 behind the second fastest Ultimate performance
Robin is 12 min behind the masters male Ultimate record
Relay- H+P Men’s A now just 2:05 behind record pace, H+P Women’s A is 9min ahead of their own women’s relay record from last year, H+P Masters Men A are 13min ahead of their own masters record from last
Ken is the fastest (and first!) 70+ after 5 Stages
Andrea is the second fastest Women 50+, and the fastest 55+ after 5 Stages
Dave Rutherford is the fastest 55+ after 5 Stages
Andrew M. is the fastest 60+ after 5 Stages

Trail King/Queen
Remember: the athletes need to finish the marathon to stay on these rankings!
Rob is 3rd all-time (also 4th, 6th and 9th); Josh is 5th all-time; Aidan is 8th all-time
Robyn is 4th (and 5th) fastest female masters of all-time; Catherine D is 9th (and 8th) all-time female masters
Robin is 5th all-time masters; Christian 9th all-time (also 3rd from 2015)
Josh’s two times are separated by 3 seconds

Rob B now has 2:20 lead over Josh B
Ian G passed Dave R today, now ahead by 1:06
Reza S had a great run today, now just 1:53 behind Robyn C
Catherine D just 40s back of Jack K (finished within 2s of each other today)
Vicki Z closed some of the gap on Rebecca K (3rd overall), now just 1:21 back
Mitch W still just 1:30 behind Vicki Z
Mike C had a strong run today, pulling ahead of Merlin F by 1:23
Patrick R just 1:56 behind Denis A
Nikkole W pulls ahead of Andrea I by 1:41
Chris L now just 1:04 behind Michael K
Andrew H pulls ahead of Will S by 1:27, who is 43s ahead of Susan M

Relays– top 3 relay runners finished within 18s of each other today! (Greg D, Jon F, Victoria S)
H+P Women’s A is 1:20 out of 3rd place
Runners’ Choice Ramblers is just 57s behind H+P Men’s D (7th and 8th places)

Personal improvements:
Rob B ran a 3:10 PB, now slightly ahead of his cumulative best after Stage 5
Aidan R was 7:33 faster than last year, now cumulatively 32 min ahead of his previous best
Ian G was 4:33 faster than last year, now cumulatively 20 min ahead of his previous best
Jack K faster today, and cumulatively, than he has been since 2009
Rebecca K ran a PB by 5 min today
Savvas F ran his fastest Stage 5 time since 2009 (out of 5 Ultimates)
Merlin F also ran a PB by 5 min
Denis A ran a PB by 6 min, now less than 2 min off of his ENDURrun best (cumulative time) from 2011
Chris L was 5:41 faster than last year, now cumulatively 23:39 ahead of his previous best
Will S ran a remarkable 40 min PB today, and is now cumulatively over 2 hours ahead of his previous best ENDURrun
Susan M ran a 15 min PB today
Mark I was 9 min faster than 2018, now cumulatively 24 min ahead of his previous best
This is Ken A’s 5th Ultimate attempt and the first time he has completed Stage 5!