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On a day when many runners were woken by thunder, we got a little of everything on the track in Waterloo.

Full Stage 6 results including heats | Lap splits available at | Cumulative results after Stage 6

Robyn Collins added a few minutes and sits 26 minutes up on Catherine Desrosiers. Vicki closed 23 seconds on Rebecca, who now leads for 3rd by 58 seconds.

Josh Bolton outkicked Robert Brouillette in the men’s race and now stands 2:15 back. Josh is on track to finish as Sprint King. Both men have won three Stages. Aidan set a PB in 3rd.

H+P Men’s A picked up time on the record and now sits 1:01 back. Aidan Rutherford is running the marathon tomorrow and would need to beat the 2012 time of 2:52:36 by more than 1:01.

Josh 5th fastest all-time, Rob 6th (also 3rd, 7th, 8th and 9th)
Robyn 4th fastest all-time (50s off of the record; also holds 10th fastest); 2nd (and 4th) fastest masters female
Robin set a new masters Sprint record by 1:01.

In the 17 year history of ENDURrun, this was the most substantial change, from a 10k time trial to a 10,000m track event. It was partly serendipity and partly by design. This track event is supposed to add an important running discipline to the ultimate test of running. For many (including Run Waterloo), it was their first track race. We’re excited by the feedback and will consider all options before announcing the format for 2020.

The track was a different mental challenge than the 10k TT. The heats kept things fresh and added a high degree of spectator friendliness to the Stage. Even if it was dark and rainy for the first heat, grey and drizzly for the second, and warm and sunny for the third, the track was a buzzing place and most joined the volunteers back in Conestogo for a swim.

Stay tuned for our Stage 7 primer later this evening. Tomorrow is not just any other Sunday.