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Start of the Tour de France of Running

What past runners have said…
Here are comments and stories from past competitors describing their expectations, observations and experiences with The ENDURrun.

Charles Bedley 2003 & 2004 ENDURrun Champion (Ultimate event):
“The ENDURrun is the ultimate test of a runner’s endurance; it takes the complete runner to run it well. The runner needs good middle distance speed, needs the stamina for the marathon, needs the strength over hills, and capable of running cross-country well. It is a great marathon training week!

If you like to challenge yourself, it is the ultimate challenge, both physically and mentally. But, it is also a lot of fun! I felt like the Lance Armstrong of running wearing the gold jersey, and winning The ENDURrun!”

A. Duff McLaren 2007,08 ENDURrun Finisher (Ultimate event):

“All great running teams (Kenyan runners, Brooks-Hansen Distance Project, Running Clinics are all successful because the members are running together and eating together to share a common bond for the love of running. The ENDURrun is the same force that makes you a better runner. The bonding and intense friendly competition is not equaled anywhere.”

Bob Jackman 2006, 07,09 ENDURrun Champion (Ultimate event):

“I have wanted to run the ENDURrun since its inaugural year in 2003, but could never fit it into my schedule. This year I made it the one race I would definitely do and it was everything I imagined. The race organization was amazing and by far the best I have ever seen, from answering all my emails, the course management, the post race buffet and everything in between. The volunteers were there to fulfill your every need and then some. Also I canĀ“t say enough about the great participants of this event, they and their friends/family were great support. It was great to see them day in and day out! I can only hope that I will be able to return in 2007 to defend my ENDURrun title.”

Dan Callaghan, Combat Engineer, Canadian Forces School of Engineering, 2004 ENDURrun Finisher (Ultimate event):

“The ENDURrun, like Steven Parke wrote, is the only race that I now actually train for, any other races are just to lengthen the season. This event is actually more of an experience than a race. I have been racing for four years and have completed:
1x 1 mile race
3x 10k races
4x 1/2 marathons
6x marathons
1x 100k Ultra
All of the above were on the road. Lloyd!!!!!

My favourite races have all been during The ENDURrun, even the cross country and hill races, which I did not train for (note to self – “train hills and trails for next year” must beat Bechtel Park). No other race can provide the same camaraderie as this event. It is not too often that during a race you actually get to know everybody like you do during The ENDURrun. If you were to take this challenge, I know that The ENDURrun would sell itself. I started thinking about next year before the event was even over (note to self -“catch Jay next year”).

Thank you for everything Lloyd, Julie and family, and not to mention the many volunteers that helped.
Well Done Lloyd, Outstanding!”

Catherine Champagne, 2003 & 2004 ENDURrun Finisher (Ultimate event):
“The ENDURrun is definitely a unique experience. The runs are individually challenging and allow you to test your stamina. The seven stages that runner’s experience during a marathon, can also apply to each race. By the end of the week, you can fully appreciate what you’ve accomplished when you cross that finish line.
The friendships that are formed are awesome. When you get to run with the same group of people, you have a support group that not only knows first hand what you are going through, but they can also feel your pain!!

The event is well organized and continues to improve every year. I highly recommend The ENDURrun experience.”

Adam Johnston, 2004 ENDURrun Participant, Stages 1 – 5:

“I recently took part in a fantastic endurance event: The ENDURrun. It was a tremendous experience, and one that I think you, the endurance athlete, would appreciate, and perhaps look to experience yourself. It was not unlike my first experience with triathlon and my first Ironman. I have not had such a favourable, positive, and memorable athletic experience since those days … but The ENDURrun matched them.
Race director Lloyd Schmidt has come up with a truly unique event. Seven Stages, over eight days, totalling 160 km! Distances range from 10k to the marathon. Once you’ve experienced it, you are likely to stick with it. I took part in Stages one through five. I am hooked, and am going back next year to do the entire thing.
What struck me most about participating in The ENDURrun was:
– the organization of the event. Lloyd, the race director, is extremely approachable. I struck up an e-conversation with Lloyd the months before the event. I felt like I knew Lloyd before actually meeting him on race day. This friendliness filters through to his volunteers and support crew. No complaints. Much more personable than an Ironman or marathon. You’re known by your name, not your chip number.
– how well thought out the event was … which days, which distances, etc.
– the typical athlete competing in this gruelling event was an average everyday athlete: father, wife, employee, son, etc. Do not be intimidated by the distance & almost anyone can do it!
– how well I was able to run on back to back to back days. And the same applied for everyone there. We surprised ourselves.
– the post event massage (each participant received a thorough massage) and food
– the incredible amount of fun I had … comparative to my days as a school child on the basketball team!
For these reasons, and so very many more, I encourage you to give The ENDURrun some thought for 2005 and in the future.”

Steven Parke, 2003 & 2004 ENDURrun Finisher (Ultimate event):

“Having run The ENDURrun both in 2003 and 2004, it is now the only race on my calendar that matters to me. Every other race that I choose to run has simply become a training race for The ENDURrun. The unique and challenging design of The ENDURrun, and the sense of accomplishment and pride that I have from being a part of The ENDURrun’s short history, has rejuvenated my training / running.”

Jay M. Pepper, 2004 ENDURrun Finisher (Ultimate event):

“I have been running for 2 years now. I have completed 2 half marathons and one full marathon before this 160 km run. To fast, to soon, to quick, not even close, with this being a stage race it was perfect. It was like a training week with more kilometers each day. I started training in April and just increased my mileage every other week. In June I started doing hills at Chicopee, twice a week and an endurance class once a week at Good Life Fitness. I didn’t really work on my speed work but more on the endurance. I just wanted to complete the run.

Three weeks before the run I injured my muscle between the calf muscle and tibia bone. So I tapered sooner then liked. I also tore my I-T band. It was very painful every time I bent my left knee. This happened on the Wednesday. I still had 3 stages left, 25 km on Friday, 10 km on Saturday, and the full marathon on the Sunday. It was a challenge, but I completed the 160 kilometres with the support of fellow runners and supporters.

It was an honour to participate in The ENDURrun. After every race there was an excellent assortment of foods and drinks, and the massages were excellent too.

The first Sunday we all showed up not knowing anyone. When Marathon Sunday showed up and we all had 118 kilometres under our belts, we not only finished The ENDURrun but new friendships where formed and everybody supported each other. That s what this race is all about.


Chris Duke, 2006, 07, 08, 09 ENDURrun Finisher (Ultimate event):

“Lloyd, this event was like no other I have ever done. I had been thinking of signing up for a few months but thought that it was going to be an impossible thing for me. I’m only an average runner I think, but had done a few marathons and I like cross-country running. In a crazy moment late one night I sent in my registration, only to realize what I did “the morning after”. I became quite nervous the days leading up to the start. I figured if I could just finish the runs each day, and somehow struggle through the marathon, I would have done something beyond my wildest dreams.

Well, with trepidation I ran the first Stage at a full race pace, forgetting I had a little more to do that week! I never had had a post-race massage till that day – it was incredible how helpful it was! My legs felt great afterwards and I was excited about the next day. The 15 km, beautiful course, loved the time trial idea. Third Stage 30 km trail run – challenging course and my legs were feeling great still. I began thinking maybe I really wouldn’t be dropping out after all! Now I was getting nervous about Chicopee. It was hard but if others walked the hill, then so could I ;-). The guys from Price Chiropractic were amazing how they took the time to fix every ache and pain. But now the marathon loomed. I got a little excited the day before and ran one of my fastest 10k this year. But taper? Oh well. Felt great at starting line of final Stage. My wife read out my time at 16 km and I didn’t believe her since I was 7minutes ahead of my expectation! I could not believe I finished within 1.5minutes of my PB, and others PB’ed!

My running comrades were very friendly and the post race “hang out” was so nice. Talking about training, past runs, goals… everyone was revelling in the experience. I have never been to a more organized event where the whole focus is on us all conquering an amazing feat, something beyond my wildest dreams. The courses were excellent, scenic, well marshalled. Julie and her team were so considerate and the food was perfect. The prizes were very very generous. The massages so helpful. I finished the last Stage with much emotion. Finishing last behind the other guys made me very proud – best guys in the world to finish behind! Sincere thanks Lloyd and Julie.”