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Time your race preparations with this projected start order.

The 10 KM Time Trial (TT) starts one runner each minute, in reverse order to their seed time, which is determined from previous results and expected finish times.┬áDropouts and no-shows may still adjust the start times by up to 10 minutes from the Estimated Start Time – check in early.┬áParticipant check-in and Guest runner bib pickup is at the start line in Elmira.

This list will be finalized and available at the start line at 8:00am August 13.

Division Relay Team Name Name Place
Guest Colleen Sweeney 8:00
Guest Heather Heij 8:00
Sport Joanne Boustead 8:00
Guest Melanie King 8:00
Ultimate Chris Battaglia 8:01
Ultimate Michelle Barnes 8:01
Ultimate Wilf Goron 8:01
Guest Paul Mora 8:01
Ultimate Jodi Kalman 8:02
Guest Alice Pfeifer Hanov 8:03
Ultimate Tammy Hergott 8:04
Guest Derek Hergott 8:05
Guest Ian Maton 8:06
Guest Karen Maton 8:06
Ultimate Maureen Pecknold 8:07
Guest Carrie Taylor 8:08
Guest Rachel Zimner 8:08
Guest Donna Kelly 8:08
Relay H+P FUN-atics Jaime Lynn Reichle 8:09
Ultimate Deirdre Large 8:10
Ultimate Sara Blanchett 8:11
Ultimate Rich Peers 8:12
Ultimate Amanda Booth 8:13
Ultimate Taylor Kelly 8:14
Ultimate Jenny-lynn Fortin 8:15
Guest Rubi Willows 8:16
Sport Steve Mahood 8:17
Ultimate Ashley Sametz 8:18
Ultimate Shimon Schwartz 8:19
Ultimate Christoph Kessel 8:20
Guest Kelly Thomas 8:21
Guest Keenan Schmidt 8:22
Relay Runners By Choice Liana Nolan 8:23
Ultimate Jane Kearnan Den Bak 8:24
Ultimate Andre Fortin 8:25
Ultimate Giovanni Cisternino 8:26
Ultimate Andrew Heij 8:27
Guest K. Bill Dost 8:28
Ultimate Rebecca Kruisselbrink 8:29
Guest Thomas Barnes 8:30
Guest Doug Cunningham 8:31
Guest Mike Gregory 8:32
Relay H+P Team Switzer Mike Hewitson 8:33
Ultimate Rob Park 8:34
Ultimate Nikkole Welsh 8:35
Ultimate Cathy Putman 8:36
Ultimate Joanne Bink 8:37
Relay Bestest Dudes Jeff Benoit 8:38
Sport Steve Stewart 8:39
Ultimate Karen Tays 8:40
Ultimate Ben Hack 8:41
Ultimate Mark McDonald 8:42
Ultimate Jack Kilislian 8:43
Relay H+P Team Prefontaine Dragan Zubac 8:44
Ultimate Hunter Kelly 8:45
Ultimate Patrick Kelly 8:46
Guest Amy Robitaille 8:47
Sport Holger Kleinke 8:48
Relay RC Ramblers Ernie Forster 8:49
Ultimate Vicki Zandbergen 8:50
Ultimate Baoshi Sun 8:51
Ultimate Nick Wagner 8:52
Guest Tina Lorentz 8:53
Relay H+P Masters Men Jeff Martin 8:54
Relay H+P Women’s A Robyn Collins 8:55
Ultimate Patrick Campbell 8:56
Ultimate Patrick Voo 8:57
Ultimate Angela Batsford-Mermans 8:58
Guest Paul Braun 8:59
Relay H+P #TeamNick Mike Piazza 9:00
Ultimate Kyle Den Bak 9:01
Ultimate Mark Meyers 9:02
Relay H+P #TeamGreg Jordan Schmidt 9:03
Ultimate Robert Brouillette 9:04