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Rob Brouillette is back in ENDURrun 2017. He’s happy to chat about it, but you wouldn’t know that from his social media profiles.

The one and only #ENDURrob is usually a prolific user of social media, but has gone dark for the past 6 weeks, including to Strava. Since we haven’t had any updates about his training and preparations, we took the opportunity to check in with him at the pre-race meeting.

He says he’s back, ready to roll, and looking to improve on his times from 2015 and 2016. His absence from all things social media has simply been due to focus on his training. Rob even hopes to challenge both the second fastest time ever (Charles Bedley, 2003) and the 10-hour benchmark. He has two years of experience to rely on, plus some solid times this spring, including a sub-2:30 marathon this May in Mississauga.

Only Bob Jackman and Jackie Jackman have accomplished the “three-peat” of three consecutive Ultimate championships (both from 2008-2010). Rob has the rare opportunity to do so now in 2017. It starts today.

2017 ENDURrace: Pre-Race Meeting