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Without a doubt, Jack Kilislian is one of the most enthusiastic ENDURrunners.

In a community brimming with enthusiasm, Jack┬ástands out. He is often one of the first runners to arrive and and one of the last to leave. He’s a fixture at all ENDURrun socials – including the rest day brunch, where we caught up with him today – and is well known for always lending a helping hand to volunteers. But Jack has another extraordinary claim to fame: more often than not, Jack is the first registrant for next year’s event (2018 included).

Why is Jack making the commitment so early, year after year? Simply put, it’s his “favourite running week of the year.” It’s a vacation, it’s and a strong community experience. He relishes the chance to feel like a professional runner (if you haven’t experienced the care of the ENDURrun food crew, you’re missing out). Many people need goals to plan towards or a commitment to ensure training, but with Jack, it’s just a no-brainer. (We truly appreciate the support!)

Jack approaches the subject of ENDURrun training as a dedicated ultrarunner. He sees the training for ENDURrunning and ultramarathoning as complementary to each other. (This is a topic we will explore in depth over the next year). This year, Jack is able to enjoy the event a little more than usual, as it is the first year since 2011 that he hasn’t run an ultra the day before Stage 1!

So you know where Jack will be on August 12, 2018. Who’s ready to join him!

At the time of writing, we have Rebecca, Merlin, Ashley, Race Day Mark, and Maureen too!