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We caught up with Ultimate rookie Rachael Drost after Monday’s Stage 2.

Although the number of rookies is small – they make up 31% of 2017 Ultimate runners – they are vital to the event and Rachael is a great example of the energy that new participants bring to the week and the community.

Rachel is having “a hoot” so far this week, and it’s not hard to see why. Besides crushing her own expectations so far, Rachel is also a great example of one of the common paths to ENDURrun – through volunteering. Rachael first got involved with ENDURrun as a key volunteer in 2016. She got hooked on the event’s camaraderie and returned in 2017 as an Ultimate competitor. She also brought along her running group – The Running Rarebits – to compete as a Relay and to volunteer all week, and the seeds are already planted. We won’t be surprised to see her and some of her teammates in the Ultimate competition in future years 😉

Rachel, who also fundraised $1,100 for FeedFive through the ENDURrun’s Charity of Choice program, is tackling Stage 3 as her team’s relay runner. Best of luck for the rest of the week, Rachael!

2017 ENDURrun: Stage 1 Half Marathon

If you’re on the fence about ENDURrun for you, consider taking a morning to volunteer at a Stage this year. It gives you great access to the stories like these that will keep you coming back!