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This is the second post in our daily Contender series. Here is the full list of Contenders. 


Lumi Duca has a lot of ENDURrun experience for an Ultimate Rookie, having competed in the relay each of the past three years, including two Stage 7 marathons. Welcome Lumi!


ENDURrun: What convinced you to take the plunge?

Lumi: I had a stress fracture last fall and I missed running over the winter. So I thought I have to run something different and challenging this summer as a come back and to celebrate being able to run again.


What are your motivations and goals for this ENDURrun 2018?

Motivation: I have to do it at least one in my life; it is right here at home!

Goals: I just want to finish every day wanting to go back for the next stage.


What are you most looking forward to about ENDURrun 2018?

The runner’s high! and the yummy food the volunteers are preparing!


What are you nervous about, if anything?

I am worried that my leg will not hold for the training and that the stress fracture would come back; before or during the race. I think everyone is the same after an injury; you feel it long after it is gone.


Can you share any details of your training? 

I am planning to run 90 – 120 km / week which will include hills and trails.


What is the most important part of the ENDURrun identity that appeals to you?

The many volunteers!


Look for us to follow up with Lumi in August on how much she wants to come back each day – especially after Stage 5!