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The Contenders blog is profiling the 2018 Ultimate field, daily. Patrick Kelly is an ENDURrun veteran with whom we last caught up in August.


ENDURrun: What is your runner profile? How long have you been running, general mileage, surfaces, etc.

Patrick: High mileage running for over 40 years.


What are you most looking forward to about ENDURrun 2018?

I look forward to reconnecting with my ENDURrun family. It is going to be a great week!


How is your training going?

Uphill battle. I am just doing as much as my body will let me do.


How will your ENDURrun 2018 compare to previous years?

Goal is for fun and results will be what the results will be.


What are your ENDURrun 2018 stories? 

Glad to have one of my children running with me this year.


What are you nervous about, if anything?

I don’t really get nerves for my own races but the hope for my daughter to be happy with her race(s) will shake things up a little.


What are the key pieces of advice to Rookies that you’ve learned over the years?

Run daily and run on hills with varied terrain.


For someone who has never been to ENDURrun week, what should they expect?

Don’t just run but enjoy the activities outside of the races. If you are not racing to win treat it like a running camp.


What is the most important part of the ENDURrun identity that appeals to you?

Family feel!


What about ENDURrun keeps you coming back?

The people, the runners, the volunteers and the quality of the event. This is a team running event, all the athletes, volunteers and race organizers are here to help you run your best.

Look for us to follow up with Patrick in August on how his training battle plays out.