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If you finish the ENDURrun Ultimate 10 times (1,000 Miles), your 11th entry fee is waived.

(Plus future stuff TBD.)

The Thousand Club is just a little loyalty program for our dedicated audience. So exclusive, in fact, that this club is launched with … no members. Joanne Bink is the closest with 8 finishes.

By contrast, when it was launched in 2016, the Golden Club was comprised of 21 members, and since then Vicki Zandbergen is the only athlete to join by earning her first Golden Jersey in 2017.

One thousand miles at ENDURrun reflects more than a decade of dedicated training, racing, and community building. We look forward to recognizing those individuals starting as early as 2020?

Jodi Kalman (pictured in 2016) flashes the “seven” as she completes her seventh Ultimate. 



– the only miles counted for this club are Ultimate Finish miles, in blocks of exactly 100.
– no cash value
– cannot transfer free entry to someone else
– the free 11th entry does not expire from the date of the 10th finish
– only valid until April 30 of any given ENDURrun year
– once registered, the free entry is irrevocably spent

Stay tuned next week as we resume our Contender bios. We have 14 left which will take us to the end of July!