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The 16th ENDURrun ended with a bang.

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The Stage 7 finish was a repeat of 2017, when 2nd place Catherine Desrosiers came through first, but only by enough to close the gap to Vicki Zandbergen to 6:36. This year, it was Robyn Collins who won the marathon (her first!) in 3:11:20, but Valery Hobson had things under control in a fantastic performance of 3:12:21 to keep the overall lead at 6:09. These past two years were the closest 1-2 finishes in ENDURrun history. Vicki Zandbergen maintained 3rd place.


Robert Brouillette won the event for the fourth consecutive year with a strong 2:37:34. He now holds the 3rd through 6th fastest times in ENDURrun history. Aidan Rutherford held his lock in 2nd with his debut marathon of 2:54:15. Multiple challengers for 3rd place were held off by Christian Belair, who has now finished 3rd three times.

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