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How is the week almost over … already?

The tricky part about ENDURrun week is to live in the moment. 8 days and 160 kms seem (and really are) long, but the reality is that it flies by so fast.

Stage 6 is a sneaky one. (Full results). It’s a flat 10k sandwiched between a brutally hilly cross country course and a marathon, on back-to-back-to-back days. Most marathon training plans don’t schedule a 10k race this close, but then again, this is not your normal week.

Runners tackled this in various ways. It is still amazing after all of these years, to see a handful of runners like Ian Grzegorczyk, run personal best 10ks at this Stage.

Top runners today: Robert Brouillette and Valery Hobson maintained their gold status at this race. In a time trial format, Valery edged out second place Robyn Collins by 10 seconds to increase her lead to 7:10 after 6 Stages. Brendan Hancock ran a strong 34:45 to keep H+P Men’s A looking good in first.

Stay tuned for another post this evening with our top storylines for Stage 7. One of those storylines is not going to be “will Josh pass $10k for Nutrition For Learning” because he did that yesterday!

Rest up! See you at 6:00 a.m. or 7:30 a.m.