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Our runners just took off on the first of six laps in today’s 30k cross country Stage 3.

They will pass a 40k sign on their first loop, marking one quarter of the week, with about 26k of trail left. This is considered to be a “start” to the week, as the recovery adds up, the kilometres hit the trails, and the drama continues.

With 70 athletes in the field recording six splits each, lots of data will be available and lots can change throughout the day. Here’s how to follow along.

YouTube Live Stream

For the first time in 2018, we have a Live Stream from the finish line. With a six loop race, today’s video will be awesome. Check it out!

These videos are also available after the race as well.

Run Waterloo Results

As the week goes along, we want you to get to know the Run Waterloo Results website and all of it’s ENDURrun features.

Individual Event Results

If you’re looking for race times, this is your spot. These results are easily filtered to show Ultimates only or Relays only. These pages also show links to photos and video, where available.

Cumulative Results

This is the most engaging view in terms of storylines. From here you can see battles all the way through the results. At the top, well known close races include Robyn Collins over Valery Hobson for 1st (1:10), and Aidan Rutherford at 1:12 over Dave Harmsworth for 2nd. But even closer contests exist:
– Merlin Frey is 1 second behind Robert Baxter
– Dorothy Skonieczka is 3 seconds behind Meaghan St John
– Maria Michel trails Sara Blanchett by 2 seconds

The cumulative view defaults to the most recent 2018 results, but you can also use the filters and search on the page for even more info. For example,
– change the year filter to “All-Time” and the time filter back to “After Stage 2” to see where Robert Brouillette stacks up (6th fastest)
– then use the search for “Wilf” to see how Wilf Goron’s eighth Ultimate is his second-fastest!
– then use the “Female” filter to see Robyn Collins and Valery Hobson both in the top 10 after the two Stages
– then change the filters to “Relay” “All-Time” “After Stage 2” to see the H+P Men’s A sitting in 4th between two of their recent efforts

Stage Records

Remember these default to Stage 1 and to Ultimates. If you want to see general records, such as Erin McClure’s fastest ever Stage 2 for any woman, adjust the filters to show all (Relays plus Guests).

Live Results

If you are reading this between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. on Tuesday, check in with the live results to see split updates from the course.