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Our first Ultimate sell out gives us an opportunity for changes and improvements in 2019. Prize money is an easy one.

For 2019, we are increasing guaranteed individual prize money by 35%, recognizing masters with prize money for the first time, and introducing some new prize money challenges as well.

2019 Ultimate Prize Money

men and women
Overall: 1st – $600 | 2nd – $300 | 3rd – $150
Master: 1st – $300
Sprint Champion: $100
Trail Champion: $100
Stage Winner: $20 x 7


Overall and Master prize money do not combine. Four individuals will win those four prizes.
If 3rd overall is a Master, they receive 1st Master prize money, and the 4th overall runner will receive 3rd overall prize money.
Sprint Champion has the lowest combined time of Stages 2 and 6.
Trail Champion has the lowest combined time of Stages 3 and 5.
Stage Winner is for Ultimates only.
Sprint, Trail, and Stage prize money does combine.
For example, the most a single runner could earn is $600 + $100 + $100 + $20×7 = $940.
Relay prize money will not change in 2019.