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Hello, I’m Nick!

Nick Burt burst onto the scene in 2017 as the 13th fastest man ever. After taking a 45 minute setback last year, he’s back for the trilogy in 2019!

How is your training going? I was hoping to hit some higher mileage (mid/low 100k weeks), but I’ve been having an issue with my left tibia and I didn’t want to push it. I’m still happy with my training; I ended up doing some high-ish mileage weeks (80/90k) with a planned down week every third week, and I was able to keep that up for quite a long stretch of time.

How will your ENDURrun 2019 compare to previous years? For sure better than 2018. I had a good performance in 2017 which will be hard to beat, but I really want to crush it. I will test my speed at the H+P trackfest next week, and then depending on how I feel at Stage 1, that’s when I will consider chasing my 2017 PB.

What are the key pieces of advice to Rookies that you’ve learned over the years? Start early, build slowly and develop a large base mileage before starting serious workouts. Sleep and nutrition are extremely important. I also strongly suggest doing training runs at some of the harder stages like Chicopee.

For someone who has never been to ENDURrun week, what should they expect? Awesomeness.

What about ENDURrun keeps you coming back? It’s a huge accomplishment and there are soooo many supportive people that remind me of that fact at every stage.

What are your ENDURrun 2019 stories? 2018 was fun, but my goal for this year will be to make it more competitive.

What are you most looking forward to about ENDURrun 2019? Beating my 2017 time, and having lots of fast people to push me.

What are you nervous about, if anything? The last year has been a back and forth of really good training and absolutely no training due to injuries. I’m nervous my most recent one will pop up again.