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Thank you EndurRun family and friends for giving me a fabulous experience. I look forward to seeing all of you there again!

We’re honoured to have Mark Ishikawa back this year, especially for Stage 7!

You’ve trained for Ultimate before. What did you learn that you will build from (or avoid) this time around? Keeping myself in a good condition is the most important thing to enjoy everything I will experience.

Besides training, what will be the same and/or different about this Ultimate compared to your first completion? I feel I know better than before how to manage the body condition after each stage.

What is the one piece of advice that you’re glad you knew/you wish you knew before your first completion? I’ve heard everybody in this community is nice and friendly. I found it was true.

How were you feeling in the days and weeks following your first Ultimate completion? For the first few weeks after my first completion, I felt I would be able to run better “Yes, I can do this better next year!”. I now feel I am still worried “Can I really complete the Ultimate this year?”

What are your ENDURrun 2019 stories? Day 7 Marathon will be my 100th Anniversary Marathon. It took 35 years since my first marathon. To celebrate the anniversary with this great community, I need to complete all stages.

What are you nervous about, if anything? I don’t want to miss any stages this year. Unexpected injury is the worst thing I am nervous about.

Can you share any details of your training? I’m doing less mileage than I did last year, but doing the same thing such as all types of surfaces with various speeds. I’ve learned from my chiropractor that taking care of the muscles after training is as important as the training itself, so I’ve focused more on recovery than training itself this year. I hope I can start Day 7 in a good condition.

What is your runner profile? 1st marathon 35 years ago. I’ve completed 1-5 marathons per year since then. And countless ultramarathons as well.