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I look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones.

You could say it wouldn’t feel like ENDURrun without “fill in the blank” and it would be true, but it’s especially true for Ronald Irwin! Welcome back!!

How is your training going? Routine, starting in late April its been an Ultra or Marathon every 2 weeks. I throw in a little bit of speed work now and again nothing too structured.

How will your ENDURrun 2019 compare to previous years? Similar, I would be happy with one Endur PB, it would be fantastic if it was the 1/2.

What are the key pieces of advice to Rookies that you’ve learned over the years? Just enjoy the experience.

For someone who has never been to ENDURrun week, what should they expect? Friendly competition from the front to the back of the pack.

What about ENDURrun keeps you coming back? Its a yearly running vacation with some great participants and organizers.

What are your ENDURrun 2019 stories? #1 goal , don’t leave anything on the course…run fast, run at my limits.

What can we follow-up with you about in August for a profile part 2? What is my 2019 max heart rate?

What are you most looking forward to about ENDURrun 2019? Everything.

What are you nervous about, if anything? If there was a 5 km event I would be nervous otherwise no worries!

Can you share any details of your training? I the past year I average around 200 km / month trying to get a 30 km run at least every 10 days. I run a lot of short slow runs occasionally doing a little bit of speed work.

What is your runner profile? I identify as a ” Trail Runner”. I started running in 2003 doing my first race in 2005 the ” Trillium 10K”. Hit the trail in 2007 running the “Dam Tuff Ruff Bluff 25k” and never looked back. Peaked in 2011 running Boston and my first 100 miler celebrating my 50th Birthday. Since the first Ultra in 2008 I have logged 110 + Marathons or longer the majority being ” 50Kers” .