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We are Mary-Jane, Val and Aidan, and we love our volunteer jobs.

Mary Jane has been a volunteer every year since the start of EndurRun at different stages. For the last few years she has been a Registration/timer. Val has been helping at the races with her family for many years. She started at the water tables, loved her job as a water mister on hot days and for the past 4 years has been a Registration/timer. Aidan has helped in many ways at EndurRun from flagging the course with Lloyd, water stations and cleanup crew. For the last 3 years Aidan has rounded out the registrar/timing crew.

We love getting to meet so many new runners and welcome back friends from past years (runners and volunteers). Such an amazing group of people. We usually start working right at 7 and are busy until the last runner finishes the race. Sorry if we don’t always have time to talk until the race is done. We wish you all a great run and cheer when we can!!

Tomorrow is Bechtel, yay! Bechtel is a race with 6 laps which are all hand timed. Approximately 80 runners x 6 laps= a lot of concentration. Therefore, we can not give times to runners while we are still timing. Please be patient and wait until the race is done or the data is uploaded to the live results.

We had some interesting moments today. An H+P runner Larry, drove into the lot 10 mins before his seeded time. After being in the car since 5 am he had 4 mins to pin on his bib and do some stretches. He did great!! We enjoyed seeing Ultimate runner Mike do some pirouettes and dance moves right before Lloyd send him running. He promised dancing every lap of Bechtel!!

A few friendly reminders:

  • Ultimates please make sure you check in. The clipboard will always be with the timing crew. We start registration at 7am (6:30 for Stage 6)
  • If you drop out, come tell us at the timing table. Bibs must be visible (every lap!)
  • Please don’t have your pacer go through the start/finish line
  • We can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow and through the week. We are your Registration/timing/cheering committee. Good luck everyone!

    2018 ENDURrun Stage 3: 30k