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Like summer camp or the final season of Game of Thrones, everything has an end to come to.

For ENDURrun, that is three days from now. In this context, we asked the Ultimates how they’re feeling.

Mitch – I already feel a sense of accomplishment but still a ways to go. I am taking it one stage at a time. The enjoy part usually comes after I cross the finish line :).
Mikey – It feels really good to be more than halfway through the week. There is a really good vibe with the entire group of runners, feels like we’re all in this together. Like a night at camp, maybe because it was getting dark last night at after the race. To maximize enjoyment of the 2nd half, I’m going to cheer on everybody else. I have the confidence from the 1st half to carry me through. I’m competing against myself more than anything. Sunday is Marathon #2 for me, so it’s time to see what sort of performance I can give with so much energy already used.
Reza – Really enjoying the hills.
Pat R – Was really cool to see the 80km placard last night! Spent some time studying terrain maps for the next 80k 😜

Merlin – Ah, yes, this is always a bittersweet situation! – glad that half of the struggle is past, but sad that the “vacation” is half over! I plan to simply make the most of the remaining week, enjoy every moment. Thanks ENDURrun, for a wonderful week!
Rebecca – I am signing up for next year, probably Friday night! Best prophylaxis against post ENDURrun syndrome that I know!
Bob – I didn’t think I’d be hobbling in stage 3 or 4. It is questionable whether this old body will earn “one tough runner” this year. Wake up decision Friday.
Denis – It was a really good first half. I find the second half is the tough one, the alpine and marathon run are the make or break ones for me. Looking forward to the challenge and putting another year in the books.
Nikki – We still have two pretty big runs left, so it still feels a little daunting… Stretch, yoga, stretch, yoga…
Ron – It’s going great, getting stronger every day and plotting my run up to next years race….now back to eating!
Robin – Feel like in the middle of something, not the beginning anymore, neither the end. Times goes by very fast and it comes with the feeling that many miles have been covered, but it also feels like there is still a lot of running to do. That is how both body and mind are feeling right now. So, I don’t know which amount of joy there will be into the second half. There was pleasure with the people in the first half, some crossing of the finish lines with a sense of accomplishment, but also the slow filling of a mental reservoir now loaded with the memories of tough times and painful work during most of the stages. Second half may be quite the same. As always. And that never prevented me from coming back! That said, I don’t know how so many runners do to come be there every year. They either stay a little further from their own true potential, or they feed themselves more with the people’s support. For me, I will live the second half as it will be, hopefully with a lot of satisfaction, but I am prepared to face the stages even if they don’t come with much enjoyment. To stay focus until it’s over, I only let a place for the kind of joy that concerns the people with who I share the experience, and the kind of joy that helps build confidence for the stages to come.