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The first day of ENDURrun is a rural half marathon, with a mix of hills, trails, and country roads. Participants described the temperatures as near perfect, and and the times didn’t disappoint!

Stage 1 is as close to a family reunion as we have, with many people who were unable to attend the pre-race meeting say their hellos and we have a massive BBQ. Rookies are accepted with open arms and dozens cooled off in the race director’s pool as the temperatures rose. On course support was amazing, from spectators, volunteers, partners including KW Health Connection. Runners’ Choice, Running Rarebits, and Health + Performance all came in big today with Ultimates, Relays, volunteers, and spectators. But let’s not delay the results any longer…


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For the seventh year in a row, the Gold Jersey was awarded to a new runner at Stage 1. For the first time since 2015 – it went to a competitor in the men’s division.

Starting in the men’s race, Josh Bolton set a new Stage record by 21 seconds. The last time a Stage record was broken (men’s) was 2004. This kind of accomplishment is what it took to de-throne Robert Brouillette’s four years of dominance, who now sits 2:16 back. (Does anyone know if Rob has any other jerseys?) After the top two guys, the next four sit 3:45 apart: Aidan Rutherford, Robin Richard-Campeau, Nick Burt, and Christian Belair.

Robyn Collins opened up a lead of 4:25 over 2018 champ Valery Hobson, up from her 0:53 lead after Stage 1 in 2018. But the week is long and as we’ve learned, much can change. After Robyn – and this is bizarre – the next four women are within 3:45: Valery, Catherine Desrosiers, Vicki Zandbergen, and Rebecca Kruisselbrink.

New bibs recognize accomplishments such as top rookies: Josh and Caroline, and top masters: Robin and Robyn.

There are 16 teams, where H+P Men’s A has a 5:30 lead over second, which is fifth all-time. The Women’s A team is also off to a good start with a four minute lead for fastest ever female team. As the week goes on we are going to get a good sense of where all the teams are performing in the women’s and master’s categories.

Closest battles:
Ultimate- Reza 10s back of Stefan, Catherine 4s back of Thaddeus, Patrick R. 9s back of Mike C., Savvas 2s back of Merlin
Relay- H+P Women’s A team 14s back of H+P Masters Men A, H+P Team Boss and H+P Women’s B are tied, H+P Men’s D is 12s back of Lifetime Fitness

Personal improvements:
Aidan- 6:40 faster than 2019
Nick- 34s faster than 2017 when he was 2nd OA (currently sitting 5th)
Dave R- 12s behind his fastest ERun (2012)
Ian G- 4:19 improvement over 2018
Robyn C- 50s ahead of 2018
Jack K- fastest time on Stage 1 since 2010
Denis A- PB, possibly first time under 1:40 (ran 1:37:30)
Robert Baxter – exactly 3min faster than 2018
Will Spaetzel- >17min faster than 2013
Mark I- 6:32 faster than 2018
Chris L- 7:40 faster than 2018


We are working as hard as we can to have photos ready for you ASAP. Here is the first peek at Stage 1 photos, with over 90% of runners already have at least one photo tagged to their name directly in the results.
2019 ENDURrun Stage 1: Sneak Peek

Ultimate questions:

Thanks everyone for participating in this project! We are very eager to share these insights with the world wide web, not only for fans and those interested in the event, but especially as the community grows past the point of being able to catch up with everyone at each Stage.

How are you feeling?
Reza: I’m so hungry!!! (my stomach)
Rebecca: I am not a rookie….so this shouldn’t surprise me…..but the positivity and support of the ENDURRun family was beyond amazing and I know it’ll be a phenomenal week no matter how I run! ❤️❤️
Val: Today was a bit of a slog for me….legs were a heavy so decided to simmer a bit.
Tyler: Today felt great. Not looking forward to Northfield uphill to finish the Marathon.
Nikki: The first loop felt great, and I was on track to have my best Endurrun half-marathon time, but unfortunately, I didn’t hydrate properly and the last 6 man sucked the life out of me!! I’m still feeling positive despite the expectations I had for myself today – the food was incredible so I’m feeling full and ready to go at it again tomorrow!!
Dave: Super stoked. One of those runs where you look down and see your pace and think this is going to be a really good day or I’m going to blow up spectacularly. Turns out it was a good day.
Bob: I’m appreciative of Sean Delanghe’s help to remove knots in my hip flexors and legs and the result being I am able to run with all muscles firing. Today felt great – even pulled off. NYC qualifier based on half marathon time – Woohoo, bring on the remaining stages:)
Pat: Feeling OK. It should be good.
Caroline: Day 1 was awesome! I loved the course and everyone that I met along the way and after the race. Chris Belair, my husband, was not kidding when he said that you are all amazing people.
Merlin: This year’s field is extremely competitive – which is good for me because there is no congestion when I finally come through! The crowd support, the cheering was phenomenal – its hard to remain focused and pace wisely without feeding from their energy!
Michelle: As for how I feel; sore and proud. My last run prior to this morning had my Achilles making me walk at 2.5K, so to get to the aid station just after the 14K mark before having to walk is really good. I am sure that I will have things working properly in time to train for next year. Colin worked on my Achilles and now my other side hurts more than my original injury! I was blown away when I saw that you all had waited until I finished before announcing the results. Thank you. It made me feel as though I was still part of things, even though I was technically out at that point.
Michael: Feeling absolutely wonderful about Stage 1 leading into the rest of the week. A PB for me for the half marathon distance, and super strong finish. Knowing there were lots of Rookies like me out there with me made it feel less scary.

How are you preparing for Stage 2?
Costas: Stretch your muscles after the run, drink lots of water, and of course take a well deserved nap!
Ken: For tomorrow, I am resting ( nap number one – done! ) and having a hot bath with Epsom Salts.
Val: The rest of Sunday will be lazy, with a walk and lots of food.
Nikki: A cool dip in the Schmidt’s pool and maybe some relaxing this afternoon while the boys make new habitats for the grasshoppers, crickets, and caterpillars they caught today!!
Dave: Legs up. Food and fluids in. Really looking forward to racing the new Stage 2 course after my preview run on it last Monday. Should be beautiful, fast and fun.
Stephen: Quick recovery run rescuing my bib from the clutches of the ferocious puppy monster
Mitch: Had my first massage ever afterward. I really don’t know how to prepare for tomorrow but mostly rest, a walk and an early dinner. I will some stretching throughout the day too.
Andrea: After a much needed massage to my hamstring, bite to eat, time in the pool, return to air B&B for shower, I’m finally relaxing and hoping the muscle soreness will dissipate in time for tomorrow’s event. Rest well competitors!
Pat: I am just gonna take it easy.
Caroline: My day 2 prep started with a stop at Lloyd and Julie’s pool followed by a beer and a shower. We are resting up, stretching out and fuelling up for tomorrow’s TT.
Michelle: I hope to see everyone on Tuesday morning. I’d like to be able to do a couple of loops of Bechtel and take advantage of Colin again.
Michael: Preparing for Stage 2 spending some 1on1 time with my foam roller. We’re close. It’s getting serious.

Next up

Stage 2 is a 15k time trial, out-and-back on a linear trail, with some pavement and crushed gravel sections. Runners start every one minute from 8:00 a.m. – check the start list for an idea of your start time.

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