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ENDURrun generates tons of media content. Here’s what’s up.

This relies on an a whole system of volunteers to help make your experience as good as possible.


2019 ENDURrun Stage 4: Sneak Peek

Our team of Julie Schmidt, Jeff Wemp, and Ryan McGovern (among others) is everywhere from capturing the range of emotions to editing and uploading photos. By the end of the week, there will be well over 10,000 photos posted to our Flickr page and tagged with the photographer’s name. Free for you to enjoy!


Finish line video for all Stages is or will be posted to YouTube. 2019 Ultimate Will Spaetzel takes time out of his pre-race routine and recovery to set up cameras, edit and upload.

Check out this cool split screen video from Stage 4!


Tags are automatically generated in the event results in the form of camera and video icons.

For video, it’s simple: video from every event except Stage 2 will be tagged directly to the results for finish time. You can also watch the video and find lap splits manually, where applicable.

For photo, there is more going on. Photos that are tagged (need a free Flickr account to tag) are flagged directly to names in the results. Tagging the photos is a manual process and is left to the crowd – runners, volunteers, and fans – so why not join. Everyone gets value out of the wealth of photo tags. It’s free, and being logged into Flickr is a better experience anyway.

We even found time this week to launch a new feature in beta: photo links on the cumulative standings. Thanks Sam Lalonde for your hard work.

So make sure to follow us on Flickr and YouTube to get the most out of our content, and every once in a while send some love to the volunteers that make this happen.