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The Running Rarebits will be out in full force next week, with a Relay team, at least 10 Ultimates, and a massive spectating, cheering, and volunteering contingent.

Before the week kicks off, we wanted to draw some attention to the massive effort that the Rarebits are undertaking in 2019: Rarebits do ENDURrun Food.

For this piece, we talked with team leader Rachael Drost and committee members Adrienne Farrell and Nick Maude, as well as ENDURrun Race Director Lloyd Schmidt.

Rarebits do ENDURrun Food

ENDURrun food is legendary, which is a blessing and a curse. With our longtime food crew retiring after 2018, we needed a fresh take in 2019 and so we approached the first group we thought would be up to the challenge.

What sets The Rarebits apart from any other running club we know is the focus on community service as an essential part of the culture. Not only have Rarebits always had a strong volunteer presence in Run Waterloo/ENDURrun already, but they have tons of experience doing coordinated volunteering activities at events of all kinds. So we presented the group with an offer they couldn’t refuse – or something like that. Either way, we were both thrilled with the opportunity.

As to what participants can expect: the old favorites, with a few updates. “We don’t want to mess with success! Therefore, we will be following the general meal plan and process that has worked for years. Expect a few new dishes and many new faces.”

It’s hard to describe the enormity of the undertaking. At least 30 Rarebits are directly helping with food preparation, shopping, delivery, setup, service and clean up. They are enthusiastically up for the challenge of maintaining our high standards, which include feeding around 140 people each day, ensuring there is plenty of food for all regardless of role and finish time, along with accounting for allergies, sensitivities, and preferences. All the food must be portable to all the different race locations. There is extensive planning and preparation for this event – not just the food but organizing the volunteers and dealing with issues that arise.

2018 ENDURrun Stage 3: 30k

As an Ultimate alumna (2017), Rachael has extra insight. “It’s given me a good foundation of the level of expectations that are expected by past participants! The food has always been plentiful, mostly home made, and of great quality.. and past participants have come to expect that .. it’s been helpful to know the bar that’s been set!”

Please Share the Love!

Volunteers in general are an essential part of our community. Rarebits have extensive experience volunteering, so we worked with them to come up with a few easy reminders to keep everything running smoothly:
• Thank your volunteers early and often 🙂
• Remember that volunteers are people – not pylons 🙂
• Don’t take any frustrations you have out on the volunteers 🙂
• Bring your own plate! 🙂

More on the Running Rarebits

The Rarebits are a running community that focuses on charity, good sportsmanship and inclusivity. The motto “You don’t have to be fast – but you have to be fun” sets the tone for a group that welcomes runners of all skill levels and capabilities, and supports each member’s individual running goals. There is no official membership fee or paperwork – you can become a member by having an existing member vouch for you as Rarebit material. There are currently over 250 members across Ontario, and even a strong Northern chapter in Yellowknife.
You will always see a Rarebit volunteer at any local running event, and beyond. Rarebits also volunteer for many other events and causes. Rarebits are very involved in fundraising and volunteer work. Members fundraise for many great causes – there is always a fundraising campaign going on, for example, current campaigns include:
Chris Mintz for Kidsability
• Rich Peers is coordinating his Job Runner 24 hour run/walk for the Grand River Cancer Centre
• The Hergott family is working on the Terry Fox run
• Clay Williams is organizing the Monarch Ultra run as well as the Canal Pursuit to raise money for the Mood Disorders Society
• Jill Monroe is helping to organize Strides for Melanoma.
Jen Gaduoa‘s Race Across Waterloo region fundraiser for the Sexual Assault Support Centre
The Rarebits also organize many social events and runs. From regular run groups to informal organized runs (eg. a recent Campfire race / Smores event BBQ). ENDURrun kicks off for Rarebits with a Rally weekend featuring softball (Go Burnt Toast!), a pool party, and the second annual 2K Cider run.
Believe it or not, they find time for running too. From those working on their first 5k to 200mile races and everything in between.

Thank you Running Rarebits, on behalf of the ENDURrun organizers, and all participants!