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Stage 3 has been described as the first true test of The ENDURrun: a six-loop 30k cross country course.  It is by design that the Stage that follows a shorter, flatter road race is a longer, hilly trail race. Ideal weather conditions helped, but Stage 3 is still physically and mentally demanding. Pacing and strategy are more evident at this Stage, as a lot of time could be lost as a result of a poor decision. Who made the right choice? Check out the results and see for yourself!


The top of the tables remain the same, with Robert Brouillette, Victoria Siemon and H+P Men’s A1 all winning Stage 3 and increasing their overall leads in the Ultimate Male, Ultimate Female and Relay categories, respectively. Further down the results in each category, we’re seeing some great battles and movement. In both Ultimate categories, the third place runner after Stage 2 (Christian Belair and Alexandra Garner) overtook second place overall during Stage 3. The closest battle is between Ed Andringa and K. Bill Dost, separated by a total of two seconds. In Relay, we are seeing tight battles between second and third, between fourth and fifth, and seventh and eighth. But it’s still early!

Full results are available here.


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Congrats to all finishers, who now earn some downtime before tomorrow evening’s Stage 4. The competition resumes Wednesday at Camp Heidelberg in Woolwich.