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For those of you unfamiliar with this acronym, the phrase Post-ENDURrun Syndrome (PES) was coined by one of our former champions and has come into regular use in late August for the past several years. The ENDURrun is a close community of runners. In some cases, Stage 7 goodbyes can mean that friends won’t reunite… Read more »

2015 Recap – Stage 7

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One of the hottest ENDURrun days on record saw gutsy performances from Ultimates, Sports, Relays and Guests alike. We even witnessed a few PBs at today’s Stage 7: Marathon. Congratulations to all! One of the unique aspects of ENDURrun is the post-Stage 7 awards. All runners are given the opportunity to address the entire group… Read more »

2015 Recap – Stage 6

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Stage 6 is tricky. What is left in the tank after Stage 5? How fast do you want to push the day before a marathon? What is the temptation to pursue the runner who started one minute before you? Runners weigh these factors over a flat rural 10K course, ending at Schmidt House. Results As… Read more »

ENDURrunner Q&A

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ENDURrunners are a diverse community with some amazing and inspiring stories. While we’re getting ready for Stage 6, we caught up with a random selection of a few ENDURrunners. Here’s what we asked them: Una Beaudry and Steve Mahood [Er] You both fell in love with the ENDURrun community in your rookie year in 2014…. Read more »

2015 Recap – Stage 5

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Stage 5 – Chicopee: sixteen miles of hills, trail and this year – for extra fun – rain! This Stage is one of the true tests of ENDURrun, and one of the largest unknowns to Rookies. We also welcome our five Sport athletes for Stages 5, 6 and 7. Results Full results here. Photos Coming… Read more »

Rest Day Recap

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After four days, four stages and 88.2KM of racing, on Thursday, The ENDURrun takes a rest. Let’s take this opportunity to check in on our Ultimate leaders. After an unprecedented variety in stage winners in 2014, at this point in 2015, the overall male and female leaders have been dominating with wins in all 4… Read more »

2015 Recap – Stage 4

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Stage 4 begins the first of the two consecutive mountain Stages. Run on the locally famous Wilmot Line, this course tests the participants with a series of continuous hills on both ways of this out and back course. Being an evening Stage, the participants must also nervously and anxiously await the 6:00 p.m. start. Great… Read more »

2015 Recap – Stage 3

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Stage 3 has been described as the first true test of The ENDURrun: a six-loop 30k cross country course.  It is by design that the Stage that follows a shorter, flatter road race is a longer, hilly trail race. Ideal weather conditions helped, but Stage 3 is still physically and mentally demanding. Pacing and strategy are more evident… Read more »

2015 Recap – Stage 2

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Stage 2 is a cycling-inspired time trial. Even through the rain and on some gravel, some fast times were dropped! Following the record setting run by Ultimate runner Vicky Siemon in Stage 1, another Stage record was set in Stage 2. The flat out and back course design, combined with perfect weather conditions, provided the… Read more »

Stage 2 Start Order

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Below is the projected start order for Stage 2. This Time Trial stage starts one runner each minute, in reverse order to previous results and expected finish times. Dropouts may still adjust the start times by a few minutes – the list will be finalized and available at the start line at 7:30am August 10.