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Stage 6 is tricky. What is left in the tank after Stage 5? How fast do you want to push the day before a marathon? What is the temptation to pursue the runner who started one minute before you? Runners weigh these factors over a flat rural 10K course, ending at Schmidt House.


As we have come to expect, there are no changes in stage winners or overall gold jerseys. Robert and Vicky both have earned the title of Sprint King and Sprint Queen.

In Sport, Dragan Jakovljevic increased his overall lead. H+P Men’s A2 team was the fastest Relay of the day, but H+P Men’s A1 maintains the overall lead, and has a chance to take the all-time Relay record tomorrow (2:42:16 behind Road Scholars of 2012). Congrats also to all guests.

Full results here.


Will be available eventually.


Only one stage is left: the Stage 7: The Marathon. Early start is at 6:00; regular start is 7:30.