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For our next mini-profile, we don’t have to look farther than Stage 1 winner Vicki Zandbergen for an exceptional story.

As the all-time record holder for Run Waterloo event finishes (117), Vicki was recognized as member number 4 earlier this year. This extensive career has also contributed to other ENDURrun records, including the longest current streak of Ultimate finishes (6). Vicki can tie the record for most consecutive Ultimate finishes next Sunday (7), but set a new record in Stage 1: the longest wait (in Ultimate Stages finished) before earning the Gold Jersey (43)!

Vicki has coveted this Jersey for years, and it’s amazing to see this come together in her seventh Ultimate attempt. Vicki is the twenty-second member of the Golden Club. But the week is long, and two runners – Catherine and Val – are within 95 seconds of the lead after the first Stage!