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With only 5 Ultimate spots remaining for ENDURrun 2019, this is new and exciting ground for us.

[Update: as of December 19, 2018, the Ultimate cap has been reached. The wait list is open here.]

The 75 participant limit was asked for by the community in 2014, and we believe it is still an appropriate number for you to be able to expect the authentic ENDURrun experience in 2019.

We want to give you a clear plan of how we plan to proceed if and when the cap is reached. Here is the Rule 5 from the 2018 handbook:

“The ENDURrun Race Director may increase or decrease the registration cap at any time, to take into consideration anticipated injury withdrawals, to admit entrants whose participation may enhance this event, or to admit entrants whose past association with this event has contributed to its success.”

From the beginning, this rule and this policy were created through consultation with the community, and it is designed to reflect the ideals of ENDURrun. We believe that all members of our community have a fair shot at participation through this rule and these policies. We hope you appreciate the intent and the clarity.

This is how we will interpret this rule for 2019.

Policy for if the Ultimate cap is reached

i) Changes to transfer policy (wait list and withdrawals)

  • A wait list will be created in Race Roster, in a priority sequence and at no cost.
  • If any of the 75 entrants withdraws before the event starts (for any reason, including injury), this will open up a spot to the wait list.
  • The next individual on the wait list will have 48 hours to accept the withdrawn spot and register for the event at that current price, or lose their spot entirely, and so on, until it is filled or until the wait list is exhausted.
  • If the withdrawn spot is filled by July 31 at midnight, the withdrawn participant will be refunded $100 of the entry fee. We are not encouraging participants to withdraw, but if you need to withdraw, please let us know as soon as it is practical so that the spot has a higher chance of being filled, and so that the wait list has the most adequate opportunity to train and motivation to continue training. No refunds as of August 1.
  • From August 1 until 6 p.m. on the eve of Stage 1, the wait list will be phone called with 1 hour to claim the spot.
  • No transfers from 6 p.m. on the eve of Stage 1 until Stage 1. On race day, no-show slots can be considered withdrawals and be awarded according to the wait list, starting at 10 minutes before the start of Stage 1.
  • If withdrawals are not filled from the wait list, the spot will re-open, and if filled, the withdrawn person will receive $100.
  • All transfers must go through this specific process. This process will not allow for more than 75 starters at Stage 1.

ii) Clarification to possible cap increases

  • Once the cap is reached, there are three groups for whom registration may still be allowed, at the absolute discretion of the Race Director:
    1. Golden Club members (max 5, by May 30)
    2. Thousand Mile Club members (n/a in 2019)
    3. Elite athletes – inquire for more info (no cap, no deadline)
  • Any runner which does not meet these criteria is subject to the wait list, including Lloyd Schmidt himself.
  • These are perks given to well-deserved groups of runners for obvious reasons.
  • Runners among the 75 spots who do meet these criteria still count against the cap of 75, but not the group max. We strongly encourage runners who meet these criteria to register among the 75 spots.
  • This has no bearing on the wait list. “Excepted” runners may still join the wait list for timing or cap reasons. This process could allow for more than 75 starters at Stage 1.

One last point: in the history of ENDURrun from 2003-2017, we have taken 510 registrations and seen 464 starters, for a withdraw percentage of 9.0%