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We asked this question to our contenders on the eve of the 8 day, 7 stage, 160 KM event.

This is a sampling of what they had to say:

“I’m antsy.”
“I’m super nervous.”
“How fast does one go for stage 1 of a 7 stage event?”
“I don’t know where my fitness is at. Tomorrow will tell me a lot.”
“Injury recovery! Tomorrow will be interesting!”
“Full. ;)”
“I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that I’m freaking out a bit, but know that once I get out on the course, everything will come together.”
“Not sure what to expect.”
“Some people rest up during Endur…I renovate. 1/2 marathon prep….porch cement repair 🙂 I will be working on porch and building new large main deck stairs during this endur”
“Great to meet old friends and see how their year has gone and exciting to see that there are so many rookies for this year.”
“I am looking forward to an early morning race and starting endurrun 2019 and making new friends.”

Great to see you again

On the evening before Stage 1, Race Director Lloyd Schmidt hosts the community for a meet-and-greet-style race meeting. Welcome back to Conestogo and huge thanks to the neon shirts. See you tomorrow morning!

The 63 expected starters are the largest field in ENDURrun history. 20 are Rookies. We went over handy details like course changes and rule changes. Reminder to keep this info booklet handy.

Favourites for Stage 1

In the women’s event, defending champion Valery Hobson is joined by Gold Club members Vicki Zandbergen and Robyn Collins, as well as Catherine Desrosiers, all four of whose ENDURrun best times span 0:15:09 (5 seconds per KM) and are all from 2017 and 2018. Looking for a dark horse? Rebecca Kruisselbrink is on the right trajectory to make some noise in this event.

For the men, four-time defending champion Robert Brouillette is challenged by coach Josh Bolton. Robin Richard-Campeau, Christian Belair, 2013 champion Stefan Gudmundson, Nick Burt, Aidan Rutherford, and Dave Rutherford all have best times within 20 minutes of each other, although Aidan and Nick have the most recent best times.

Valery, Vicki, Robyn, Catherine, Robin, Christian, Stefan, and Dave headline what is likely the deepest field of Masters in ENDURrun history.

In Relay, H+P is chasing records with Sean Delanghe, Victoria Siemon, Luke Ehgoetz, and Tracey Kuchma in their A teams for men and women, open and Masters.

We asked Twitter about the men’s race, and the 42 voters seemed to give an edge.