How are you feeling before Stage 1?

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We asked this question to our contenders on the eve of the 8 day, 7 stage, 160 KM event. This is a sampling of what they had to say: “I’m antsy.” “I’m super nervous.” “Excited!!!” “How fast does one go for stage 1 of a 7 stage event?” “I don’t know where my fitness is… Read more »

How do Robert Brouillette and Josh Bolton stack up?

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As is typical this time of year, Robert Brouillette is dark on social media. We made the effort to catch up with him and challenger Josh Bolton for a quick update. Each year since 2015, top finishers in the women’s race have been considerably closer than for the men. Robert Brouillette has excelled as he… Read more »

Contender: Josh

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I’m from Paris Ontario. I started Grand River Endurance club back in 2014 and I work as a kinesiologist at Advanced Therapies clinic. I’m driven to get the most out of myself each day and throughout ENDURrun. Josh Bolton is a great guy who has run several Run Waterloo events throughout the years. We’re always… Read more »