Contender: Maureen

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Hi. I am Slow Moe. I am an ENDURrunner. I’m told that recovery starts with admission of the addiction. We are thrilled to have Maureen Pecknold back in the field for number nine! Maureen has improved in time each of the past two years. How is your training going? Won’t know for sure until I… Read more »

A toast to ENDURrunners

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One week later, we’re still reeling with Post-ENDURrun Syndrome (PES). The best way to combat that is to send some thank yous out to the individuals and groups who make this project so much fun. This particular moment is one of the high points in the history of ENDURrun, and so here’s a toast to… Read more »

Celebrating our #OneToughRunners

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ENDURrun is an ultimate individual accomplishment. So much of the event is narrated by the incredible strength of the community, and rightly so. But that doesn’t take away from the essential component of incredible performances and experiences by individuals. We took a moment to use our powerful photography and mediocre photoshop skills to put together… Read more »

No lead changes after Stage 3

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After 3 Stages, our leaders continue to defend their gold jerseys. Robert Brouillette, the three-time defending champion, is expected to repeat this year. (No person has ever won four consecutive years.) With a half hour lead over Aidan Rutherford so far, his main battles are his own previous times and those of Charles Bedley of… Read more »

ENDURrun Contender: Maureen

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Hi, my name is Slow Moe and I am addicted to ENDURrun. I keep saying “this is the last year” and I keep falling off the wagon…. it’s been since 2009 and I can’t break the habit.   This year we are profiling the 2018 ENDURrun Ultimate Contenders with Q&As in this blog. Related: Full┬áblog… Read more »