ENDURrun Contender: Lumi

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This is the second post in our daily Contender series. Here is the full list of Contenders.    Lumi Duca has a lot of ENDURrun experience for an Ultimate Rookie, having competed in the relay each of the past three years, including two Stage 7 marathons. Welcome Lumi!   ENDURrun: What convinced you to take… Read more »

ENDURrun Contender: Nikki

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  There are many runners and many races, but only a few contenders for the high honour of One Tough Runner. This spring we will be profiling the 2018 ENDURrun Ultimate Contenders with Q&As in this blog. This interview with Nikkole Welsh is the first in the series – enjoy!   Nikki has completed the… Read more »

Welcoming Robert and Vicki back to ENDURrun in 2018

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We are pleased to announce the return of Robert Brouillette and Vicki Zandbergen to ENDURrun in 2018. Both athletes are valued alumni to whom we have become accustomed to seeing on the start line, year after year. Notable is that 2018 will be only the 5th year in ENDURrun history that both male and female… Read more »

On the fence about 2018? Read this.

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“If you are sitting on the fence, all I can say is, ouch!”. If there is one unanimous piece of advice from ENDURrunners that we hear every year, it’s that training for the Ultimate is a long-term and substantial undertaking. That’s why we strongly encourage early entries through heavily discounted earlybird fees to the Ultimate… Read more »

Catching up with Patrick Kelly

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If you don’t know Patrick, he is an exceptional ENDURrunner. Not only does his 11:14:19 Ultimate in 2014 at age 51 rank as the 15th fastest of all time, but all faster times are by men 32 or younger. However, since his life has been turned upside down the last few years, he has looked to… Read more »

Golden final day at ENDURrun 2017

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At a Stage 7 to remember, our winners stayed golden. Congratulations to our wire-to-wire Gold Jersey wearers! Vicki and Rob each came in as cumulative winners. Robert Brouillette ran the 3rd fastest ever time, his Stage 7 time of 2:36:36 bringing him just four minutes shy of the 10:02:55 time from 2003 he has been chasing all week…. Read more »

For the love of training

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As I write this, Sonja is running a marathon – a generally crazy way to cap a 118km week of racing. But she knows exactly what she’s in to, after all, she finished ENDURrun with her husband Kela, way back in 2008. Since then, Sonja Bissegger has kept ENDURrun in the back of her mind… Read more »

A primer for Sunday’s Stage 7

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Lots to look for as our Ultimate and Relay runners enter their seventh day of racing! Overall leads Male – Rob Brouillette has a commanding lead over Nick Burt (53:32). There is still a battle to complete the podium: Stefan Gudmundson has a 10:19 lead over a hard-closing Andrew Keeves for 3rd place! Female –… Read more »

In which Denis Allen issues a colossal challenge – to himself!

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Denis Allen’s primary annual goal is to stay healthy. On the verge of his fourth Ultimate finish, never has his worldview been so simple. Running and personal health are two sides of the same coin, and Denis knows he’s successful if everything clicks for his main event – the ENDURrun Ultimate. More than anything else, the… Read more »