“It’s like coming home, again.”

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Five years between Ultimate entries is a long time. Of the 2017 Ultimate field, Merzi Dastoor has taken the second most years between Ultimate finishes (his previous was 2012). Many Ultimate runners compete for one single year, or run many, often consecutive years. Merzi was one of those one-timers until we were pleasantly surprised to find… Read more »

Must-see moments: Stage finishes with Michelle

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One of the early storylines of ENDURrun 2017 was the enforcement of time limits, the tweaking of some limits, and the resulting community debate. In the months since, as 12:30pm on Tuesday, August 15 drew closer, not many people were more affected by that deadline than Michelle Barnes. Of the seven Stages, 3, 4, and… Read more »

Pacing with the Putmans

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It’s hard to believe that we’ve known the Putmans for eight years now. It took some prodding from Paul Mora and Mark McDonald just to get them into the Relay competition, and then several years of organizing teams (2010-2013) before Cathy finally took the plunge in 2014. Both she and Aaron have extensive histories of ultramarathoning,… Read more »

Jack on 2018: “I just can’t help myself!”

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Without a doubt, Jack Kilislian is one of the most enthusiastic ENDURrunners. In a community brimming with enthusiasm, Jack stands out. He is often one of the first runners to arrive and and one of the last to leave. He’s a fixture at all ENDURrun socials – including the rest day brunch, where we caught up… Read more »

2018 registration now open

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ENDURrun will be back for a 16th year in 2018. Join us August 11-19, 2018, for an unforgettable week of challenge and camaraderie. Register for 2018. The base cost of the Ultimate is $400. We are offering a $50 promo code this week (ENDURRUNNER) for $50 off, which also includes a 2018 Run Waterloo membership,… Read more »

Disappointed, but not discouraged.

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Such is Merlin’s state of mind at Stage 4. Flash back to Merlin Frey‘s attitude when he entered and finished the ENDURrun in 2015: he expected it was a one-time thing. But in the weeks leading up to ENDURrun 2016, he already knew he was missing out and decided that he would be back in… Read more »

A stage race with “only” one marathon

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Glen Avery is the lone American in the field this year, but his running exploits are much more exotic than that. Like many ENDURrunners, the event has been on his radar for for many years and many miles. Glen started running when he was 51 years old, and in the fifteen years since, Glen’s journey… Read more »

Running ENDURrun is hard. Not running can be even harder.

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Such was Susan Moizer’s experience in 2015. All of our profiles so far have covered Ultimate runners currently in the competition. Susan’s story is different – she did not start Stage 1. This story starts in 2015, when Susan, a three-time Ultimate finisher, sustained some devastating injuries that significantly affected her running and kept her… Read more »

“It’s only Stage 3, but I think I’m hooked.”

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Overheard at the massage table today, from Amy Robitaille. Amy’s ENDURrun journey began in 2015, when she first heard about the event from her coach and alumnus Mike Coughlan. A few years and a few Guest stages later, Amy is, in her own words, hooked after just three Stages. As pleasant as her two Stage… Read more »

Run or volunteer? Hard to choose for Will Spaetzel

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We caught up with Will Spaetzel over the first kilometre of his third lap in Stage 3. Will is one of the Run Waterloo super-volunteers, dedicating countless hours over the year and during ENDURrun week. Will has often videoed and interviewed runners out on the courses, so we decided to return the favour this time!… Read more »