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Stage 3 has been described as the first true test of The ENDURrun: a six-loop 30k cross country course.  It is by design that the Stage that follows a shorter, flatter road race is a longer, hilly trail race. Ideal weather conditions helped, but Stage 3 is still physically and mentally demanding. Pacing and strategy are more evident at this Stage, as a lot of time could be lost as a result of a poor decision. Who made the right choice? Check out the results and see for yourself!


The top of the tables remain the same, with Robert Brouillette, Victoria Siemon and H+P Men’s A1 all winning Stage 3 and increasing their overall leads in the Ultimate Male, Ultimate Female and Relay categories, respectively. Further down the results in each category, we’re seeing some great battles and movement. In both Ultimate categories, the third place runner after Stage 2 (Christian Belair and Alexandra Garner) overtook second place overall during Stage 3. The closest battle is between Ed Andringa and K. Bill Dost, separated by a total of two seconds. In Relay, we are seeing tight battles between second and third, between fourth and fifth, and seventh and eighth. But it’s still early!

Full results are available here.


Up soon!


Congrats to all finishers, who now earn some downtime before tomorrow evening’s Stage 4. The competition resumes Wednesday at Camp Heidelberg in Woolwich.

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unnamed (18)
Stage 2 is a cycling-inspired time trial. Even through the rain and on some gravel, some fast times were dropped!
Following the record setting run by Ultimate runner Vicky Siemon in Stage 1, another Stage record was set in Stage 2. The flat out and back course design, combined with perfect weather conditions, provided the opportunity for some fast results. Would the participants take advantage and push the pace, or hold back for the demanding 30k trail run the next day. Check out the results and see for yourself!


Stage 1 winners Robert Brouillette and Victoria Siemon maintained their gold jersey status at Stage 2. Relay runner Adam Hortian’s time of 48:49 is the second-fastest ever for Stage 2, dating to Rich Tremain’s 2003 time as an Ultimate.
Full results are available here.


Are available on our Picasa site. Enjoy!


The competition resumes Tuesday morning at Stage 3, a 30km cross country race. Will it rain?

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Stage 2
Below is the projected start order for Stage 2. This Time Trial stage starts one runner each minute, in reverse order to previous results and expected finish times. Dropouts may still adjust the start times by a few minutes – the list will be finalized and available at the start line at 7:30am August 10.

2015 Stage 2 Start Order

8:00Sean Tamkin
8:01Wilf Goron
8:02Sandra Karl
8:03Colleen Sweeney
8:04Taylor Kelly
8:05Carol Stewart
8:06Michelle Barnes
8:07Laura Hewitson
8:08Chris Battaglia
8:09Ed Andringa
8:10Sara Blanchett
8:11Ken B Anderson
8:12Jenny-lynn Fortin
8:13Cari Rastas Howards
8:14Derek Hergott
8:15Amanda Booth
8:16Jodi Kalman
8:17Brenda Heath-Clifton
8:18Deirdre Large
8:19Maryanne Turner
8:20K. Bill Dost
8:21Shimon Schwartz
8:22Steve Stewart
8:23Lizzy Hughes
8:24Sue Pelger
8:25Michelle Lennox
8:26Harold O'Krafka
8:27Leanne Loney
8:28Trish Benoit
8:29Nikkole Welsh
8:30Karen Tays-Batsford
8:31Mike Tancsa
8:32Vicki Zandbergen
8:33Manuela Jones
8:34Jack Kilislian
8:35Grace Tansley
8:36Steve Mahood
8:37Dave Bolan
8:38Nicole Green
8:39Johanne Audet
8:40Mike Coughlin
8:41Joanne Bink
8:42Mark McDonald
8:43Merlin Frey
8:44Thaddeus Homewood
8:45Leigh Anne Martin
8:46Costas Farassoglou
8:47Savvas Farassoglou
8:48Gilles Gervais
8:49Michael Luxton
8:50Valery Hobson
8:51Angela Batsford-Merman
8:52Jeff Martin
8:53Alexandra Garner
8:54Gary Barfoot
8:55Andrew Weinacht
8:56Dave Rutherford
8:57Michael Piazza
8:58Patrick Kelly
8:59Sebastian Warner
9:00Gillian Willard
9:01Holger Kleinke
9:02Victoria Siemon
9:03Mark Meyers
9:04Christian Belair
9:05Stefan Gudmundson
9:06Robin Richard-Campeau
9:07Robert Brouillette
9:08Adam Hortian

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It’s that time of the year again!

ENDURrun 2015 kicked off this morning with a half marathon in Conestogo, Ontario. The event has grown again this year, with record-breaking competitors in Ultimate (55) and Relay (9).


Congratulations to all finishers today. Winners today are Robert Brouillette (1:17:39) and Vicky Siemon (1:25:35), who will wear the gold jerseys in tomorrow’s 15K Time Trial. Vicki’s time is an all-time Ultimate Female Stage 1 record!

Full results are available here.


Photos Photos from Julie and Jeff are available at Picasa.

We’re looking forward to recaps on these blogs! Vicki | Rob | Trish


See you again tomorrow, for Stage 2.

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In the past, we have had numerous requests from participants wanting to raise funds for a different charity, other than the official charity of The ENDURrun.

Just as The ENDURrun can be a personal journey of determination and willpower, they wanted their fundraising efforts to go towards a charity with personal meaning or significance.

We are very pleased to announce a new policy regarding fundraising, beginning with The 2015 ENDURrun.

Participants can now fundraise for a Charity of their Choice. All you have to do is notify the Charity of your intentions, and then register your Charity with The ENDURrun ([email protected]).

Anyone raising a minimum of $1,000 for their chosen Charity will have their 2015 entry fee waived. This is one small way to show that The ENDURrun cares.

A pledge form is available here: Run for Free 2015

Thank you, and best of luck with your training, preparation, and fundraising.


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If The ENDURrun came and went too fast for you to stay current on all of the online content, here is a concise look at what you might have missed!
If you’ve got more links, let us know and we will include them!

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The ENDURrun has ended and runners have started leaving Waterloo. Of the many emotions, soreness and withdrawal are two of the most common. We now start the countdown: 356 days until ENDURrun 2015.

More reflections in the ENDURrunners Facebook group.

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Stage 7 is the finale of the “8 Days, 7 Stages, 160 KM” ENDURrun. At the end of a long week, a full marathon is a true test where anything can happen. With close standings among many of the Ultimate men and some highly competitive relays and women, the race was bound to be interesting.

Quick Links

Stage 7 Results | Final Cumulative Results | Strava Flyby | Photos


DSC_0445 - Copy

DSC_0573Sixteen athletes started at 6am, in order to finish before noon, while the rest of the field took off at 7:30am. H+P Men’s A1 relay runner Rob Brouillette quickly put a significant gap between himself and the field, coming through the half already five minutes ahead of Matt Leduc. Behind him was a pack of the same six men who have been working together all week, along with Mindy Fleming, all on pace to break three hours. Vicki Zandbergen was hot on Catherine Kelly’s heels, in a battle for third.

H+P Women’s relay runner Jessica Kuepfer took a page out of teammate Gillian Willard’s books: pacing off Holger Kleinke in hopes of a PB. The majority of the field found at least one other person to work with over the first 21.1km loop, before spreading out more in the second half of the race.

DSC_0907In the end, Matt Leduc protected his lead and won the overall competition in a time of 11:07:53, despite finishing second today. “Dark Horse” Stefan Gudmundson pulled out the surprise victory with a huge PB of 2:55:13 to Christian Belair’s 2:56:37, meaning Christian was able to hang on to his third overall finish by just seven seconds! Patrick Kelly maintained his position in the overall results (second) by running an impressive sub-3 hour marathon. Mindy Fleming placed first in the stage and the ultimate competition, with a total time of 12:30:12. Angela Batsford was second today and overall, while Vicki was able to overcome an 18:18 deficit to grab third in the cumulative results. In the relay competition, Rob was able to hold his impressive pace for a 2:41:37 PB, completing H+P Men’s A1 team’s wire-to-wire win with the fourth fastest all-time relay time. Congratulations Matt and Mindy on your Ultimate wins, as well as the other finishers. You are 41 Tough Runners!

For some context, here are Matt and Mindy’s times compared to all winning times in the history of The ENDURrun.

LastFirstBibSexAgeCityCountryStage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4Stage 5Stage 6Stage 7Overall
McLarenA. Duff49M58TorontoCanada1:46:551:14:532:49:191:32:122:46:070:44:463:49:4014:43:52

Of course, this race would not be possible without the incredible volunteers and runners. To the entire ENDURrun community: thank you! We hope to see you again next year!


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[Edit: storylines have been updated with the post-stage outcomes.]

Sunday is Stage 7 of The ENDURrun: The Marathon. Here are just a few of the many storylines that we are following:

DSC_0076Sharing the Lead
Prior to this year, never had more than two individuals won any given stage of The ENDURrun in any given year. In fact, between men and women, the same person won every stage EIGHT times. This year, in the men’s event, FOUR different Ultimate runners have won stages: Matt Leduc (1,2), Patrick Kelly (3,5), Joao Oliveira (4) and Christian Belair (6). Who will win Stage 7, someone new to the party, or one of our familiar faces?
Someone new: Stefan Gudmundson comes through with a massive negative split for a big new PB and stage win!

Chasing Records
Mindy Fleming is within grasp of two historic ENDURrun records. The Stage 7 record belongs to Joanne Bink (3:08:54, 2011), and the Ultimate Competition record belongs to Jackie Jackman (12:07:47). Mindy’s personal best marathon is 2:57:42 from Ottawa 2013. Having already set the Stage 1 record this year, will she push herself to break the Stage 7 record, and go for the 2:53:11 to break the all-time record?
Gave it a shot: Mindy came out with a blistering 1:30:59 first half before backing off and racing a smartly conservative second half. More records will have to wait for 2015!

DSC_0097Mr. Consistency
Holger Kleinke is one of the most consistent runners that we know. He achieved the lowest standard deviation in lap times for Stage 3 (24:43, 24:54, 24:48, 24:27, 24:43, 24:43) and Stage 5 (30:15, 30:34, 30:14, 30:15, 30:12) – and this was without wearing a watch! The over/under on Holger’s lap time differential tomorrow (two identical half marathon laps) is 21.5 seconds. Would you bet on the over or under?
Over, barely: Holger’s splits were 1:38:59 and 1:38:13. Of course they were.

Close Race
Despite the group of individuals winning various stages, Matt Leduc has led wire-to-now and maintained sole posession of the gold jersey. Despite this, he only leads Patrick Kelly by 3:28 overall. How will the closest race in recent memory play out Sunday morning? It’s a deep field too – Christian Belair, Stefan Gudmundson and Joao Oliveira are all within 17:44 of the lead!
Stefan’s push in the last 10k put him 7 seconds out of third place, while Matt increased his lead to 6:26 on the final day to win The ENDURrun 2014.

DSC_0314_3Dark Horses
Stefan Gudmundson (4th, 13:54 gap) and Catherine Kelly (3rd, 54:16 gap) are defending Ultimate champions and will lace up Sunday morning. It’s a tall order for either athlete, but they both know what it takes to earn the gold jersey!
While Stefan had a great result, Catherine didn’t have it in her at this stage, struggling on the second half and being passed for third place by Vicki. Not the result she was looking for, but a courageous performance!

Personal Records
Personal Records are dropping like flies. Among many notables, Ed Andringa has EBed (ENDURrun bested) every stage, while Stefan has recorded a genuine PB! How many PBs and how many BQs are going down tomorrow?
Yes – but too many to count.

Will Una get lost?
We love you Una!

DSC_0351Early Birds
Eight runners have already signed up for ENDURrun 2015. Sara Blanchett signed up for The ENDURrun 2014 last August and has already signed up for The ENDURrun 2015. How many more will take advantage of the “ENDURrunner’s high” promo code (“ENDURrunner”) and sign up by Sunday night?
Two more on Sunday and a total of 32 by the end of the ENDURrunner discount!

Relay and Sport Competitions
Jeff Martin leads the Sport Division by 1:42 over Vince Charbonneau, and H+P Men’s A1 leads the Relay over the H+P Men’s A2 by 21:07. Do they have what it takes to close it out?
Yes to both.

Will Paul and Susan run together?
To recreate this epic scene from 2012?
Sadly, not this time.