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We are thrilled to present the full set of your ENDURrun results, from the inaugural 2003 event to the present.

For the first time, from your computer or mobile device, you are able to:

  • Sort cumulative times after any number of Stages, for any division and/or category, within any year or across all years
  • Explore Stage records and top 50 times for any division or category
  • Easily view results for any event, and search for any names

It’s helpful to know how these terms are defined for ENDURrun at

  • Race: ENDURrun
  • Events: Stage 1, Stage 2, etc.
  • Division: Ultimate, Sport, Relay
  • Phase: After Stage 1, After Stage 2, Final Results, etc.
  • Category: Age and gender categories

ClipboardOver ENDURrun’s 13 years and 91 Stages, my role of primary timer means that I have a unique connection with these results. I have witnessed the incredible stories behind these numbers from my front-row seat, having put pen to paper for thousands of the times that make up these results. Looking back, these are just a few of my personal highlights included in these ENDURrun results.

  • At the very first Stage of the very first ENDURrun in 2003, I could see Charles Bedley and Rich Tremain each kicking to the finish line. Both of these elite athletes wanted that first Gold Jersey, and Rich edged out Charles by one second. Charles would earn his first Gold Jersey after stage 3 by only one second, and never look back on his way to back-to-back championships in 2003 and 2004.
  • The small but incredible field of 5 that started that 2006 ENDURrun includes Chris Duke and Jeff Ashizawa, with 9 completions between them; Steven Parke, the only participant who has completed at least one stage in every ENDURrun since 2003; and the first appearance of Bob Jackman. A highlight was at Stage 3, with Bob and Brad Cunningham not giving an inch and sprinting to a photo-finish tie after 30k. Not until after Stage 5 would Bob pass Brad in the cumulative standings on the way to his first of five championships.
  • Nate MaltonJoanne Bink is one of the most prolific ENDURrunners of all-time, whose name features prominently as you dig deep into the ENDURrun results and records. While her profile includes the most podium finishes (40) and most Ultimate finishes (7), the Ultimate championship eluded her in 2008, as her five minute lead over Jackie Gorski after Stage 6 evaporated in a heartbreaking Stage 7, before she was able to capture the Ultimate glory in 2011.
  • Another incredible year of standout performances is 2010. Three teenage boys participated: Reid Hayes and Derek McConomy in the Ultimate, and training partner Ian Grzegorczyk as a Guest for the first four Stages. In this year, Nate Malton participated in his uniform, running the full 160 KM in army boots with a 40 lb ruck sack.

I encourage you to explore past years, and discover the incredible performances and your own highlights that make ENDURrun so special. To help you do that, we have designed a scavenger hunt to help you learn to explore the ENDURrun data available.

ENDURrun Trivia – Results Scavenger Hunt Edition

Question: What will there be 76 of at ENDURrun 2016?
Answer: Assemble these letters together

Scavenger Hunt Clue Letters
50th fastest Ultimate, all-time last letter of first name
Ultimate female record holder, Stage 6, all-time first letter of first name
3rd place Relay team, 2005 last two letters of team name
7th fastest female Guest, Stage 5, all-time 5th and 6th letters of city
9th place male Ultimate, 2008 first letter of country
The 2003 and 2004 Ultimate winner won two races in Waterloo between his two Ultimate victories second letter of name of the second race
8th fastest Relay team, Stage 4 runner name, all-time first letter of last name
7th fastest female Sport, all time second last letter of first name
3rd fastest Masters time (any division), Stage 4, all-time last two letters of last name
2nd place female Relay team, after Stage 4, all-time last letter of team name


There is no prize for answering correctly, just the satisfaction of a job well done, and a familiarity with the new results website!

Runners already familiar with will recognize the tremendous work of Sam Lalonde in making this data available. Thank you to all of the volunteer efforts that made this website possible. Future updates will include more advanced individual and aggregate stats, including lap times, Sprint and Mountain contests, and more.

We are excited to welcome the ENDURrun community back to Waterloo Region in just 8 days. Stay tuned next week for official course maps and more updates for ENDURrun 2016.

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For those of you unfamiliar with this acronym, the phrase Post-ENDURrun Syndrome (PES) was coined by one of our former champions and has come into regular use in late August for the past several years.

The ENDURrun is a close community of runners. In some cases, Stage 7 goodbyes can mean that friends won’t reunite for an entire year.

In the few days that have passed since the completion of the 2015 ENDURrun, Ultimate finishers, other participants and volunteers alike seem to be feeling the pain just as strongly, despite the taxing marathon conditions on Sunday:

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 11.12.35 AM
Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 11.14.37 AM

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 11.13.44 AM

A similar malady plagued other runners in recent days too; those who have participated in the past but weren’t able to join us this year, as well as some who are newly interested in the event but didn’t make it out for the 2015 experience.

Along with lots of well-earned eating, drinking and resting, there are three primary ways ENDURrunners are coping with their PES:
* Running, of course;
* Brainstorming ways to extend future ENDURrun competitions; and best of all
* Registering for the 2016 ENDURrun!

Do you have any other tips for dealing with PES?

For more on PES and how our 2015 Ultimates are handling it, check out the ENDURrunners Facebook group. And if you haven’t already, check out these great blogs on the ENDURrun experience: Leanne | Trish | Vicki | H+P

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One of the hottest ENDURrun days on record saw gutsy performances from Ultimates, Sports, Relays and Guests alike. We even witnessed a few PBs at today’s Stage 7: Marathon. Congratulations to all!

One of the unique aspects of ENDURrun is the post-Stage 7 awards. All runners are given the opportunity to address the entire group as they accept their awards and custom swag. It truly is an emotional experience; after a week of bonding, it is hard to say goodbye.

At 50, this was the largest ever finishing class of ENDURrunners. Twelve have already signed up for 2016.


Angela Batsford-Merman charged out in front and won Stage 7, but Vicky Siemon came out on top for the week, finishing at 12:34:04. Robert Brouillette led wire-to-wire to win outright and set the 3rd fastest time, ever, at 10:40:18. In their convincing victories, Rob and Vicky also earned all distinctions of Sprint, Trail and Mountain King and Queen. Wow!

Dragan Jakovljevic won the Sport event, and H+P Men’s A1 won the Relay with the 4th fastest time ever.

Full results available here.


In the digital darkroom.



Tomorrow is the first day of ENDURrun withdrawal.

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Stage 6 is tricky. What is left in the tank after Stage 5? How fast do you want to push the day before a marathon? What is the temptation to pursue the runner who started one minute before you? Runners weigh these factors over a flat rural 10K course, ending at Schmidt House.


As we have come to expect, there are no changes in stage winners or overall gold jerseys. Robert and Vicky both have earned the title of Sprint King and Sprint Queen.

In Sport, Dragan Jakovljevic increased his overall lead. H+P Men’s A2 team was the fastest Relay of the day, but H+P Men’s A1 maintains the overall lead, and has a chance to take the all-time Relay record tomorrow (2:42:16 behind Road Scholars of 2012). Congrats also to all guests.

Full results here.


Will be available eventually.


Only one stage is left: the Stage 7: The Marathon. Early start is at 6:00; regular start is 7:30.

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ENDURrunners are a diverse community with some amazing and inspiring stories. While we’re getting ready for Stage 6, we caught up with a random selection of a few ENDURrunners. Here’s what we asked them:

Una Beaudry and Steve Mahood

[Er] You both fell in love with the ENDURrun community in your rookie year in 2014. How is your second time at the event?

[SM] It is fantastic. The combination of the family atmosphere, starting from the RD down to the competitors and volunteers, as well as the originality of the event make it so enjoyable.

[UB] Coming in as a non-starter was tough, but the ENDURrun community greeted me with so much support (and massive amounts of hugs) which made it so much easier. We were really excited to be coming back to the event, but moreso to meet up with the friends made last year, and the new ones from this year. It really is an 8 day party with some running on the side.

Lizzy Hughes

[Er] You are an ultramarathoner with plans to run varsity cross-country in the fall. How do you balance those goals?

[LH] It’s a lot of balance between speed training and getting distance in. I have to focus on my speed work because I am slower, so many times I balance the quick, short workouts with slower easy runs in the same day to get distance in. I also have to focus a lot of my health and how my body feels because the faster I heal the quicker I get back to training.

Derek Hergott

[Er] You started running 10 years ago this month. What does it mean to you to undertake this challenge at this point in your running career?

[DH] Ten years ago, gasping for air trying to run 3k, I could not fathom running a 1/2 marathon. Ten years later and I’m doing the ENDURrun! It’s a week long race of digging deep and perseverance. I feel physically and mentally it’s challenging, but at the same’s a PARTY! (We all know one another and the camaraderie). I’ll be back in 2016 to get revenge on my injury, and this will set the trails for a 100mi race within the next 10 years. I’m thrilled that I never looked back 10 years ago.

Stefan Gudmundson

[Er] You are a many-time Ultimate finisher and former champion. What does it mean to you to have your family out on the courses volunteering?

[SG] It means everything to me to be able to share the ENDURrun experience with my family. Their support throughout the week out on the courses is a huge part of my success. They make the event a team effort. Not only are they helping me reach goals I have set for myself, but they are helping others reach goals they once thought were impossible.

Sue Pelger and Deirdre Large

[Er] Sue, you were a huge part of the support team for Deirdre’s first Ultimate in 2014. How hard or easy was it to commit to the event this year? Deirdre, how has your and Sue’s training changed from what you did last year?

[SP] As for committing to the event, I was intrigued with ENDURrun once we started talking about it when a group of us ran the Ottawa Marathon in May of 2014. Dee needed to keep up her long runs/training for her 2014 ENDURrun, and I wasn’t ready to ramp down distances on long runs…I was loving it way too much. So throughout the late spring and summer of 2014, we followed Dee’s training plan and did long runs together. The more we ran, the more we talked about the event, the support, the people, the volunteers, the camaraderie and how unique it is. I knew I was hooked and had to do it!!

[DL] I think our mileage in general has been higher this year since we both started training for the Waterloo Marathon in January. As soon as that was done, we got right back at it for ENDURrun. I know I did a lot more cross training at the gym, spinclass, yoga and weight and circuit training. Sue also goes to the gym regularly for yoga. Not as much speed work for me but we both put in more hill (Wilmot) and trails (Hydrocut and Bechtel) training, I didn’t do a lot of that last year and I definitely felt better at Bechtel this year. We’ve also worked on our hydrating and fueling plans much better this year and have almost figured it out. Almost 😉

[SP] Dee got the training part right on!

Harold O’Krafka and Manny Jones

[Er] A husband & wife team that trains and races together under a playful-yet-competitive Tortoise vs Hare rivalry. How has ENDURrun contributed to this dynamic?

[HO&MJ] We were a little apprehensive about signing up for the whole week as we were unsure if we would be able to commit enough training time to be able complete the week without it becoming a burden. As we typically would consider ourselves recreational asphalt marathoners, the variety of race terrains, distances and formats seemed daunting at first but we have come to appreciate the joys and pains of each race.

Traditionally Manny #tortoise won the short races and Howie #hare prevailed in long distances but the addition of hills and trails and timetrials has caught the Vegas bookies off guard as the #hare has done better in the shorter races and the #tortoise dominated the long runs so far.
Friendly competition aside we were surprised at the incredible intergenerational supportive atmosphere not only from our H+P running group but also from the other participants, volunteers and organizers.‎ It may be cliche to say but it almost feels like an Endurrun family where we collectively celebrate success, hard work and determination while at the same time vying for ENDURmom and ENDURdad’s (Lloyd + Julies) approval.

Leanne Loney

[Er] You ran Stage 3 as a Guest in 2014. Why did you decide to commit to the Ultimate this year, and what makes ENDURrun worth the drive from Val-d’Or?

[LL] I spotted ENDURrun on the internet shortly after starting running in 2011. I was building up to a 5km stroller race so I was no where near being ready for ENDURrun. I visit family in SWOntario for 1-3 weeks every August and I was in much better speed and marathoning shape last year but had already committed to The Highland Games 10 k in Fergus and Rock The Road in London which were the same time as ENDURrun so when registration for 2015 opened I signed up right away. I did Bechtel in 2014 to help prep me for my first 50 mile Ultra. I had wanted to do Chicopee in 2014 as well but my mom had to work so I had no childcare. This year I was 100% committed and reserved a trailer at a campground in Waterloo which is 11 kms from Conestogo. So 4 years of dreaming and training got me here to participate in 2015. My other dream is an Ironman so I had to make a choice. Given that ENDURrun is decided on a yearly basis whether it will be held, I made that my first choice and did a half Ironman instead this year. I am very happy to be here. I broke my toe 2.5 weeks before ENDURrun started making me fear that I wouldn’t be able to do it but I made it and am overwhelmed at times with how fast my body has adapted to this crazy race!

Victoria Siemon

[Er] You’re an ENDURrun rookie that has already set an all-time Stage record. What were your goals coming into ENDURrun, and how do you feel after Stage 5?

[VS] My goal was to take it stage by stage and start out harder on the first stage because I knew I could recover for the 15k time trial in order to achieve my goal of coming in the top 3. I feel relieved after stage 5, there was a lot of anticipation in lead up to that stage. That was definitely the most challenging course I have ever raced, both physically and mentally.

Andrew Weinacht

[Er] You’re new to the ENDURrun family, welcome! What were you most looking forward to coming into the week, and has it been what you expected after 5 Stages?

[AW] For me this was really a personal challenge. I have been thinking about doing this race for the past five years and this year my family was able to support me as I trained. I would say I was most looking forward to being able to finish strong – to be able to walk or run or ride come Monday. It’s been an amazing experience so far. It’s been a bit like a chess game. I’m enjoying that part of the challenge. I didn’t intend to race, rather just run and enjoy, but I have to say I’ve enjoyed the friendly rivalries that are ongoing.

Joanne Bink

[ENDURrun] As a past champion running this year with very different expectations, how do you feel?

[JB] Running the ENDURrun ‘for fun’ has allowed me to relax from the sense of competition and pressures inherent in that. Part of me wishes I could still complete the races to my previous calibre, but I also recognize the amount of training and all-consuming focus that required. I have a new balance in my life now, which gives me more leeway with my time and energy, and allows me to pursue other interests with my free time. Experiencing this event from a pure ‘love of running’ perspective is profoundly enjoyable on a different level.

Susan Moizer

[Er] You’ve run the ENDURrun Ultimate three consecutive years. Withdrawn due to injury, what is it like on the other side of the yellow t-shirt?

[SM] I have to admit it is harder than I thought it would be…watching the race happen and not participating. However, it gives me the greatest appreciation of just what is involved in making this race happen. I think I am more tired on this side of the Yellow t-shirt!

Dave Rutherford

[Er] After several years out, you’re back in the Ultimate competition in 2015. How is this different than years previous?

[DR] The race definitely feels a bit bigger, as I’d expect with a dozen more runners. But it’s more than that. There’s the operations that have become more efficient to serve all those runners but not lose the super family feel. Example, not doing roll call before or reading through all the names with results after but still having Lloyd more briefly address the group and do Q&A is awesome. Chip timing and quick posting of results is fantastic, and helps with the reposting and social buzz of the race. The extra people and H+P team has brought more spectators. The cheering all along Stage 4 Wednesday night was a big help.

If you haven’t yet got a chance to meet these runners, get out to Conestogo today or tomorrow!

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Stage 5 – Chicopee: sixteen miles of hills, trail and this year – for extra fun – rain!

This Stage is one of the true tests of ENDURrun, and one of the largest unknowns to Rookies. We also welcome our five Sport athletes for Stages 5, 6 and 7.


Full results here.


Coming soon!


Saturday morning is Stage 6: the the second Time Trial. Projected start order here [PDF]. Runners must be at the Start Line 10 minutes before this unofficial projection.
unnamed (6)

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After four days, four stages and 88.2KM of racing, on Thursday, The ENDURrun takes a rest. Let’s take this opportunity to check in on our Ultimate leaders.


After an unprecedented variety in stage winners in 2014, at this point in 2015, the overall male and female leaders have been dominating with wins in all 4 Stages. Looking strong and confident and good in gold, Robert and Victoria have demonstrated great running ability and sportsmanship throughout, with gaps of 21:57 on Robin Richard-Campeau and 14:50 on Alexandra Garner. Let’s take a look at how these performances rank all-time after four stages:

All-time Overall after Stage 4 - Ultimate Men

YearLastFirstAgeCityCountryStage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4Stage 5Stage 6Stage 7After 4After 7Place 4Place 7

All-time Overall after Stage 4 - Ultimate Women

YearLastFirstAgeCityCountryStage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4Stage 5Stage 6Stage 7After 4After 7Place 4Place 7

We are witnessing epic performances this year, Victoria and Robert are each sitting fourth all-time after four stages. Robin (13th) and Alexandra (12th) are not far behind! In the Relay event, the H+P Men’s A1 Relay is on pace to break the all-time record of 11:05:19 set by the Road Scholars in 2012.

To all runners, all the best for the remainder of the week! There are still lots of opportunities and KMs to either make up time or lose ground. Following the off day, the next series of challenges begins with one of the most difficult Stages, a 25.6 km cross country run at the local ski resort. Then following a 10 km time trial, The ENDURrun finishes with the historic Marathon.

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Stage 4 begins the first of the two consecutive mountain Stages. Run on the locally famous Wilmot Line, this course tests the participants with a series of continuous hills on both ways of this out and back course. Being an evening Stage, the participants must also nervously and anxiously await the 6:00 p.m. start. Great weather once again greeted the participants, and some gutsy performances were witnessed.

Congratulations to all participants for completing this difficult Stage, and for now passing the 80km mark of this 160km challenge. Enjoy your rest day!


In the Ultimate Men’s event, current leader Robert Brouillette was the only sub-one hour runner, and increased his overall lead to an amazing 21:57 after 4 Stages. Robin was second in this Stage and remains second overall. Ultimate Women leader Victoria Siemon continues her winning form with her fourth Stage win and now has a 14:50 overall lead. There were no changes in second and third, as both Alexandra and Angela battled together for the entire race and finished only 5 seconds apart.

H+P Men’s A1 increased their overall lead in the Relay event with a strong run from Sean Delanghe. Full results are available here.


The off day will allow us to catch up on Stage 3 and Stage 4 pictures 🙂


Tomorrow, we sleep in and brunch. It’s a day of rest before getting loopy at Chicopee for Stage 5.